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Discussion in 'EDC Clothing' started by Evilbunny, Nov 9, 2012.

    Evilbunny Loaded Pockets

    Since My last shoe thread I have bought some Nike Free Runs. They were great but I want something new now. I was thinking about getting some Vibram Five Finger KSO's. Does anybody have experience with them? I already found out I would wear a womens 38.

    deeker Loaded Pockets

    They have thin bottoms compared to regular shoes. It's my experience that you can really feel the ground with these shoes. I find I can wear them if I'm moving around a lot but they get uncomfortable if standing on hard surfaces for an hour or two. I love them for camping, outdoor wear and casual use in the warm weather. Up north in the cooler months (October and on) they can be a little chilly. I've put them in my gym bag for now. They'll come outside in the spring again.
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    DrChimRichalds Loaded Pockets

    I've owned two pairs of KSO's. They're probably my favorite model of Fivefingers. To me, they are the the model that mimics bare-feet travel the best, and that is thanks to the minimal tread on the sole. They're very versatile and great to wear around the house, doing errands, while taking a walk, and even while kayaking.

    Evilbunny Loaded Pockets

    So I have to be sitting around for like four to five hours a day and running for about an hour. Do they get uncomfortable after wearing them all day long? Would they slip on wet grass?

    shrap Loaded Pockets

    I have two pairs of KSOs. I mainly use them for lifting weights.

    Don't think of them as shoes. Think of them more like someone painted rubber on the bottom of your feet.

    As for running, they're pretty close to barefoot. Can you run barefoot? What level of Nike Frees do you have?
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    DrChimRichalds Loaded Pockets

    I've never experienced slipping in wet grass, but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen. The KSO's might be a tad uncomfortable to run in for an extended period of time, but that all boils down to the runner. You may be better off with a model that has a more pronounced tread, like the Treksport or the Bikila, if you plan on running in them. I'd put the KSO in a lighter-use/activity category, but they definitely still hold their own. I've done some light hiking in mine and they remained comfortable.

    Your best bet would be going to a retailer which sells Vibram Fivefingers and try on a few different pairs. Walk in them, take a couple laps around the store in them, your feet will quickly adapt and tell you what feels the best. I hope I helped!

    Evilbunny Loaded Pockets

    Is it true they wear out very quickly?
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    DrChimRichalds Loaded Pockets

    I think that's more of a rumor. I haven't experienced anything like that.

    xj5x Loaded Pockets

    Vibram Five fingers or I've fallen in love with most of nikes free run lines. As well as the Nike Roush. Super light, comfortable and breathable

    GEAUXBIG Loaded Pockets

    I got a friend that runs and he loves'em. He swears they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I will just stick to my Merrell Intercepter's , but I also have no intention of running unless I am being chased by a wild animal or a axe murderer!