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quick question about the legality of Monkey fists

Discussion in 'Personal Security Devices & Self-Defense' started by Tango 191, Aug 21, 2010.

    Tango 191 Loaded Pockets

    I have had one on my keychain for years, and i was recently looking through our state's statue book to answer a friends question, when i looked at the weapons section they explicitly said that slugshots were illegal(without a CCW) not knowing what a slugshot was i looked it up and sure enough money fists showed up as a definition of a slugshot.
    I live in FL, can anyone clear this up for me? it was made in FL for me by a friend and i would really hate to take it off

    It does have a led ball as the center (just a FYI)

    CDavisJK Loaded Pockets

    Don't bring it to court and don't hit anyone with it and you'll be fine. I'm sure the law is against 5+ lb monkeys fists actually being used as weapon.

    twinboysdad Loaded Pockets

    saps and blackjacks are legal in FL, why would you fool around with a lesser weapon?

    StealthChaser13 Loaded Pockets

    are you sure your talking about the right thing? is it a slugshot, or a slungshot? a slungshot is a wrist-brace slingshot.

    50ft-trad Loaded Pockets

    I would imagine (but don't quote me) it's a decorative key fob, right up until the moment you have to "use" it!!

    RGNY Empty Pockets

    Main Entry: slung·shot
    Pronunciation: \ˈsləŋ-ˌshät\
    Function: noun
    Date: 1842
    : a striking weapon consisting of a small mass of metal or stone fixed on a flexible handle or strap

    yes, the monkeyfist is -technically- a slungshot.

    so are hundreds of other keychains. one of the thugs in my high school carried a 1/2" socket on a short piece of clothesline, all wrapped in electrical tape, as a "keychain".

    you will probably go your whole life without anyone noticing it or caring about it, unless you happen to be arrested for something else or until you use it as a weapon.

    in that case it becomes an illegal weapon, and an easy additional charge that would need to be negotiated.

    personally, i wouldn't worry about it, you've had it this long. i see them constantly during boat season.

    Tango 191 Loaded Pockets

    because i didnt intend it as a weapon, i carry other things to defend myself i dont need to smack someone around with a piece of string with a ball in the center, i just liked it as a keychain

    JDW1461 Empty Pockets

    We have a similar statute here in WA State. Unles you have a cord attached longer than about 8" and intend it as a weapon it seems cool to me. It would be difficult to articulate intent and that it is a weapon unless you are engaged in some other form of jack-assery. There have been instances of a-holes attaching a padlock to a bandana as a make shift slungshot that is pretty obvious.

    FreestyleAssassin Empty Pockets

    +1 on that!

    I have BAD stories about lesser weapons!

    Be glad you live in Florida!

    paustin Loaded Pockets

    I am a police Sgt. in Northwest Florida. I don't think you have anything to worry about by carrying a monkey fist. The biggest thing law enforcement is concerned with are firearms. Outside of that you are pretty much free to carry whatever you like. I see people carrying 4+ inch blade folders, kubatons and all kinds of other stuff. Things might be different in south Florida, but I know I don't look at anything past firearms for the most part. I have made monkey fists for my friends who aren't cops and they carry them. I use marbles or steel ball bearings for the center of the ones I made.

    yam350 Loaded Pockets

    The origins of the slung shot come from the days of sail when a weighted monkey fist would be attached to the end of a heaving line so that it could be easily slung ashore to pull a heavy hawser up to moor the boat. Sailing types everywhere use them as keyrings, including me. On the loop at the end of the braid on mine I have a small marine quality bronze carabiner so it it easy to detach from my keys and actually us it as a heaving line weight (weapon).
    In Europe I have flown with it in my pocket three times in the last year with no problems and not a second look from any security.
    I make them for friends as decorative gifts with the capacity for last ditch defence, I usually weight them with a 30g/1oz fishing weight.
    So far I have never had a problem with the police when carrying mine.

    davem Loaded Pockets

    If you hit someone with a monkey fist, wouldn't you just be ******* them off? We're talking about a marble wrapped in string? That seems like it would just be annoying.

    dewildeman Loaded Pockets

    I'm talking about a 3/4 inch steel ball bearing. ;D

    But I agree, in most cases it just be a deterrant (sp), the bunch of keys on the other end would probably be more effective.

    Larwyn Loaded Pockets

    I have a monkey fist out in the shop that I made several years ago from 3/8" pull rope (the synthetic yellow crap that electricians use). I tied it around a steel ball from a ball mill, the ball is about 2 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter. I do not know what it weighs but I have destroyed some rather sturdy items with it, never used it to hit a person. It would not make a very good key chain but would be a very effective weapon.

    bouncer Loaded Pockets

    Years ago I had a steel pinball (used to be in the business) tied in a bandanna one night goofing off a a doughnut shop my girlfriend at the time worked at. I dented a steel security door with it. Those things are not toys they can cause real damage.