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Review: Guy Vialis, "Le Sauveterre"

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by schmalhaus, Jun 14, 2012.

    schmalhaus Loaded Pockets

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    Lightnig Loaded Pockets

    as usual, great video with very good and relevant comments, thanks for sharing.

    And I liked the bit of interesting history too. I often hear about German, English, or Japanese cutlery history, but very seldom from anywhere else despite some rich history from many other areas.

    You compared three different knives at one point there ( at 3:17 in the vid), but failed to catch the names. When laid on the table, it was the one furthest from the viewer that caught my eye. What is that knife please?


    gstojinovic Loaded Pockets

    Awesome as always!! Really enjoy your reviews!! :D

    schmalhaus Loaded Pockets

    It's "Le Grand Cru" by Chambriard. It's basically the same knife as Chambriard's "Le Compagnon" but with a corkscrew. There are videos on both knives on my YouTube channel:

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    Man you hit my weak spot!! :D

    Kombi Loaded Pockets

    Once again, another great review. :)

    However, I was immediately drawn to the "Le Compagnon" knife. It's just such a classy looking knife and the detail work is fantastic. I believe this will be another for the wish list.

    You had me sold on the Juniper handles, but after looking around I can't find them available. I'm guessing your review had some hand in that. ;)
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    xbanker Geriatric Admin

    Stefan - I have to ask. What is your selection criteria for knife reviews? I'm always struck by the fact you don't follow the well-traveled road of other folks who post knife reviews. I see knives I likely wouldn't know existed in some cases were it not for your reviews.
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    Thank you sir :)