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Ruike P128SF

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by aliaspostmortem, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. aliaspostmortem

    aliaspostmortem Loaded Pockets

    Apr 12, 2015
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    Last year I presented this knife from Ruike, the P128SF. The entire review can be read at my blog "Knivigt värre". It's a bit too extensive to publish here in whole.

    - a candidate for EDC of the year in its class?

    Chinese Ruike is a relative newcomer to the knifemarket. The company behind the brand is all the more established. It is Fenix Lights that decided to expand their business to include knives as well. They are otherwise known for their wide selection of lights with focus on head- and flashlights together with bicycle lighting.

    This knife is my first experience with them and their knives and the model is called P128-SF.

    Ruike P128 SF

    The concept is well known by know and a friend therefore ironically suggested that "Deja Vú" would have been a more suitable name for the knife when I presented the first pictures on Facebook. Well, he is not wrong in that both the construction and the overall lines feels somewhat familiar.

    The reason is not that hard to find. The P128 is a full metal knife with a distinct modern appearance based on a flipper-opening accompanied by a framelock with a rather trendy harpoon blade. Combinations which have been seen before.

    Not entirely innovative but well made

    But the concept can be implemented with different degrees of skill and enthusiasm and in this case it's very well done. This knife offers good performance and a contemporary design and do so at an competetive price level.

    In summary

    There are different takes on the number of "framelock flippers on bearings" on the market for the time being. But it could be said that it can be done with more or less finesse. Ruike P128 is an example of when it is done really well and the icing on the cake is a competitive price tag to go with it.

    I might even go as far as say that is one of the candidates to "budget knife of the year" in it's class.

    A knife with a distinct look

    However, there is an objection or rather a reservation attached to that candidacy and it has to do with area of use. This is a modern flipperknife made for various lighter EDC-related tasks regardless of its rather stout appearance. If you stay within the limits this knife is definitely worth considering.

    What you get for your invested monetary means is a very well built knife with good bladesteel and a strong lock. In addition this knife gives you a tasteful design with several modern attributes. What you think about looks is always subjective but the knife offers a couple of interesting details both practical and appearancewise.

    From a bold looking blade via a lot of internal milling to bearings, decorative screwheads and pivot to a secondary lock.

    Ruike P128 SF, maybe in a pocket near you?

    What a splendid introduction for a new brand! I really like this knife for what it is but not entirely without reservation. There are some improvements I would like to propose. The first is a general one aimed towards almost the entire industry, not only Ruike. Dare to grind your blades thinner! They won't fail I promise. For sure there will be some Youtuber who eventually will destroy the blades. There always are. But meanwhile the rest of us would be getting better knives and later some videos to make fun of.

    More specific suggestions for this particular model concerns ergonomics. Therefore I say to the designer/designteam "please make the edges of the handle rounder on the next knife". It's not a good thing if the hand hurts while using a tool of any kind. Especially not on this kind of knife which is big and sturdy and therefore lends itself to heavier work. And while you're at it give the flippertab a couple of cross-lines as well for increased friction. After these small changes the knife would be up for most tasks comming it's way, even the tougher ones.

    I might add that if you know that most of your work is being done with gloves on this is of no concern.

    But already as is this knife has a lot going for it as a modern EDC-knife in the slightly bigger format. Therefore I recommend this knife. That is IF you like the style in question. Because we have seen it before havent't we? The recipe have all the ingredients expected including a flipper, bearings and a harpoon tip on the blade. I can possible feel that there are one too many framelockflippers in the world but the majority of the market doesn't agree so it's probably me.

    Anyway, this is a good representative for the type and for the price you can't go wrong. And the P128 offers a very consistent designlanguage with harmonic lines. A good looking knife for short.

    Try it out!

    Overall Length: 8.54"

    Folded Length: 4.88"

    Weight: 5.61 oz

    Blade Length: 3.66"

    Blade Thickness: 0.14"

    Bladesteel: Sandvik 14C28N, 58-60 HRC

    Handle Material: Steel, 3Cr14N

    Lock: Framelock with an extra lock, "Beta Plus"

    Produced by: Ruike, made in China

    / John

    PS. This knife was bought with my own money via eBay.
  2. Mikhail Weiss

    Mikhail Weiss Loaded Pockets

    Apr 25, 2017
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    I like the looks of that bunches and bunches, and all that empty terrain on the handles looks like interesting space for engraving. I do wonder, however, how slicey it is. Nonetheless, I may try one. I'm a sucker for cheap-o (relatively speaking) neatness.
  3. Monty

    Monty Loaded Pockets

    Jul 28, 2007
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    RUIKE knives is one of the brands I sell at gun shows. I have probably had 50 go through my hands in the last year and I've yet to run across one with any QC issues. Highly recommend this brand. The 831SF has a design issue imho, need very thin thumbs to get in to flip that stud, shame because it's a beautiful knife.