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reasons for carrying a usb?

Discussion in 'Electronic Devices' started by slider1585, Jan 3, 2011.

    BravoOscarFoxtrotHotel Loaded Pockets

    Why is that? If the safe is crypted then you don't have to worry about losing it (you have backups, right?)...unless you have one of the top 10 worst passwords of all times (letmein, 12345, password, qwerty, secret, abcde, trustno1....you get the idea). Pull a backup, change the master passphrase and you're good to go.

    Edit: that' just my 2 cents of course. ;)
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    HawaiiZach Loaded Pockets

    I think he meant his drive is encrypted so its no big deal if he loses it, however its on his key chain so if he loses his drive obviously his keys are missing too which is the bigger problem.

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    BravoOscarFoxtrotHotel Loaded Pockets

    Yep, that makes perfect sense....stupid me. I think I'll climb into a hole right now. :oops:

    GSDadventures Loaded Pockets

    In some cases having a usb is good if you happen to come across a computer it can be used to boot an OS from the drive to carry your back info (ICE stuff, finances, etc). It can carry portable apps that can be useful in case of disaster. PortableApps.com has a wealth of tools to carry. In addition, for those evil hacker out there tools to crack system in case you need a computer after a disaster happened. There are many good reasons to carry a good case hardened encrypted usb.
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    tennvol12345 Loaded Pockets

    I keep all my documents on my iron key and the drive is with me when I'm away from home in the event of a fire

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    PreparedCountryBoy Loaded Pockets

    Yeah, exactly. Access to my truck would result in the loss of a lot more than some passwords. Not to mention the fact that I keep an a Linux OS, back up file for my phone tablet, cc cleaner portable. All sorts of tools to fix up someone's computer/reload my devices in case of data loss.
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    Warfusion Loaded Pockets

    I keep a vm on one drive to have a full is on me at all times and a bootable Linux distro on another.

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    Fukurai EDC Junkie!!!!!

    But sometimes a fully encrypted drive is a bad idea. If I want to get some pics from my friend, he has to 99% not the right decryption program (TrueCrypt), so it's useless. I'd only encrypt the important docs, but leave some "free" spaces too ;)
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    Segarshm Loaded Pockets

    I keep a backup of most of my work stuff on my usb just in case i guess, i don't keep all my personel documents on there but i do keep some really important ones on there in the event of a house fire or something along those lines. I keep all my documents at home in a fire box BUT i guess i just like to have back ups to the backsups of the backups...
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    Sinus Loaded Pockets

    I carry a tiny USB (16GB) with because it's practical.

    You can share data (work/university) or private stuff like music/photographs with your friends or colleges.
    It happened in the past that I wished I'd carried a small USB drive with me, so since a few months I'm prepared.

    Here Comes The BOOM EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I'm starting to outgrow my 16gb. I have a file on there asking people to return it (and the keychain it's on) to me. But I carry mine mostly for work documents that I want to take home & back to work on. Other than that I usually have a selection of my most recent photo's and music on there to share with friends and family. Oh, and I have both my motorcycles workshop manuals in PDF on it too for when I might need them, plus a copy of Braveheart, lol.

    Most things are just a back-up for when I carry light though, as I have them ready to use on my 7" Galaxy Tab as well.
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    theMingo Loaded Pockets

    I usually keep 2 32gb flash drives on me at all times. Ones a Hirens bootdisk and all my virus removal tools, the others filled with music and whatever I am dragging around mainly for use in my car.

    GSDadventures Loaded Pockets

    True! But it depends on house secure you want it. Personally if I have one or two files on the USB I use LocK-A-FoLdeR to encrypt a folder containing only important stuff. Also it is cheap to use rights management on a file to encrypt it today from prying eyes.

    GSDadventures Loaded Pockets

    Iron Key is a great USB, excellent choice!

    GSDadventures Loaded Pockets

    Two of the best I have found are the Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth and Original since both are waterproof, getting cheaper, and shock proof. Excellent storage design and they are big enough to carry a large amount of important data.

    Agent Berry Loaded Pockets

    Transferring files, etc. right now it's empty but am thinking of using to carry misc. info.
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    6_String_Jams Loaded Pockets

    I carry one with me to backup whatever design files/projects I'm working in at the time.

    Erasergirl Loaded Pockets

    I have had a number of Kingston Datatravellers, this is so far my favorite, if only for the lanyard holes.
    I have the 16gb on a chain, and a 8gb in my EDC, most of my personal documents are in cloud storage
    the ones on my chain are images and documents for various 'job' sites that i may need to reprint or trade.

    I also carry a couple of small cheap BLANK thumbdrives.
    Blank drives are required when downloading files from certain computers, any files already on it are seen as potential threats.
    I also find myself lending them, sometimes forever.
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    ComplexLogic Loaded Pockets

    Seriously, be careful with any kind of personal data on a USB drive. Any time you plug your USB drive into another computer, they can and WILL copy your files off of it. Especially at work! I have heard tons of stories from my forensics friends about investigating a virus or something on a work computer and getting every file off the person's computer, thumb drive, and even their phones.

    I also suggest TrueCrypt. You can create an encrypted volume in a file. That way, you plug in your drive, all the files on there that you dont care about are visible and you have one file that just looks like gibberish. When you plug it into a trusted computer with TrueCrypt, you can decrypt the file and it shows up like another drive on your computer.
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    ketchupgun Loaded Pockets

    I keep a bunch of slideshow portfolios of my photography...some contracts and model release forms.....and PDFs of gaming rulebooks I like to reference (boardgames, Call of Cthulhu, mouseguard rpg, advanced squad leader, D&D....crap like that).

    I'm a nerd

    I also keep a couple of law dictionaries in pdf on there too.
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