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REVIEW: The Hinderer Investigator Tactical Pen>>>>>>>>>>>

Discussion in 'Personal Security Devices & Self-Defense' started by Rolex John, Apr 25, 2012.

    Rolex John Banned

    edgedweapon88 Loaded Pockets

    Great review. Thanks so much for the size comparison with the 4sevens pen. That really helps when trying to figure out just how large the pen is. Next paycheck I might have to pick one up! Thanks again.

    Crushmaster Loaded Pockets

    Nice review. :) Good choice - the stainless steel one is my favorite Investigator style (don't own it yet, sadly; working on it).

    The size is the only possible downside...I'm around 6' 4", with reasonably big hands (about 3.7" wide); it might be too small for me.

    Thought this part was great, by the way: "The pen is slightly smaller than most standard sized pens – very comfortable to write with, but still useful if you find yourself in a bad situation (and if I’m down to relying on my pen defensively, it’s a very bad day indeed…)."

    Thanks for sharing!
    God bless,
    Joel ><>.
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    0dBm Loaded Pockets

    The product falls successively within Hinderer's signature style which I aptly describe as modern baroque; replete with exaggerated lines that compile the pinnacle of its appeal to those enamored of the tactical look acquiesced through persistent perusal of web-depicted military imagery.

    Aesthetics aside, his works should command a modicum of well-deserved accolade for their unique design; one that appears to be interpretative of his primary occupation as a firefighter and pragmatic nature of the tools of that honorable profession.

    Rolex John Banned

    You're very welcome sir! I look forward to seeing a YT video on the pen from you. :cool:

    Rolex John Banned

    You're welcome Joel - glad you enjoyed the review! I try to throw in a little humor when I can...:D
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    Dr Jekell I had fun once, It was awful.

    And even better is that it is available from the forum store in several colours.
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    mhphoto Loaded Pockets

    Great review! I'm definitely looking into acquiring both the copper and brass Investigator pens.

    Rolex John Banned

    You won't be disappointed! :cool:
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