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Recommendations/Nominations for best EDC knife

Discussion in 'Knives' started by DJG, Mar 24, 2013.

    DJG Loaded Pockets

    Okay so I have gained a lot of information from this forum in regard to EDC bags now its time to move on to knives. I EDC Gerber knives for the most part and I am looking at all these Spyderco knives and thinking it would be nice to have one.

    Here is a pic of my current knife collection.

    From bottom to top.

    Bottom - Small Gerber knife, I EDC this most often I bought it ages ago and don't know its specs or name.
    Gerber Crucial - it is a multitool but I use the knife tool the most
    Ozark Trail Walmart knife - sucks but it was cheap and is sharp
    Kershaw - don't know the name or specs but I hate the straight blade and the assisted opening mechanism
    Handmade Knife - I almost never EDC this knife but it was handmade for me by a friend and I think its pretty cool so just wanted to show it off.

    My main goal is to find a new knife to EDC.

    1. Folding
    2. I prefer Frame Lock or Liner Lock since it is the main type of folding knife I use
    3. A clip is strongly encouraged unless there is another easy way to affix the knife for easy access
    4. Serrations are okay but not mandatory
    5. Blade length - between 1.5 and 4in give or take a bit
    6. Price - No more than $100, around $50 is a good range.

    The Spyderco Bug looks like a good keychain knife. CRKT has some good knives as well as KA-BAR and Gerber.
    I have been looking but there are so many knives out there I figured it would be best to ask people that use them and know what works and what doesn't. Plus it takes time to work through the favorite EDC knife thread.

    Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

    EDIT: I didn't realize that frame and liner lock are very similar.

    Turd Fergusson Loaded Pockets

    I used to carry a Benchmade 1/2 serrated grip with a sheepsfoot blade and the hole for an opener, but I found it a little bulky.
    I now carry a Spyderco dragonfly and it is a great knife. The blade is less that 2" long, but because it is wider than most other knives of the same length it feels bigger. The handle is a full size handle as well.

    CTSC Guest

    Spyderco PM2 is a good choice I have 2 of them
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    mooshi Loaded Pockets

    In that price range, I'd probably go with a Benchmade Mini Grip. Spydercos are nice - perhaps an Endura or Tenacious? For $25-ish or so, you could try the Kershaw Cryo. Kershaw Skyline seems to have a bit of a following.

    darknyght00 Loaded Pockets

    If you're thinking about a Spydie, pick up a Ladybug. They're pretty inexpensive, super small while still being useful, and come in a bunch of colors, materials, and blade styles. I grabbed the rust proof (H1 steel- haven't torture tested but it works beautifully) Ladybug Salt Serrated Hawkbill and I love it. If you don't like the color of the handle (yellow isn't really me), there's plenty of guides out there to dye it using fabric dye you can get at Walmart.
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    MikeFromGermany Loaded Pockets

    +1 for the Benchmade Mini Griptilian.
    They come in two different 'flavors'. Either a modified sheepsfoot blade with a round hole opening aid (think: Spyderco) or a drop point blade with a thumb stud.

    Both have 154CM steel and use the Axis Lock mechanism to lock the blade.
    Better be warned: This locking mechanism is addictive. ;)

    Here Comes The BOOM EDC Junkie!!!!!

    It's a Leek, the 1660ST to be precise.
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    GurbZ Loaded Pockets

    Actually there is also a Tanto version with thumb studs. Also if you order from Benchmade you can customize the Griptilian,in which you have a few choices of steel.

    @ DJG
    Here are few for you to look at:

    CRKT Drifter
    Ontario Utilitac II
    Leatherman E33L
    Ontario RAT Model 1
    Spyderco Ambitious
    Spyderco Persistance
    Benchmade Mini Ambush
    Spyderco Tenacious
    CRKT K480KKP Shenanigan
    Spyderco Resilience
    Spyderco Cat
    Spyderco Manix 2 Lightweight
    Spyderco Translucent Blue Manix 2
    Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556
    Benchmade 530
    Benchmade Griptilian 551
    Benchmade 527 Mini-Presidio Ultra
    CRKT Ripple 2
    CRKT K470KKP Shenanigan
    Spyderco Manix 2
    Spyderco Para-Military2

    Grateful Loaded Pockets

    In my humble opinion the Spyderco Delica is the perfect edc knife.

    Blerv Loaded Pockets

    I would probably grab a Tenacious or Persistence to see if you dig Spyderco's approach. On the rare chance you dislike it dumping the knife second hand would be extremely easy.

    blacmud8 Loaded Pockets

    Framelock with 1.5-4in blade, with or without serrations and with or without a pocket clip?

    That's going to be one LONG list.
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    catfishdan Loaded Pockets

    My opinion, too. That makes it a fact.
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    powerring Loaded Pockets

    And the Sorting Hat says:

    "Hmm, difficult. VERY difficult. Plenty of choices, I see. Not a bad spec list, either. There's variety, oh yes. And a thirst to acquire more. But where to put you?

    Well if you're sure, better be... Buck Vantage Pro Small in S30V!" :D

    (If you're not married to the frame lock, a Benchmade Mini-Griptillian in 154CM or a Spyderco Dragonfly 2 in ZDP189 are also awesome.)
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    jeepsrjason Loaded Pockets

    Sage 1. Just under $100.00 on Ebay but I give you permission to spend the extra $20 or so and buy from the forum store! While you're there... pick up a coin to! :D Sage 2, if you HAVE to have the frame lock, can be found for about $130 in good shape.

    Blak Smyth Loaded Pockets

    The Boker Nano is on the small end of your spectrum but for American steel and a frame lock under $50 you can't go wrong.
    If you wanted to spend closer to $100 check out the Mcusta Damascus Nami Small, Damascus.

    If you don't mind Chinese steel, check out the Spiderco lower end stuff. I am a rare person that is not a huge Spyderco design fan though.
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    DJG Loaded Pockets

    Yeah I realize that now haha. Really just wanting what people think is the best knife for EDC. It doesn't have to meet the requirements of what I think I like in a knife because that opinion could change.

    DJG Loaded Pockets

    Yeah, lots of Benchmade Griptillian recommendations. It looks like one I could definitely see myself owning. The frame lock is basically the only type of lock I use so it is more of a familiarity thing although the axis lock looks like something I could get used to.

    DJG Loaded Pockets

    DJG Loaded Pockets

    Thanks for the info, I bought in my youth thinking the assisted opening mechanism would be cool but the blade feels really thin and I'm afraid it will bend easily. Also the straight blade makes it awkward to use.
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    jeepsrjason Loaded Pockets

    My top 3 EDC knives that I rotate through regularly are all Spydercos. Southard Flipper, Sage 1 and PM2.

    I used to EDC Delicas and Enduras but I've moved on.
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