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Recommendation: New Knife - Checklist included.

Discussion in 'Knives' started by Chucksw40, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Chucksw40

    Chucksw40 Loaded Pockets

    Aug 12, 2008
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    1) Short Essay Question: What do you intend to use this knife for?

    Tasks will include, but are not limited to, cutting food, opening packages, cutting rope & cord, cutting cloth for rags, making a toothpic.. etc etc.

    2) What Region/Country/State will the knife be purchased in?
    [x] I will be mail-ordering or buying online, so this doesn't matter.
    [x] I am in ___USA___(country) and _____FL_____(state/providence).
    [x] I am aware of the restrictions on knives for my region.

    3) Price Range: Remember... the rest of these will heavily govern where this may fall!
    [ ] $1-30
    [ ] $30-50
    [ ] $50-80
    [x] $80-$150 Changed this pricing, id spend over 120, but not over 150ish.
    [ ] $120-200
    [ ] I have no limit!

    4) Style of Knife:
    [ ] Fixed
    [x] Folder - Manual
    [ ] Folder - Automatic
    [ ] Folder - Assisted
    [ ] Butterfly/Balisong/Etc.

    5) Overall Length
    [ ] 1-3 Inches
    [ ] 4-6 Inches
    [x] 6-8 Inches
    [ ] 8-10 Inches
    [ ] 10-12 Inches
    [ ] Larger! (Is this really an EDC knife?)

    6) Blade Style
    [x] Drop Point
    [x] Clip Point
    [x] Wharncliffe
    [ ] Dagger/Double/Spear Point
    [ ] Hawkbill (Hook/Concave)
    [ ] Tanto

    7) Blade Edge
    [x] Plain
    [ ] Serrated
    [ ] Partial - >50% Serrated
    [ ] Partial - <50% Serrated

    8) Desirable Characteristics of Steel (Thanks to meeshi_ma for the help on this one!)
    [ ] Easy to sharpen
    [x] Good edge retention
    [ ] Rust/corrosion resistant
    [ ] High Rockwell Rating

    9) Blade Coating
    [ ] Powder
    [ ] Epoxy
    [ ] None

    10) Handle Material
    [x] Plastic
    [x] Micarta
    [ ] Wood
    [x] Skeletonized/Metal (Titanium, Stainless, otherwise)
    [ ] Rubber
    [x] G10

    11) Intended Carry: Where will you put it?
    [ ] Belt
    [ ] IWB (In Waist Band)
    [x] Pocket
    [ ] Neck
    [ ] Bag
    [ ] Keychain
    [ ] Other

    12) Folder Style/Carry: Options specific to folder knife opening and carrying styles
    [x] Thumbstud(s)
    [x] Thumbhole
    [ ] Flipper
    [x] Pocket clip
    [ ] Lanyard Hole
    [Tip Up] Tip-up or down

    13) Folder Lock Method/Construction
    [x] Linerlock
    [x] Lockback
    [x] Framelock
    [ ] Slip-Joint
    [x] Compression
    [ ] Other/Proprietary

    14) Sheath Material: What's going to hold it?
    [ ] Kydex
    [ ] Leather
    [ ] Nylon
    [ ] None

    15) Construction: What all is a part of this knife?
    [ ] Knife alone
    [ ] Combination - (Specify other items in "Other Comments")

    16) Production: How is this knife produced?
    [x] Production Knife
    [ ] Semi-Custom Knife
    [ ] Custom Knife

    17) Weight (Mass)
    [ ] Light
    [ ] Medium
    [ ] Heavy

    18) Style of Knife
    [ ] SAK (Swiss Army Knife)
    [x] Military/Tactical
    [ ] Discrete/Gentleman(woman)
    [ ] Classic (think wood and such)
    [ ] Water-Use (Salt-water, Rafting)

    19) Other Comments - Note what else you need/want in this space:

    I posted a similar thread to this over on bladeforums a few weeks ago, however, this checklist has allowed me to be more specific than I was in my thread over there. Thank you to whomever made it.

