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Question about flying with knives

Discussion in 'Knives' started by julioroman, Oct 16, 2011.

    julioroman Loaded Pockets

    I know we're not allowed to fly with a knife in our carry on, but are we allowed to put our knives in a pouch and then into our checked baggage?

    Jbum Loaded Pockets

    Yes but I prefer to ship mine to my destination.

    ATF Loaded Pockets

    You could do that, but they may be confiscated if your bag happens to be one of the lucky ones chosen by TSA to inspect.

    Brules Loaded Pockets

    I fly at least twice a year, and always put my knives in my checked baggage with no problems. Sometimes I put the knives in the same case as my guns and have never lost one yet.

    hatchetjack EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Use a beater or one you wouldn't mind losing. I have a couple I picked up used on the sub forums for that purpose.

    wrenchy Loaded Pockets

    If you have knives important to you and you dont wanna risk loosing them. put them in a suitcase that is going into the belly of the plane, this wont work with a carry on. put a gun in the suitcase (it can even be a cheap flaregun) and go to the check in people and say you have a fire arm that youd like to checkin, they will check and they will tag it and oh will they make sure that bag is safe! i read it on gizmodo about it and it was a photographer that did it with a flare gun.

    Flying Dutchman Loaded Pockets

    I haven't had a problem putting my knives/tools in the check baggage....flying is expensive enough, but I guess ~$5 is a decent insurance policy to get your knife there safely.

    Jk-ole Empty Pockets

    I take mine off at baggage check in and be sure it's tucked way down deep in my bag. When I get my bag at pick up, I dig it out and put it right back in my pocket. No problems.

    CatfishTX Loaded Pockets

    I travel weekly for work, but RARELY check bags. If I have to, I always put my knife in my dry toiletries bag (zipper bag) or hide it in a pair of socks from overzealous screeners.

    nukehayes Loaded Pockets

    Several times I have inadvertently gotten through security with my Swiss-Tech utilikey on my keyring(its so easy to forget about), but normally at the ticket counter I just stuff my knife(s) into my checked bag.

    MWDP Banned

    It's best to store any knife you have in your checked luggage. I've tried my luck this summer flying to Egypt, and I put my SAK Alox Classic and Spyderco Tenacious between some socks in my checked luggage and everything went fine. I assume things are a bit different when flying in USA between states, I hear TSA are real Nazis

    ssmtbracer EDC Junkie!!!!!

    You mean stolen. Your allowed to put knives in your checked bags.

    Kripto Evil Sid

    Stolen is correct. I've got a collection of 5 TSA notices that were left in my bag and each time I've had something small missing when I got to my destination. I then figured out some interesting things to take care of it with.

    1. Photograph you bag insides, include a list of the items IN THE PHOTO. Print it and leave a copy in the bag.
    2. Don't check bags in HOURS before you fly. If you get to the airport within 1.5 hours of your trip, check your bag closer to when you leave. This will give the TSA less time to spend with your bag.

    Since I've done this, I've not had anything stolen from my checked luggage. Since I often travel with ham radio gear, my bags seem to attract more attention.
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    drb328 Loaded Pockets

    Usually I just throw in my check bag so they're not accessible during travel.
    Be sure th check area knife laws prior to dligjt

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    Letrow Loaded Pockets

    I just avoid it. Things get stolen from checked luggage at the airports sometimes and I wouldn't like it if that happened to one of my expensive knives.

    Zatx Loaded Pockets

    Good advice here, but the best is not to take anything you aren't willing to lose. Knives, pens, guns, etc. If you don't want to kiss it good-bye, don't take it with you.

    MWDP Banned

    This is easily avoided by wrapping your entire luggage in plastic foil, and this can be done at all airports fairly cheap. I'm not sure if it's really effective or just a marketing trick, but I'm convinced it would at least give you solid proof your luggage has been tampered with.

    blackfeathers Loaded Pockets

    this is a great idea. good tips.

    while i don't bring my good & hard-to-find items -just collateral beater items, i've still had stuff taken, including the tsa-approved lock i was using. jerks. it still sucks when you're travelling and missing said item(s) that you're still using during your trip.

    the documentation would make it easier in showing the tsa that you're keeping tabs on what they're taking, if they do. it also could help in enumerating and providing proof when filling out the reimbursement form after the trip.

    Kripto Evil Sid

    For what it's worth, don't rely on locks going through your zipper pulls. You can EASILY defeat a zipper with a screwdriver and then run the zipper back over the bag and the owner never knows their zipper was tampered with. I saw this done at a security conference last year.

    blackfeathers Loaded Pockets

    yes indeed -particularly carry-ons that tend to be more flexible than rigid.

    in my situation it was a hardshell luggage case where such a method wouldn't necessarily work the same way, but still the lock is easily defeated through other non-destructive means...

    just at this year's defcon security conference it was mentioned about defeating certain luggage combination locks using parts from rfid tags found in retail dvd cases.

    unfortunately, as flight passengers we're at the mercy of the tsa & tsa-approved locks in order to make our items searchable, while affecting the efficacy of its theft prevention.

    while essentially everything can be defeated, all we can do is figure out a multi layer security that would be good enough when we travel while being aware of such risks.