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split pea lighter vs bic

Discussion in 'Keychain Tools' started by mercmouth13, Jul 18, 2011.

    mercmouth13 Empty Pockets

    ive been looking into getting a split pea lighter for a little while i just think there cool and would like to have one for my edc. I carry a bic right now cause it seems to be the most reliable i use to carry a zippo but whenever i went to use it it was always out of fluid. So i guess what the real question is do the split peas retain fluid better then a zippo or should i just stick with my bic.

    P.S. I dont smoke but use my lighter at least a few times a week

    Kripto Evil Sid

    I don't smoke either, but I carry a split-pea (actually 2) around with me.. I like it better than the bic because you can light it and set it down on a table (like a candle) the Bic can't lock on...

    I also like them more than a standard Zippo because they don't dry up as fast.

    mercmouth13 Empty Pockets

    thats one of the features i like about it too the fact that you can light it and put it down and be able to use both hands if need be and still have light(if my flashlight died or what have you)

    dimeotane Loaded Pockets

    you can get a split pea lighter cheap off DX. link (rounded bottom end)
    and this larger one (flat end)

    It does retain the fluid well. A bic can lose it's fluid if the lever is accidentally pressed in your bag.
    Someone posted a picture on EDCF how to use a small zip tie to prevent the gas lever from being pressed.
    You just need to cut it off when you want to use the bic lighter.

    FlyingFish Loaded Pockets

    I ordered a split pea lighter about 10-11 months ago. I filled it up and never used it, its been sitting in my drawer for all that time. I just lighted it up for the first time since then after reading this post and it lit with the first try. The o-ring does wonders on fuel retention. However, i still end up using a Bic even though I have this split pea and a few zippos.

    Monocrom Loaded Pockets

    I own both. If you want a reliable lighter, go with the Bic.

    I have one about 5 years old that still lights up. I'm not a smoker, so it rarely gets used. As for the other one, it stopped working 2 months after I bought it. Apparently the o-ring is just for keeping water out, and not for preventing fuel from evaporating.

    If a standard Bic is too big, go with the mini version.

    mercmouth13 Empty Pockets

    Thanks for all the feed back guys.I think im just going to get an inexpensive one try it out and keep a bic in my bag too for back up

    Beneficial Loaded Pockets

    i carry a countycomm peanut lighter on my keychain and matches in my wallet and a bic in my pocket also

    the peanut lighters do not stay lit if even the slightest irritation occurs. it is always good to have a bic and use the peanut lighter as a backup

    this thing hardly ever runs out of fluid, ive had it for about 3 months now and refilled it once after heavy use, without an oring.
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    CatherineM Loaded Pockets

    Has anyone tried using silicon grease on the o-rings? That's what I use on the gaskets of the watches I work on to maintain their waterproofing. I wonder if that would help maintain the fluid.

    shoeglue Loaded Pockets

    You cant have one without the other....if it keeps water out then it has to keep keep fluid in. thats the only thing that makes sense. My guess is you didn't screw it down tight enough or possibly a defect somewhere.

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    dmattaponi Loaded Pockets

    I bought a Split Pea after getting tired my Zippo always drying up after only a short amount of time. Although, I've "topped it off" after use a couple of times, it has never dried up. It will easily last many months (at least) without needing refilled. I agree though, that it doesn't take much to blow one out. It wouldn't be very useful in windy conditions.
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    powerring Loaded Pockets

    The Split Pea is tiny and great for keychain or pocket carry. I don't use it frequently but I check it about once a year and refill it. I keep Bics in the packs for longer-term storage. You can't beat those for value.
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    CatherineM Loaded Pockets

    I've been thinking about getting a Thunderbird butane insert for one of my Zippo's. That would take care of the drying out issue.

    Monocrom Loaded Pockets

    Then it's a defect.

    Either way, mini-Bic is cheaper (a buck) and far more reliable.

    freight_train Loaded Pockets

    I got the split pea because it was cool, but I hardly ever used it. Switched to a mini-Bic and it has been great- used all the time. Very light to carry, bigger flame, no need to refuel, and totally reliable.

    Max Archer Loaded Pockets

    I bought a Split Pea sometime in late September or early October of last year, and filled it the day I got it. I just used it to do the ends of some paracord today, lit right up.

    johnnytest Loaded Pockets

    The split pea type do hold the fluid a long time, but the fuel tends to degrade the o-ring. Silicone lube might help this.


    gstojinovic Loaded Pockets

    Keep your BIC!! But by all means get one peanut lighter...

    I've filled mine with Zippo fluid more than one month ago, it's still full and just today I've checked... It's great small lighter.

    I'll stay out of split pea, they are small and likeable but... just too small!! Regular peanut lighter has fuel enough for... Well a dozen of strikes, but split pea, IMHO just a few and size and weight difference isn't so big...

    Kripto Evil Sid

    Catherine, that was brilliant! I had a tub of silicon grease from a local dive shop sitting around here. (I use it to fix eyedropper fill fountain pens). I put a little on the o-rings on my peanut/split-pea lighters just for good measure.

    Thanks for the great idea!

    Routa Loaded Pockets

    Bic, or other butane lighter. It doesn't dry up.
    Sure, if you use your lighter daily, then split pea.