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Show us your hip flask and...

Discussion in 'Other Every Day Carry Items' started by Chuck Norris Light, Aug 25, 2012.

    70dart Loaded Pockets

    Oh man, that's cool! An old flask with some character beats a new one any day:)


    Y.Tribe Loaded Pockets

    I've been looking for one for a while that is tall and slim to fit just right in a pocket of my EDC bag. I'm definitely getting hipflask envy looking at these though. When I get mine it will be filled with Laphroig Scottish Whiskey.
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    Scrub Loaded Pockets

    Fixed that for ya!
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    tomsk Loaded Pockets

    my favorite, great choice :D
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    Bigdaddyrooster Loaded Pockets

    Breakfast of champions. Don Julio Anejo Tequila.
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    Kombi Loaded Pockets

    I like squirrels. ;)


    6 oz, Stainless; when in use, loaded with Whipper Snapper whiskey from the fine city of Sheridan, Oregon.
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    Sarky Loaded Pockets

    About how long does it take for steel flasks to affect the taste?
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    Y.Tribe Loaded Pockets

    Squirrels are indeed awesome.
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    Shur Loaded Pockets

    Depends on the booze and your taste buds.

    I wont put anything that cost more than $30/bottle in mine.
    I have also rarely ever polished of my 9oz flask in one night.
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    Sarky Loaded Pockets

    I've put decent stuff in mine and it's been okay, but I've always used it within 48 hours because I worry about it going funny. I just wondered if it'd last longer than that, like maybe a week or a couple of weeks...
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    Tinker Loaded Pockets

    just a cheap stainless flask with a bit of decoration, usually filled with tequila.
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    ShadowE Loaded Pockets

    Keeping it in a flask for longer than couple of days = alcohol abuse

    draaank that stuffz

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    Matt130 Loaded Pockets

    I have been wanting a Snow Peak titanium flask ever since I saw one on backcountry.com. I need something amazing to put my Macallan 18 in :D


    Does anyone have any experience with this flask? I would like to know if it really is worth 125 bucks. I want one, but for that amount of money I can add a pretty nice Benchmade to my collection.
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    70dart Loaded Pockets

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    DrekThanos Loaded Pockets

    I have one from the first era, before they were engraved. Most of the ink has rubbed off of the front, there are dings and scratches from a myriad of (mis)adventures. I've carried it to parties, up mountains, and on boats. It has readily carried a broad array of spirits, from homemade shine to high caliber scotch.
    In short, it is one of my favorite possessions. I cannot recommend it enough.
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    Matt130 Loaded Pockets

    Thanks for the recommendation! Unfortunately, now I want one more than ever. I guess this will be my next Christmas present to myself:D

    Thanks again!

    GrayMouser EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Yesssssss. That stuff is nectar of the gods.

    Scrub Loaded Pockets

    Not mine but I always fancied one of these


    DESTRO Loaded Pockets

    I have great confidence that I will get one of these for Christmas. Not the smallest or best looking flask, but nonetheless it will serve the intended purpose.
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    reppans Loaded Pockets

    Thinking of swapping over to all stainless for winter, although the silicone cups pack so much smaller and lighter. Blue one's for my dog's bowl... without the spirits of course ;-).

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