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S.O. Tech Mission Go Bag

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by mjadams75, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. mjadams75

    mjadams75 Loaded Pockets

    Dec 2, 2010
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    After a couple of months wait for my new MGB to arrive, It finally did a few days ago. It was worth the wait! While waiting, I'd been checking other reviews and You Tube videos and was getting a little nervous on the size (meaning it might be a bit small for my needs) WRONG! its PERFECT!! Hats off to S.O. Tech! Head and shoulders above what I expected! This bag is well made and strong. The zippers and quality of material and design and construction is beyond reproach! It will fit my needs perfectly!

    On the interior, they have 4 pockets to fit IV bags, I like those pockets because i can separate my gear for extremely easy access (deep too) and keeps me better organized as well. They cinch down tight as well to save space. This bag really isn't made to carry a computer, and I wasn't planning on carrying one in it. But, I'm getting the new IPad this week and it appears that it will fit in the interior pocket at the back of the bag. There is a pad placed in the back of the bag and it appears that that should protect it just fine. The velcro holder in the front pocket is perfect for organization and concealment for off duty carry. The Pals strips on the front holds my MUT (may change spots), and my Surefire 6P Tactical.

    My only complaint is they didn't lengthen the velcro on the front for a name tape. (Top one), there's 2 spots one long one short. Short one is actually used to velcro the handles down. Wouldn't mind it being a little longer. (I'm kind of a patch geek)

    I'm on the go constantly and unfortunately my bags pay for it dearly and get the crap beat out of them. For the amount of time time that I've had this bag it's standing up perfectly! I also use a Sitka and Rush 24, and the MGB is a welcome addition! As everyone can see, I'm new to the board and am still learning the navigation of this site. If I could figure out how to posts pics of my MGB i would. if anyone else owns a MGB please feel free to share pics of it and how its set up.

    Thanks. It's been great sharing and getting ideas from everybody!
  2. TjPippa

    TjPippa Loaded Pockets

    Jul 29, 2010
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    Great review. Let us know how it goes with it.