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Seriously? You carry what? Why?

Discussion in 'First Aid Station' started by Txparamedic, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. SkyDog

    SkyDog Empty Pockets

    Feb 16, 2010
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    Nice. I know Eldora. I'm on the volunteer patrol at A-Basin where we're still skiing. ;-)
  2. dovk0802

    dovk0802 Loaded Pockets

    Apr 23, 2008
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    The "what" changes over time & by situation. The "why" at the low end is to take care of minor issues for my family, close friends, & me (I imagine some here are familiar with paragraph 5 instruction "self aid, then buddy aid.") I carry some mid to higher end stuff for two reasons: 1) 20 years in the military have exposed me to seeing a few bad things happen to people, it's kind of a force of habit to be prepared. 2) As well as the previously mentioned auto accidents (seen & been in a couple; fortunately none too bad-but enought to know it can happen), I would off a personal "why" Even back in the old peacefull, urban, happy USA, I was walking down the street on evening in an OK area, when a woman staggered out of a building right into me. She had been stabbed a couple of times, I gathered by her husband or boyfriend. This was quite a few years ago, when I was ill prepared, equipped, & without communication it being pre cell phone era (how did we survive?); something I could imagine duplicating by coverage or even a dead battery. Fortunately, I hobbled her around the corner to find a cop. It turns out that lighting is more likely to strike the same place twice. I now have the benifit of being better prepared to deal with such a thing again. I'm not a medic, but in some aspects have better training (our recent experience has vastly improved first aid/responder training for large parts of the ground combat & particularly sof personnel) & admittedly far less in many area (I've never really dealt with the elderly, diabetics as so on). Most importantly I would say that I know enough to know my limits. As an aside for those who carry a gun or are around those who do (includes sport shooting not just CCW/duty cases), I would offer that you need to be prepared to deal with a GSW.
    That being said, I'm with you on carrying too much. The ballance is hard...
  3. csogbk

    csogbk Empty Pockets

    May 17, 2010
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    My current Blow Out Kit contains:
    1X CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet)
    1X Combat Gauze (bleeding control)
    1X 28 Fr. Nasal Airway (Airway control)
    1X 14ga Angio Cath (needle chest decompression)
    1X Hyfin Chest seal (sucking chest wound)
    1X mini trauma shears
    1X cpr barrier
    1pr Black Talon heavy trauma gloves
    1X BHG (brain housing group, including brain) i.e. seek training as a First Responder, EMT, Paramedic, ETC !
  4. weeneldo

    weeneldo Empty Pockets

    May 25, 2010
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    Hey, I'm a British Red Cross Event First Aider from Scotland and I also work for a private ambulance company, through which I have been trained in advanced skills (oxygen, OP airways, BVM etc). I have also undertaken a course with Glasgow Addiction Services that allows me to administer Naloxone (Narcan) to people suffering opiate overdose (a useful skill to have in Glasgow, believe me).

    I have a small kit I always keep in my jacket pocket and a larger kit that I always keep in the backpack that I use for university etc.

    Small Kit (always on my person):
    All this stuff is kept in the plastic bag that the triangular bandage came in.
    1 x Triangular bandage
    1 x Pair of blue nitrile gloves
    2 x Aspirin 300mg dispersable tablets
    A few plasters (or Band-Aids as they're called over the pond)
    A few alcohol-free swabs

    Large Kit (I've included a baseball in the photos to give an idea of size):
    This kit originally came as a First Aid at Work kit that I bought and added my own stuff to, I normally wouldn't bother with 3 different sizes of dressing (a large one will do until help can arrive) but they came with the bag. This is only what's currently in the bag having already used stuff and once I get round to it, I'll add some OP airways.
    2 x Large dressings
    6 x Medium dressings
    2 x Eye pads
    2 x Triangular bandages
    2 x Low adherent dressings
    Assorted plasters (or Band-Aids if you want to call them that :p)
    Alcohol-free swabs
    1 x Pulse oximeter
    1 x Blood glucose monitor with strips and disposable lancets
    1 x CPR face shield
    1 x Roll of microporous tape
    10 x Paracetamol 500mg tablets (aka acetaminophen)
    2 x Aspirin 300mg dispersable tablets
    1 x Glyceryl Trinitrate spray
    1 x Naloxone (Narcan) 1mg/ml injection
    1 x Pack of dextrose tablets
    Blue nitrile gloves
    1 x Pen Torch
    1 x Pen

    As well as all this gear, I always have a CPR face shield in my wallet.