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Sebenza 25 Prototype

Discussion in 'Knives' started by Talus, Jun 18, 2012.

    Talus Loaded Pockets

    Found this tucked away on Knife Art's webpage. Pretty cool.

    "The new Chris Reeve Sebenza 25 is the standard hard use tactical folder. The "Regular Sebenza" has a more square handle and small ridges on the handle; the "Sebenza 25" has a more concave handle with finger ridges on the handle. Both models are extremely simliar. Popular drop point blade shape with razor sharp "Large Hollow Grinds", the first blade to feature this new grind that blends the best of hollow and flat grinds for the new sebenza 25. Shaped phosphor bronze washer on the lock side brings additional stability to that side of the blade. One-eighth inch ceramic ball acts as the interface between the lock bar and the blade, and doubles to drop into the detent, ensuring the blade stays in place when closed. Larger perforations in the washers reduce friction, store more lubricant and offer space for small dirt particles to move away from the blade/washer interface, helping to prevent blade action from becoming "sticky". 416 heat treated stainless steel stop pin is interface fit into the lock side of the handle. Asymmetrical pattern thumb serrations on a curved thumb ramp of the blade give excellent purchase. At 3.56mm the blade of the sebenza 25 is more robust than previous sebenza models. Refined design, high performance construction are all part of this folder. Titanium pocket clip mounted for tip up carry on the sebenza 25. Light for it's size, due to the titanium handle construction of the Sebenza 25th anniversary. Very strong integral locking mechanism that Chris Reeve pioneered. Begin to enjoy the quality of a Chris Reeve Sebenza 25 Anniversary knife."



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    thenextarcher Loaded Pockets

    i held it at bladeshow. I loved it other than the pocket clip, it slightly dug into my hand, hopefully they will change that before release.
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    mooshi Loaded Pockets

    :) That looks pretty! I love the etching on the handle for the 25th Anniversary (not just the text, but the picture).

    mrlysle Loaded Pockets

    Wow! Nice! I figured I would stop at 2 sebbies, one large and one small. But :censored: it! I wish you folks would stop posting this stuff!!!!!! LOL I'll just have to save some pennies, and try and get one of these when I can. :giggle:
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    mrlysle Loaded Pockets

    mooshisho. I've read other threads and know how bad you really want a sebenza. I honestly hope you can get one whenever funds allow! I wish you the best luck. I hope someday soon, we can all read a thread about you and your new sebbie! I guess I want you to have one as bad as you do! lol ;)
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    mooshi Loaded Pockets

    hehe Thank you! :) One day though. Right now I'm saving up for a Custom Mini Grip. Hopefully I'll have enough by the time my birthday rolls around this year. :D After getting the SRM710 and finding that I hadn't wanted any other knives, I'm certain that I'll be quite happy with just the custom mini grip and/or just the small sebbie. I haven't felt a "need" nor "want" for multiple knives, as much as that may entertain me. :) One or two GREAT knives, I believe, is all that I personally want/need to be happy (in this aspect of life). :D
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    KeyeEl EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I hope to see that design (finger groove, larger pivot and lack of lanyard pin) with an Insingo blade!

    Just when I think I am at that level, I end up collecting again....
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    mrlysle Loaded Pockets

    Well, I hope you sometime get them both! Custom mini grip, and a small sebbie!
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    wundergussy Loaded Pockets

    Personally, I don't like the new finger groove compared to the 21 design. Aesthetically at least.

    admslc Loaded Pockets

    That's a pretty knife.

    mrlysle Loaded Pockets

    I love the 25's design. But all these CRK's are breaking the bank! lol