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Rooting my android...

Discussion in 'Electronic Devices' started by PaBushcrafter4659, Aug 1, 2013.

    PaBushcrafter4659 Loaded Pockets

    Hey guys, Im looking to root my Samsung galaxy stellar.

    Anyone have good instructions for this? I've searched around a bit and haven't found much...

    kapolani Loaded Pockets

    Go to forums and search there.

    xda developers is a decent site. Look for your phone and go from there.
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    PaBushcrafter4659 Loaded Pockets

    Are you aware if these are updated and aren't bricking roots?
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    indigo_wolf AKA Breezy

    Don't know... don't have a Stellar. No experience with any of them.

    Right now, debating the merits of hacking my P&S camera to enable an intervalometer.


    mondo Loaded Pockets

    PaBushcrafter4659 Loaded Pockets

    Yeah i''ve pretty much looked at all of these...its difficult to find a GOOD, easy root for the stellar.

    I'll keep hunting.

    phatch Loaded Pockets

    The steps outlined in those links are pretty universal for any phone. Can you explain more what you're looking for that is easier?

    One click roots are notorious for bricking phones and should be avoided.

    PaBushcrafter4659 Loaded Pockets

    I guess what Im getting at is.

    What is the safest way to root my Stellar sch-1200. It's currently completely bone stock, 4.2.1, Jellybean.

    Will I need Samsung usb drivers?
    WIll I need to revert back to ICS before rooting?
    What root program is the best in terms of safety. I know this varies by the millions. But like you said phatch, the one clicks aren't the safest.

    If anyone can find me a good program and process to follow I'll give ya a gold star :) haha.

    phatch Loaded Pockets

    Yes. You have to plug it into your computer and it needs to recognize it properly rather than as a generic USB device. Counterintuitive to the principles of USB, I know.

    No, the root should still work, though you'll probably have to update the Superuser app when you're done.
    I'd follow the Android Forums steps of those links listed, but this is opinion, not declaration of safety. Since I don't have this phone, I can't say it worked for me. Rooting increases the risks to your phone and is inherently done at your own risk. Most mistakes can be recovered from though.
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