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Recs for a Self Defense EDC

Discussion in 'Knives' started by Bagnerd, Jun 4, 2012.

    Bagnerd Loaded Pockets

    Looking for a Self Defense EDC fixed blade.
    4" Blade Max, Prefer Double Edge.
    IWB carry.

    I have an Izula II...handle is a bit short.
    I had a HEST, the Glass Breaker Bottle opener thing in the handle got on my nerves.
    I have a TDI. I don't like the way the handle prints under T Shirts.
    A better sheath would make me like it more.

    I often carry an Emerson Combat Karambit folder.
    Often carry a Hideaway Knife.

    I have a cheap S&W "Police" Boot knife that I really like but the blade is too long.



    WoodenChicken Loaded Pockets

    Strictly for SD, I like knives with the wave opening feature. Emerson and Spyderco come to mind

    320 Loaded Pockets

    seriously...in most places a four inch dagger inside your pants is going to be a quick trip to jail and that's before you stick somebody with it.

    there are much less incendiary options. back in the day tough guys carried knives like case's texas toothpicks and they scared the devil out anybody with sense enough to be scared.

    with all the tacticool folders out there that won't raise an eyebrow and are as fast to deploy i think you are asking for trouble.

    if anecdotal evidence is credible the most popular urban combat blade is a stanley boxcutter. inexpensive, sharp and easy to justify.
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    Bagnerd Loaded Pockets

    Luckily I live in TN where we have sensible knife laws :)

    No Autos, no Icepicks, Gravity opening (Butterfly).
    4" Blade Length Limit.
    If you are doing something wrong with ANYTHING that can be used as a weapon, you are in trouble.
    Otherwise you are fine.

    My Izula II Sheath attached to and inside of my Belt with Paracord works fine.
    But would like a bit of a larger grip.
    Looking at a Swamp Rat Warden but I like Double Edge.

    I am Martial Arts instructor (including Knife)

    320 Loaded Pockets

    i'm curious by nature, so i''ll just ask. since you must be proficient in hand to hand don't you also possess the skillset to avoid cqb.

    you already have four adequate blades. two are tactical paring knives, but good utility knives nonetheless. you also have two of the best close-in slashing blades around. if your combat style is circular and dynamic the emerson in a well designed sheath would be the ticket.

    you are only adding an inch or so to your reach by going to a four inch straight blade.

    both the dagger and the karambit are straight up fighting knives. so if you use them to apply deadly force and are a martial artist i suspect you will have an interesting future ahead of you.

    don't get me wrong...i get it. i've carried knives for years, for a lot of reasons. it's kind of like ruark said use enough gun...i say carry enough knife.

    in an enlightened state like TN, if it were me i'd tuck the emerson on my belt and buy a gun.
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    Bagnerd Loaded Pockets

    Whether you are trained or untrained has no bearing on justifiable use of force.
    And I DO usually carry a Pistol. I train a lot with that as well.

    As for having enough skill to avoid CQB...we have the mindset of DOMINATING in CQB or running away.
    Trying to maintain 'middle range' can get you into trouble.
    The idea of a "Knife Duel" isn't really a likely scenario and Blade REACH isn't really my concern...more of how it holds.
    That's why the idea of an Izula II sized blade with a SLIGHTLY larger handle appeals to me.
    I have an Applegate Fairbairn Folder that I carried for years that has a nice handle size.
    Might be interested in making a sheath for it and carrying it open...

    I love the Emerson Karambit (wave opener) but I practice a lot of double edge techniques.
    Do you tend to get 'looks' if you use it to open Boxes at the Post Office though.

    Lightnig Loaded Pockets

    Then why not an Izula with custom handles that are larger than original? and there are enough guys out there making custom Kydex sheaths, that getting one for your Esee that fits your exact requirements should be easy enough.

    Or what about stepping up to an Esee 3, since you are already a fan of their knives.

    IMightBeWrong Loaded Pockets

    I've studied martial arts for the last 10 years and I've come to a few conclusions in that time. One of them is that martial arts are possibly the worst form of self-defense around. If you use them and maim or kill your opponent, you're likely going to get the book thrown at you for excessive force and maybe manslaughter. If you win without excessive force, then you're likely going to court to play a game of "He started it!" Vs. "No, HE started it!" Avoidance is the best way to protect yourself. Know when to run and maybe carry a firearm or some mace.

