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Show Us Your Pocket EDC!

Discussion in 'Where, When, & How Do We Carry All This Stuff?' started by K1CKtheCHICKEN, Feb 22, 2013.

    K1CKtheCHICKEN Loaded Pockets

    Everyone enjoys having a lot of capability in their EDC by having a backpack with their supplies in them, but what do you carry when you cannot have your backpack? For whatever reason you cannot have your pack, or do not want to carry it, so how do you carry your gear and what do you carry so you do not look like your pants are going to bust at the seams?

    For an additional challenge if you'd like, what do you EDC when your jacket is going to be on and off? ie. In the workplace and such where you can't have things in your jacket.

    Have fun, be respectful; Stay sharp.

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    K1CKtheCHICKEN Loaded Pockets


    Parker pen and memo book in front right pocket (jeans)
    Little dewalt flashlight and little SAK in 5th pocket
    Benchmade mini-grip in back right clipped
    Keys in back left
    Headphones and Iphone in front left pocket
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    Ludwell01 Loaded Pockets

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    azn226 Empty Pockets

    left wrist Suunto Ambit.
    Left pocket Sunwayman V10r Ti and Galaxy note 2
    right pocket DPX H.E.S.T 2.0 folder, along with keys (forgot to include in picture) just plain car/house keys nothing fancy.
    left rear pocket wallet
    Right rear pocket Leatherman Charge Ti.
    change pocket chapstick.

    dmattaponi Loaded Pockets

    I've posted this before, but this is what I EDC...
    And this is how I EDC it in my pocket...

    SharpStrings Loaded Pockets

    great ,and useful edc :D

    rm11xx Loaded Pockets

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    Hertz33 EDC Junkie!!!


    I've been sent in from outer space - using Tapatalk 2
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    JAGJ Loaded Pockets

    I used to carry a benchmade mini-grip until I lost it on the beach in cape cod but no other knife has fit as comfortably in my front pocket. Perfect EDC knife. I still haven't replaced it! What am I waiting for?!

    Cornholio2188 Loaded Pockets

    The beautiful thing is-I don't even need pockets! The clips on these bad boys keep them secure on sweat pants or pants with small pockets. I also don't have to transfer any extra gear everyday out of pocket.

    Also, it's a way to get my gf to carry-since she doesn't have pockets (girl pants).




    I obviously don't need to recommend these-they sell themselves. What I keep telling people is it makes life a heck of a lot easier, and a ton less messy (and bulky). I love pouches, and have had wayyyy too many-some didn't have an attachment method to the belt, most looked ugly, others were bulky-and I wasn't going to carry by hand, and used to not want to carry a bag every day. Even though I do carry a bag now, I still have a Skinth L-shield on the side since it's not bulky, obtrusive, or ugly-in fact it's all the opposite.

    Once again, I don't make any money or commission whatsoever from Skinth or Eric (the owner), but I have a good reason to share this with people-they're missing out! :) I am a hardcore fanatic-for life.
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    OreoGaborio Loaded Pockets

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    Cornholio2188 Loaded Pockets

    AK Adventurer Ice, Ice, Tigre

    All of my gear is pocket EDCed, no bag here.

    • Pantech C520--front left
    • Vaughn mini pry bar(customized)shirt or vest, or jacket pocket. sometimes right rear pants pocket
    • Rofis JR10--clipped front left
    • Gerber EAB(modified for lefty OHO)shirt or vest pocket
    • Leatherman Wave (HIGHLY modified)clipped front right
    • Zebra pen--shirt or vest pocket
    • Case Peanut--watch pocket
    • 1951 ZIppo with Thunderbird insert--watch pocket
    • Alaska mint Money clip--front left
    • Goody folding comb--left rear
    • Custom pocket too kit.(Victorinox ratchet and wrench, Kobalt file and pick, Leatherman bit card & extention, Various 1/4” hex bits, tweezers, spare metal say for Wave, and Wave wood saw, ruller, Logerhead tools Bit Dr. ratchet extention head.)
    The pocket tool kit/pouch gets put in my A2 leather jacket cargo pocket the most, or in a upper chest pocket in other jackets.. If no jacket, it goes in my right hip pocket, or a right side pant leg tool pocket.




    Medic715 Loaded Pockets

    D-Rez Loaded Pockets

    The pack

    The pocket right now

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    K1CKtheCHICKEN Loaded Pockets


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    K1CKtheCHICKEN Loaded Pockets

    I think you need another one. It has served me well, i have a small chip in the blade but its not noticeable unless you're me and looking at the knife right in front of your face and admiring it :) . I am waiting for ESEE to come out with their IZULA folder, that looks HOT!

    Ludwell01 Loaded Pockets

    Simple solid carry that looks nicely used. :)
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    Sandor Szabo Empty Pockets

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