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Shotgun Ammunition

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by E.D.C, May 12, 2016.

  1. ThreeWulfMoon

    ThreeWulfMoon Loaded Pockets

    Mar 23, 2011
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    I have a 12 gauge pump set up for home defense (shotshell carrier and flashlight) but the more I think about it, the more I'm not sure that it's the best choice for the job. Birdshot may or may not neutralize the threat, so it's out. Slugs are effective, but may over penetrate. Buck shot penetrates better than many folks expect, so you may end up blasting the bad guy and holes in your walls. Everybody loves the shotgun, and it is definitely an option, but a lot of people--especially if they are not proficient with firearms--think shotguns are "can't miss". Folks need to train, train, train with whatever self defense firearm they are using. Lack of proficiency will get you killed!

    I'm actually leaning toward a pistol caliber carbine with a flashlight for home defense. Better sight radius and ballistics than a handgun, and there are a wide variety of hollowpoints to suit just about any taste. I have a Hi-Point 9mm carbine, and while it has been 100% reliable for at the first 500 rounds I've put through it, I'm still not sure I'd grab it when investigating a bump in the night. My brother in law has the Beretta CX-Storm 9mm carbine set up for home defense with a flashlight/laser combo and a holographic sight. It's a nice piece of kit and I'm thinking I might want one too...lol.
  2. Crazy Chester

    Crazy Chester Loaded Pockets

    Jul 6, 2015
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    I agree with you Bubbafet on the 8 shot. I pretty much only use Winchester AA's or Remington Gun Club or like for 8 shot.

    But, for Buck shot, never a problem with Estates. Just my experiences.
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