    Thanks in advance,


    Edit: Oops, I guess my X's came out as bullet marks.
  2. maxray

    maxray Loaded Pockets

    Dec 8, 2007
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    I suspect you will hear a lot of Benchmade and Spyderco suggestions...probably the Griptilian or Para would fit your requirements almost to a T. I recently went down the same path you are going down now, and I received my Benchmade Griptilian 550 just the other day (from Knifecenter, btw - who was just awesome to work with.)

    I really like this Griptilian a lot - the Axis lock took a little practice, but I really like the ability to open this thing very rapidly and close it just as quick. The open and close action on this thing is buttery buttery smooth. I have been sitting here tonight snapping it open and closed randomly - with my wife giving me strange looks :idiot2: It is equally nice to open either using the thumb hole or the Axis lock. Nice weight, I have tried carry both in RF pocket and back pocket thus far, and both approaches work quite nicely. The scales provide good grip (not surprisingly), and the pocket clip is great. It is a tad big at 8" total, 4.6" closed, but certainly EDC-able. The blade is super sharp and clean, but then, it is brand new after all... ;D The Grip gets a lot of good reviews, and there are lots of great Spyderco fans out there as well, so you could always do what I plan to do - I got the Grip, and am ordering myself a Spydie (I think I am going to go with the Native) next week!!

    I bet there are other good suggestions out there, but at your pricepoint, hard to go wrong with a Spyderco or a Benchmade.


    Here are some links (ignore the prices, there are MUCH better prices out there from other vendors)

    Spyderco Para

    Benchmade Griptillian 550

    Spyderco Native
  3. Nikx

    Nikx Empty Pockets

    Aug 31, 2008
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    :iagree: Maxray gave you a good overview of the kind of reply's you're going to be, Benchmade and Spyderco. I would recommend either size griptillian, and since you mentioned edge retention as one of your main requirements, allow me to link you to Cabela's site. They carry griptilians in D2 steel, which isn't as rust resistant as other steels (so-called "semi-stainless"), but will hold an edge better than 154cm or s30v (it will also be harder to sharpen because of this ;)). Because of this the blades are coated to prevent rust, don't know if you like coated blades or not. Anyway here they are:

    Large Grip, D2
    Small grip, D2

    The large version is just over the 6-8 inch bracket, at 8.07 inches. I would recommend going to a Cabelas store, if there's one near you, to actually hold the knives. To some people (with larger hands) the mini-grip's handle can feel too small, like there is not enough room for their little finger.

    *edit* Also, welcome to the EDC Forums! :D
  4. nathanr310

    nathanr310 Empty Pockets

    Aug 8, 2008
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    I had a d2 cabellas and sold it.

    It's only hardened to 58 or 59 so it doesn't hold a edge as good as you would think.

    I sold it to someone unused and she got it very dull in less than a week and I sharpened it for her.

    If you're main concern is edge retention get a zdp189 knife and strop it regualry and it will stay sharp for a long time.

    Check out this thread


    That zdp kicks a*s!

    Spyderco and Kershaw have zdp models available also.
  5. maxray

    maxray Loaded Pockets

    Dec 8, 2007
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    Here is a link to a Spydie ZDP-189 Delica

    That Yuna is pretty nice!!
  6. Chucksw40

    Chucksw40 Loaded Pockets

    Aug 12, 2008
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    Thanks for the warm welcome, and helpful replies!

    I've actually really been looking at the para-military, the only thing that has kept me from pulling the trigger on it is the lack of tip up carry. But I guess I could get used to it.

    Also, the zdp-189 is interesting, what other brands/models do you guys recommend with that other than the delica/endura series?



    p.s. those yuna's look wicked.
  7. nathanr310

    nathanr310 Empty Pockets

    Aug 8, 2008
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    Thanks for the compliments.

    Well let's see...

    There's stretch 2, caly3,lum chinese folder are the ones most available now.

    Also I know they made a military with s90v which is supposed to have great edge retention...

    Not sure if they made a para in it though.

    The caly3 would be my choice for edc out of all of those, in fact a have one.

    And here's a thread that listed the makers that use zdp;

  8. meeshi_ma

    meeshi_ma Loaded Pockets

    Aug 2, 2006
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    Personally, I'm a fan of Benchmades, and this is the knife that I carry.

    It's gone through just about everything so far and still looks great. Plus, it's under that magic 3" blade length to keep everyone happy.