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South Pacific

Discussion in 'Travel' started by 72hours, Nov 1, 2012.

    72hours Loaded Pockets

    Mrs 72hours finishes her exams in 2 weeks, and I've planned for us to spend 8 days on the island of Savaii, in Samoa.
    I'm only taking carryon, 7kg's, but the missus will have a checked luggage (although it'll be pretty empty on the way there), so I can put sharps and things in there.
    Has anyone been to Samoa/Savaii before?
    What am I allowed to carry? ? I was planning on bringing my #6 Opinel (very non-threatening) and my leatherman micra. Basic first aid (strapping tape, gauze, TQ, saline, Celox, burn cream, antibiotic ointment and liquid skin). Thoughts? Comments, concerns, opinions?

    72hours Loaded Pockets

    Oh, this will be myfirst time to travel with a cane ( I was in an accident in May, and had to learn to walk again). I have a lightweight aluminium one, but I'm not fond of the handle, soI might head over to the medical supplies store and pick up one of the folding canes that breaks into 3 pieces...

    72hours Loaded Pockets

    Bump? I've packed snack foods for the flight, instant noodles and tupperware and a set of chopsticks pp, so we can just have a light lunch in our room every now and then. Any other easy foods you can suggest? We'll buy fresh fruit and cut it up and put it into the tupperware every day (or fill them up at the breakfast buffet).
    We have a hydration pack that holds 2L, and my water filtration sports bottle (99.99 giardia, crypto etc.).
    Still open to any suggestions for EDC, or other travel tips...

    Talked to my doctor today, and have schedule an appt with him 2 days before I leave so I can get fresh scripts, a letter explaining the meds and the metal in my leg....

    Anyways I'm off to the bank now to order some Talas! tala tala bills yo!

    72hours Loaded Pockets

    Well, 4 hours until I get up to make Mrs72hours breakfast in bed, pack the car, eat, and pick up her sister so she can drop us off at the bus station. We'll depart just after 9am, and end up in Auckland around 7pm. Eat dinner, sleep in the airport hotel till 4am, then shuttle over justas they open our counter at 5am.Thankfully they'll be assisting us tothe aircraft, thanks to my bum knee. In Apia, Samoa by noon Saturday!! Then a small Air Samoa flight and we'll be on Savaii, our tropical paradise for 8 days. I don't think I am going to get much sleep tonight. Still running through packing lists in my mind, dreaming of the missus in a bikini, wetsuit, all those linen skirts she looks so good in....We are geeks, we packed a bunch of Magic the Gathering cards (some boosters still unopened!) and are gonna make up a couple packs to fight against eachother with.Oh the excitement!

    ShadowE Loaded Pockets

    Wow! Have fun and be safe. Wish I could break away for a unique trip like that :)

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    72hours Loaded Pockets

    Thanks ShadowE, it's fantastic so far. gorgeous weather, occassional rainstorm to keep us in the hotel room(we are VERY good at finding things to amuse ourselves in there... ;) )
    People are SO friendly, and we are the only people in the whole hotel. They're giving us free room service because of myleg, and not charging us to use any of the kayaks, fishing rods, etc.....