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Sofirn C8G In the Field

Discussion in 'Flashlights & Other Illumination Devices' started by Al Effendi, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. Al Effendi

    Al Effendi Loaded Pockets

    Oct 7, 2013
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    Every year in late January, cities around the US conduct a Point-In-Time survey of the homeless. It begins with a 7PM-3:30AM deployment of volunteer teams assigned a section, where they look for homeless people, and conduct a brief survey with those who consent. The purpose is mainly to help service providers determine what the needs of the homeless population are.

    Last night was my second PIT count. There’s a lot of looking under bridges and underpasses, walking through parks, and searching alleys. A good flashlight is essential, which is why I am baffled that the lights the supply volunteers couldn’t help you find a pair of socks in your closet.

    Last year, I brought my Olight SR30 Baton III. It performed admirably, though I found myself needing a little more candle power and focus.

    After doing research, I found something in my budget that seem like it would do the job: The Sofirn C8G. for the past few months, I have used it for everything from searching for lost dogs at night to spotting owls. It has power and it has focus. Last night was the test I’d been waiting for.

    The C8G is the perfect tool for the job: A balance of portability, power, function, and price.

    Looking up at underpasses, I could see the top corners at 100 yards with crystal clarity. The center beam is stupid bright, and also serves as a pointer (“Is that someone sleeping right THERE under that pipe?”).

    We explored under bridges spanning the Chatahoochee, and even at 300 yards to the other side, the C8G allowed us to distinguish easily between a pile of clothes and a sleeping human.

    By the second hour, everyone on my seven-person team was asking me, “Could you shine your light over here for me?”

    Downsides: If you don’t like a tail switch, this light is not for you. The tail switch turns on and off, and a smaller switch on the body controls the modes. The small switch lights up green for a few seconds after the light is turned on, making it easy to find, but I found that switching modes while working was sometimes difficult, as I had problems finding the mode switch by feel. When I let others use it, I just told them that their tail switch was for on/off and left it at that.

    This light does not come with a battery, so it is not as inexpensive as it first seems (but still a bargain). It is made to take a 21700, but comes with a sleeve adapter to except a 18650. Last night I used a blue Samsung 21700, and I love this battery for this light. I have also used a Sofirn 21700 in the months that I’ve owned the light, and it seems to perform just as well.

    I did not take pictures, as it is most definitely not appropriate for the privacy and dignity of the people we were speaking with. I will replicate some of the scenes soon and get some shots to show how awesome this budget light is. [​IMG]

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  2. Wishoot

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    Jun 25, 2013
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    Great review! Thanks for taking time to post.