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SAR's; Are they worth it?

Discussion in 'Watches' started by strider_ani, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. dieselgeek

    dieselgeek Loaded Pockets

    Jul 14, 2010
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    yeah I dig Luminox
  2. Darvis

    Darvis Loaded Pockets

    Apr 11, 2008
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    I own a SAR (original with no cyclops). I also own an Omega Seamaster and about 7 Seiko SKX007's.

    I never really wear the SAR or the Omega, but I wear one of those Seikos every single day.

    To each his own, but I've owned a ton of watches and the only one that has ever really made me smile every single time I strap it on has been the Seiko, I would not trade or sell one of those for anything.

    One other thing to consider... most auto watches, swiss or otherwise (Rolex not included) use the very same ETA movement as that SAR, maybe some do a little customization, but the base movement is the same. After that, it's all about style. That SAR will work about the same as any other ETA based watch, Omega included. By the way, this movement is made by Swatch.

    Seiko's movement is one of the rare in house movements, developed by Seiko for Seiko. You won't find it in an other watch. While it does not hack, and may not be as accurate, it's, at least, unique and incredibly durable to boot.

    Anyway, good luck!!! In the end, it's all about what floats your boat.

    BTW, the G-Shock is one hell of a fine watch and will be WAY more accurate than any mechanical movement.
  3. Spencer Lee

    Spencer Lee Loaded Pockets

    Dec 15, 2008
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    I've had SAR and GSAR, bracelet and NATO but ONLY auto's (how you gonna tell the time after an EMP?) I love them, great wrist presence though not too big. Classy, bracelets are brilliant, excellent rubber starap, really go well on NATO's. I can't recommend them highly enough. They have a popular movement so when i came back from Afghan i got my watch fella to give it a service, two days and £50 later, as good as new. My SAR is a 2004 contract so one service in 6 years, not bad.
  4. PsychRN

    PsychRN Loaded Pockets

    Jun 25, 2006
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    After an Electro Magnetic Pulse, we'll be in deeper **** that I don't think people won't be too concerned about accurate time.

    But I admit, that point was very salient to me when I bought my mechanical watches.

    I read this post on the Usual Suspects Network Forum by Randall Benson more than 3 years ago, and it got me interested in a last watch/vintage 6309 seiko watch.

    "You ask a complicated question Lynn, I`l try to boil this down to a few simple area`s. Case, and Movement. Simply put, "Brick **** House" comes to mind. The case is made like a serious stinky box. They just dont make a watch like this no more. The crystal set up has been known to provide mixed gas equalising, I`ve been told this by a few pro divers that used them for mixed gas ala decom chamber, they all say that the 6309 did the job without ever worrying about a crystal popping out. The tube and crown, again they dont make em like this no more. Look at just about any crown on any watch, new or old, the only one better is a trip lock IMHO. It (6309) use`s a massive single gasket that can go for years and still seal. When it comes to seals, longevity equals mass, the larger it is, the longer it can stay soft and supple. Also, because it use`s a long tube that is still in contact with the seal even when screwed out, it is very water resistant even when unscrewed. Get a good one that has 3 screws left to the massive crown, and it`ll spoil you for all those other so called "professional" 200 meter watches with the "Dinky" crowns on them and threads that feel like crap (Sorry Seiko, you screwed the pooch on the MM, not a crown to be proud of). Seiko diver case`s use the best spring bar made, they be HUGE, and theys a ***** to get out, and thats what you want in a spring bar and still have it removable.

    The 6309 movement. When you hear of watch movements being called "Tractors", the 6309 could make the claim to being the original TRACTOR , in the most strick enginerring sense. From an mechanical/horological enginerring standpoint, there is vertually nothing to go wrong, and in fact these movements have the ability to flat out run themselves into the ground, takes about 20 years to do that. The movements, while being every bit of a tractoras anything else, dont shy away from being horologically notable. They have the largest balance and main spring in them that is physically possible (Big balance and mainspring equal stability and accuracy), and when in "serviced" condition can go for 50hrs ++ after a full wind. They often go for 35-38 hours without any service work at all (this is how they grind themselves into the ground), LOL. And the balance stud in the 6309, a design that Seiko has never used again, is a marvel of enginerring. It allows the watchmaker to adjust the spring for leval and flatness by turning a screw, and letting the spring leval itself, simply a marvel in horology and I dont know why it has`nt found more favor, all studs could be made this way:^).

    Lets put it this way. If I ever had to chose between a ETA 2824 (or 2892), and a Seiko 6309, and it was a "Last Watch Senerio" situation, it would be the 6309 because it is the better designed and more rugged movement. Kinda like comparing a Chevy 350 to a toyota 4cl, all things equal, the chevy will run the toy into the ground, and do it for several generations of toyota`s to come.

    The Orignal dial and hands are great! Original design, and one that has a classic look to it. Soon now I`ll be building me up MY VERY OWN 6309 that will be fairly stock looking, but hses going to be a drop dead gorgeous gam of a watch. If I had to chose between ANY dial and hands, and the original, yet only have one, I`d go orignal, cause they are so classic. But aside from that, the case`s, ect, are so good a jumping off point for a custom watch. You simply cant find a better base for any sort of custom work, because the case and movement are so well built to begin with." (Quoted Material by Randall Benson)

    I have owned a SAR, and EDC a GSAR currently. I think they are cool, but in this tough economy, I would probably recommend a good Casio Tough Solar with multi-band waveceptor (sets the watch to an atomic clock in most parts of the world).

    I actually bought a GSAR and then another GSAR thinking it would be collector's item, but its not that hard to find one, and see them on the buy and sell watch forums for occasionally less than brand new price.
  5. shrap

    shrap Loaded Pockets

    Jul 15, 2006
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    As someone earlier said, only you know if something is "worth it" or not.

    If you just want something durable and keeps accurate time, a $30 G-Shock will fit that goal. If you want something to show off to other watch-people, nothing short of a $5,000 Patek will do.