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SOG CrossCut: Bad example, or terrible tool?

Discussion in 'MultiTools and Other Pocket Tools' started by DesertDuck, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. DesertDuck

    DesertDuck Loaded Pockets

    Oct 26, 2018
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    "Back in the day" I got a small Craftsman multi-tool that had scissors as the main tool. Had it for a while in the junk drawer, eventually donated it to work and I find myself using it quite often there. I don't want my Craftsman back from work, but I do want a similar tool that I can EDC.

    I have a SOG PowerLock that I keep on my motorcycle that I quite like. It's well put together with some handy tools, so I first went to SOG and found the CrossCut 2.0. Even better, it was on Amazon for like $12!

    Got it, took it out of the packaging which, disappointingly, was one of those display cards that you have to absolutely destroy to open, and was instantly disappointed.

    The scissors were very gritty, and the overlap was way too pronounced, and while the gears that cam the scissors probably work very well to amplify the force you apply, the strength of the return spring and the grittiness of the scissors make it require a decent amount of force to even close the scissors over nothing.
    Just a few test closes and I'm already noticing some pain in my fingers/palm because the tools in the handles aren't set even and the thin edges dig into my skin.
    I decide to test the scissors on a piece of thin cardboard from a flashlight packaging, and the cut took a lot more effort than expected and also hurt my hands even more.

    I took a picture of the fit of the tools:


    Not one to give up easily, I think "well, the scissors may suck but what of the other tools?"
    They suck too, because of a poor design choice. My PowerLock has some thin sheet-metal covers on the gear mechanism that means when you select a tool and close the handles you have a fairly comfortable tool to use. The CrossCut has no such cover, so using the screwdriver as a screwdriver means those little gears dig right into your palm. Sucks!

    In this short time I formed a totally disdainful opinion of these, and apparently I'm not the only one as many reviews complain about it.
    Maybe I could get a refund, but with the destroyed packaging I'm not optimistic about it being a simple "mail back and wait for credit" affair.
    It was only $12 anyway, I'm not that concerned about it, but I don't have any frenemies I would even gift this to, so it may just sit in my junk drawer forever...

    Well, "if you buy cheap you buy twice," I ordered a Leatherman Micra.
    Already off to a better start, it came in a box! With flaps to easily open!
    The scissors are also WAY smoother, and cut cardboard like a razor!
    There are no gears to hurt your hand if you close the handles to use a tool!
    And even better, the fit and finish is actually a proper fit and proper finish!


    Bonus, it comes in colors!

    For just about twice the price, I'm MUCH more satisfied with this tool than with the SOG.

    The two tools come with very similar accouterments, the only differences being that the SOG comes with a toothpick while the Leatherman comes with a little flat phillips screwdriver bit, which is arguably more useful.

    Take it from me, if you want a small/keychain multitool with scissors as the main tool, do NOT get the SOG, but DO get the Leatherman...
  2. ramjet

    ramjet Loaded Pockets

    Aug 31, 2011
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    I have a tiny Gerber that came in a two pack. And the tool is spring loaded with a decent set of scissors to boot. I will see tonight if I can get a pic loaded. Also, I would think that the Swiss army variety is a good one as well.

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  3. Gogogordy

    Gogogordy Loaded Pockets

    Aug 27, 2016
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    The Leatherman Micra is a well-known, legendary item.
    Dare I say they are the standard by which other folding micro tools of it’s ilk are judged.
  4. SOS24
    • +2 Supporter

    SOS24 Loaded Pockets

    Feb 12, 2016
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    I would agree with the micra being the standard for judging folding micro multi-tools.