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Quick review of the PDW ‘CaB-2’ tote bag

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by PiterM, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. PiterM

    PiterM Loaded Pockets

    Dec 1, 2013
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    That is really a very quick review of the Prometheus Design Werx ‘CaB-2’ tote bag. Not typical for me but there won't be extensive review of it... but why should there be? It’s a well-made simple product, not much to talk about actually... but it’s friggin cool! Just take a quick look:


    [for the record: yes, I purchased the bag... actually couple of them]

    Take 1000D Cordura and mil-spec webbing and just make it big – that’s the whole recipe, right? NOT! The devil is in the details. Materials are important so yeah, 1000D and mil-spec is correct. But also quality thread and manufacturing, so it’s good to know CaB-2 is made in USA, California exactly. It’s relatively big but not too big to be carried comfortably – on paper: 18” x 13” x 8” (just the bag). In real life CaB is bigger than you think! Here next to 28 liters SHADO pack (28L) – similar size but thanks to regular shape it can swallow even more, roughly 30+ liters depending of actual shape. The more ‘rounded’ the shape of loaded bag, the more it actually holds, up to about 35 liters (my estimation). Short carry straps for quick grab & go, longer webbing straps for easy shoulder carry. That blaze orange color of short straps is a great idea too, that way it’s easy to pair straps without even thinking about it (short with short). Also notice how the long webbing straps go around and also under the bag... that way CaB-2 is a SERIOUS weight hauler - even stuffed with fresh hard wood (40-45 lbs easily) it survived flawlessly.


    What I really like about PDW’s take on tote bag is... velcro panel! It’s not a practical thing, I know, but I’m a morale patch junkie so a patch panel (4x4 inch!) is such a refreshing idea on a tote bag for me! Another (practical) aspect, which separates CaB-2 from other totes on the market, is total number of pockets. First of all huge front and back flat pockets - spacious enough for size+ paper magazines, iPad, or even hand-saw or mid-size axe (Hultafors Hunter’s Classic Axe shown):


    Smaller side pockets are also well designed. That admin pocket with divided space... it rocks! It's great for small items like folding Lapplander saw, knife (fixed of folder), pen, multitool, etc. And you'll find a single-compartment deep pocket on the other side, which is big enough for stuff like work gloves, small hatchet, hammer, pliers or other tools. And just check these reinforcements on stitching on admin dividers - that's real attention to details!


    CaB acronym stands for Cary-all-Bag - and it really carries ALL I need to. I found it perfect for toting kindling and bigger pieces of firewood, all kind of camp gear, ropes, tool, groceries, boots... anything! From my home to my car, from shop to truck, from 4x4 to cabin, etc. Perfect to have at home, camp, truck or daily car. And it’s really A MUST at a country cabin!


    Handy stuff. I got two for myself and I gave away couple of them as Christmas gifts. This bag puts immediately a big smile on a face of adventurer, outdoorsman, hunter, etc. It’s well made, bombproof, right sized, US made and priced below $50. Get one (or more) and enjoy it day by day!
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  2. Tuxedo

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    May 22, 2010
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    Wow, very cool review and no comment! At least mine now, just got this bag in camo as a special edition and it's awesome!