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Sling Bags and the Movies

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by Motorman, Jan 14, 2013.

    Motorman Loaded Pockets

    Hello All,
    Watched the movie, Cleanskin with Sean Bean. Interesting movie with lots of twists. British, so one has to listen carefully to the dialog. However, Bean's character was using and wearing a large black sling bag (unknown make) and hauled, what seemed to be all of his earthly possessions in it.

    I believe the sling bag utilized in a movie is something new in recent films. What have you noticed?
    Thanks for your comments.

    Trickster Loaded Pockets

    Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeuf) uses a Maxped Sitka in Transformers 3.

    Myrddraal Loaded Pockets

    There's always that episode of 24 where Jack wears a Maxped Monsoon.
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    Si_K Loaded Pockets

    Just watched the imdb trailer, looks good, will add it to my lovefilm list.

    Did the movie/sling bag fad start with the first transformers movie? I seem to remember eBay being full of knock offs after that and then it seemed like the market exploded.
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    karlito Loaded Pockets

    I think on of the soldiers in Transformers used a SO Tech Go Bag. It was the African American one played by Tyson Somethingorother

    Motorman Loaded Pockets

    I guess sling type bags have been around for a long time. Watched the movie The Seven Samurai and many of those dudes were wearing
    small sling-type bags.

    Erasergirl Loaded Pockets

    i can't find an image right now, but i believe the sort of samurai musette bag you are thinking of, contained their rice rations. i will look for a screengrab

    ProjeKtWEREWOLF Loaded Pockets

    I was hugely disappointed with 'Cleanskin' after being quite excited for it.
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    karlito Loaded Pockets

    I just came back from seeing Iron man 3, and there is a scene where Tony makes his way into the mansion wearing a sling pack. I could not get a good look at it, so anyone know which pack it is?

    ?uesto Loaded Pockets

    In season 7 he uses a Versipack of some kind. Don't know which one in particular.

    Joseph Gordon Levitt also uses a Kodiak in Inception.

    monkeyluis Loaded Pockets

    I noticed that too, but not which one. Funny though I remember that it was basically flat, as if just coming out of the box from shipping.