    The reason I bring this up is because one other conclusion I've made is that knives are right next to martial arts when it comes to self defense: near useless. Can they be used to save your life? Of course! But you won't get away with defending yourself with a knife against an unarmed attacker and if you are attacked by another armed individual you'll probably be out of the fight by the time you even get your knife out. The nature of knife violence is that it's unexpected and most people don't know a knife is present until it's already gotten through their flesh.

    Here's an outstanding article from somebody much more experienced than I who shares a similar view:


    Refer to my username. This is only my opinion, and I could very well be wrong, but those are my conclusions and I've put quite a bit of thought into them.

    byksm Loaded Pockets

    320 Loaded Pockets

    actually in litigation it does. your skills, your internet posts, everything you've said or done will be used in criminal or civil actions. even the stickers on your vehicle will be used to indicate a mindset.

    what seems justifiable during an altercation has no bearing on the outcome of a trial, especially a civil trial. most of the u.s. does not require a person to retreat but if you get caught up in a situation where you use force just be aware that even if you win you can still lose. the assumption is that someone who is trained either should not have gotten caught up in an incident or been able to manage it with a minimum amount of force.

    it's not about domination or retreat. it's really about awareness and avoidance.

    that's all i was trying to say. the rest is up to you.
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    temujin Uber Prepared

    Without proper training and practice, a knife is about as useful in self defense as a rabbit's foot. Perhaps even less useful because when the Bad Guy takes away your rabbit's foot, it's not likely he can kill you with it.

    320 Loaded Pockets

    the martial arts promotes the illusion of a technical superiority through training and technique. but what happens when a practioner steps inside the arc of a six inch boning knife or grapples with joe schmoe and the boxcutter hidden in his fist?

    the untrained and unwashed are deadly and unpredictable adversaries. one should never write off their capabilities. some of these people have been fighting (really fighting) for their entire lives.

    current popular fighting doctrine advocates close the distance and dominate your opponent, right? most street fighters operate inside that circle you just went into. try not to get schooled, cause it's going to hurt.
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    While TN knife law doesn't prohibit double edge carry, it does prohibit carring a "Dirk". Which some people see a dirk and a dagger as one and the same. Most daggers are double edged. Sooo.. if you were carring a d.e. blade and a leo saw it, you could be in for a big hassel. Depending on the officer's knowledge of knives and knife law.

    Dok J Loaded Pockets

    If you've got the skills and the training, why your defensive weapon of choice (or second line really, seeing you already carry a gun) is a "kill or seriously maim the other guy" one?
    Wouldn't it be better (even in the jury's eyes) to carry a less-lethal option? Maybe a collapsible batton and some skrima skills?

    Sorry I'm not of help, but daggers are prohibited weapons here; and I won't consider a weapon that will leave me covered in someone else's blood... You know, AIDS and some other ugly things around ;)
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    kertap75 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I agree with lightnig. Find someone to put custom scales on the knife you like that are a little larger. No need to debate what is appropriate for self defense and what isn't. There are plenty of other threads for that, and you didn't ask for our advice in the matter.
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    320 Loaded Pockets

    kertap75 is right. you asked what to buy.

    i'm a big guy and can carry larger knives less obtrusively than most.

    when i carried serious hardware it was gerber mk1 and mk2.

    later the sting from agrussell proved to be a satisfactory blade. it meets your criteria and it's being manufactured again.

    the knife of the type you're looking for that i currently carry is an older gerber guardian. virtually weightless, flat and it's sharp.
    the sheath is adaptable and protects you and the blade well but it's noisey.

    by the way, carry a innocuous slipjoint in your pocket for that package at the post office.
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    amacman Loaded Pockets

    I wouldn't consider TN that sensible (I live in Memphis btw) There is one phrase in the laws that makes self defense carry of a fixed blade risky

    39-17-1302. Prohibited weapons.

    (a) A person commits an offense who intentionally or knowingly possesses, manufactures, transports, repairs or sells:

    (7) A switchblade knife or knuckles; or

    (8) Any other implement for infliction of serious bodily injury or death which has no common lawful purpose.

    (b) It is a defense to prosecution under this section that the person's conduct:

    Basically, the burden would shift to you to prove that you have a "common lawful purpose" for carry a fixed blade knife.

    Bagnerd Loaded Pockets

    I'll look into custom scales for the Izula II. Hadn't thought about that. thanks

    The Izula II doesn't work (for me) in Reverse Grip.
    I carry it now with the scales off wrapped in Paracord.

    I owned a MKII for a long time but decided I didn't want to own knives that I can't carry (other than 'work blades').
    Would love something that handled like that in a small configuration...will look at The Sting.