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S&W M&P 9mm VS. Springfield XD-9

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by Grizhicks, Dec 7, 2008.

    Grizhicks Loaded Pockets

    All -- Had change to shoot the S&W M&P (in 9mm) yesterday, and very sweet gun. I've been leaning towards the XD-9, but have not had the chance to shoot it yet. Anyone out there with experience in both; I'd like to hear from you. Thanks, Greg

    PS: No GLOCK comments please, I don't like the way they fell and they are off the table.
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    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared

    Having shot both I lean towards the XD. I have to admit my experience with them both is limited. I was shooting with a bunch of farmers and cattlemen.

    Most of them preferred the CZ-75 but the XD did quite well.

    nerves Empty Pockets

    ...While I am by no means "an expert". I do attend 2-3 shooting classes per year and I'm some what active on a weekly basis with IDPA, USPSA and 3 gun competition for the last several years. I also been carrying a weapon for quite a while. I happened to own both at one time and have competed (different needs than SD) with both. Short story, I like the ergonomics of the M&P more but hated the trigger reset and take. I eventually sold it. I still have the XD 9mm Tactical. I routinely compete with in IDPA (ESP) and when I feel like shooting production in USPSA, I shoot with it.

    I also took a 2 magpul classes (know for the high round count) and I can tell you it's one of my families favorite. So much so, that my wife night stand gun is the XD45 Service, and My Daughter's (Auburn College student) loves the XD 9mm....

    Get it you won't regret it.

    rescueguru Banned

    I have limited experience with the Springfield XD-9, but I currently own a S&W M&P 9MM. I have been extremely pleased with the S&W so far. I am however concerned about the availability of additional 17 round magazines. I seems that there are not many available and the price has been greatly inflated recently, more so than other comparable products. IMHO, both are excellent weapons.

    Incidentalist Loaded Pockets

    Never shot the Springfield, but I just picked up a M&P a little while ago. Smith & Wesson are currently running a rebate deal where you have an option for 2 additional magazines with the purchase of a new gun. Still waiting on mine, but I know they're coming sometime soon.

    9mm4me Empty Pockets

    I have not fired the M+P, only pawed one at the gun shop. The seem to be a nice gun though. I am a glock guy and carry a glock 23 but I really do like the XD pistol. I have shot an XD40 and a sub compact XD9 and they both shot and handled very well. I was really impressed by the compact. I was keeping 2 inch groups off-hand at 15 yrds. My only complaint about the XD is the black finish seems thin. If I were going to get one, I'd get the stainless.

    Chiro75 Loaded Pockets

    I have the pre-M version of the XD-9 subcompact and I love it. I thought I wanted a Glock 26, but at the shop the thing didn't fit my hand AT ALL. It was like holding a brick. The XD-9, although very similar to a 26, fit my hand like a glove and as a bonus it was lightly used and I snagged it for $400 or something (good price). I've shot probably 700 rounds through it in the 6 months I've owned it and not had a single problem. One round didn't fire, but it was the ammo, not the gun. I think the XD-9's are wonderful.

    Grizhicks Loaded Pockets

    All -- THANKS for your input!!! Visited my local "mom & pop" gun shop at lunch and purchased the XD-M in 9mm. Can't wait to get to the range this weekend. -- Greg

    Lugsalot EDC Junkie!!!!!

    If I were to go out and purchase a polymer-frame 9mm pistol today, it'd be the XDm-9. 19+1 magazine capacity, plus all the other nifty XD features (and a new, normal-looking slide)? SOLD! :knuppel2:

    chriscoobs Empty Pockets

    I have only shot the mp in .40 but i own an XD9. The MP is a shooting buddys gun and he always ends up wanting to shoot my xd more than his own gun. And with the xdM coming out i would lean even more towards the springfield. Too bad 19+1 would never fly in California, but if you can get one go for it.

    Lugsalot EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I heard that, oppressed Kalifornia Republik buddy! :brickwall: :brickwall: :brickwall:


    If it weren't for the cultural diversity, the geography, and the fact that all my friends and most of my family live there, I'd have left California AGES ago. It has the legislative equivalent of multiple-personality disorder.

    Back on topic, I like the fact that the XDm doesn't require the trigger be pulled during disassembly. The fact that the M&P has an internal latch that must be manipulated in order to field strip the piece makes me lean towards the XDm even more.

    thirtytwostrike Empty Pockets

    My advice would be to choose the pistol that best fits your - personality, hand size/how does it fit, where you plan to carry, how you plan to carry, and what you are going to use it for. Answer those questions first before you make up your mind. Make sure you are comfortable with the firearm. I own a Springfield XD-9 Subcompact and Absolutely love it. It is my EDC. I held and fired the S&W, but it was just too uncomfortable for me. The XD-9 had a more comfortable grip and trigger. It felt like and extension of my hand, and not like a clumsy tool I had to manipulate. But ultimately, You have to decide what you feel comfortable with. Hope this helps.