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Professional EDC

Discussion in 'Where, When, & How Do We Carry All This Stuff?' started by Trickster, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. hovaczech

    hovaczech Loaded Pockets

    Nov 20, 2006
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    :lolhammer: You are correct in your assumption that I do not carry any of the above in pocket, although I am intrigued by option C, cause that might come in handy.
    A mini-Canadian in this case refers to a fine cutting implement manufactured by Bark River Knive and Tool. About 6" overall, fixed blade(2.75" cutting surface) with a nice size handle for control. These knives never fail to amaze me in both the quality of the workmanship evident in the finished product and the scalpel sharpness they can easily be kept at.
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  2. dogtorlam

    dogtorlam Empty Pockets

    Jun 4, 2009
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    My professional EDC is a stethoscope, reflex hammer, penlight (streamlight!), pens (nothing expensive because they get lost FREQUENTLY), bandage scissors, suture scissors (Miltex), and calculator.
  3. subseasniper

    subseasniper Empty Pockets

    Dec 23, 2009
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    My current EDC is

    Maxpedition Multi Purpose Bag containing

    - Hi-vis waterproof jacket
    - Steiner Binoculars
    - Oakley half-jackets
    - Oakley cleaning kit
    - Lowe Gore-Tex hat
    - North Face e-tip gloves
    - Ordnance survey maps
    - paperwork
    - law reference manual
    - Pro-Plus
    - Ibuprofen
    - Hand sanitizing gel
    - paracord
    - chocolate bars
    - Energizer LED head torch
    - first aid kit
    - surgical gloves
    - deodorant
    - Maxpedition ED Pocket Organizer containing
    - spare notebook
    - Sharpie Pens
    - highlighter pen
    - Fisher Bullet pen
    - Moleskine notebook
    - Evidence bags/labels

    On my duty belt I carry

    - ASP in sheath
    - CS Spray in sheath
    - Maxpedition Keyper
    - Maxpedition Mini Roly-Poly
    - Gerber Suspension
    - LED Lenser P7

    Rigid cuffs and notebook are carried in pockets on my vest.
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  4. cerbera147

    cerbera147 Loaded Pockets

    Sep 4, 2009
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    Hi subseasniper,

    Do you have a pciture of your EDC including bag please? ;D

    I am interested in the Maxpedition Multi Purpose Bag and would like to see one in action.
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  5. grayman

    grayman Loaded Pockets

    Jan 23, 2010
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    This is an awesome topic and it's quite interesting to see what people from different professions carry with them on a day-to-day basis. My turn to chime in as I'm an IT Systems Analyst. On my person, my edc consists of:

    1. Surefire Delta folding knife
    2. Surefire E1L flashlight
    3. Victorinox SAK (Spartan I think)
    4. Moleskine notepad
    5. Fisher Space Pen
    6. iPhone in an Otterbox
    7. Marathon J-SAR on the wrist

    I also keep a pack with me, which usually stays in my vehicle in the parking garage at work depending on outside conditions. Its a Blackwater Go Bag with Maratac EOD bag molle attached to the front. Everything below is in the Maratac so I can quickly detach and carry it if necessary.

    1. 650 Paracord
    2. Leatherman Skeletool
    3. Surefire Z2 flashlight
    4. Poncho
    5. Emergency blanket
    6. Waterproof matches
    7. Compass
    8. Zip ties
    9. Small kit of thread, needles, bandages, duct tape, etc.
    10. Spare batteries
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  6. havz

    havz Empty Pockets

    May 15, 2009
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    I work as an Armed Security Officer at a Nuclear Power Generating Plant

    Uniform and Equipment:
    5.11 Polo Shirt
    5.11 Taclite Pants
    Magnum 8" Stealth Force Side Zip Boot
    Blackhawk Nylon rig (Drop Leg Holster, Cuff Case, Radio Case, Pistol Mag Case, Pepper Spray Case, Key Holder....)
    5.11 Tactical TAC-A Glove
    Surefire G2
    Rifle (Opsec)
    Pistol (Opsec)
    Ammo (Opsec)
    Gerber Multi-tool

    Kershaw Ken Onion Leek
    Gerber Artifact
    550 Cord Lanyard with Skull on the end
    Timex Expedition
    LG EnV Touch

    Tactical Gear Medium Modular Style Assault Pack: (Contents listed Below)
    Stainless Steel Water Bottle
    Stainless Steel "La Police Gear" Coffee Mug
    Tad Gear Titanium Spork
    Bic Lighter
    Chap stick
    Sharpie - Black
    Advantek Thumb Print - 4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver
    Petzel Locking Carabineer
    2 Gig Thumb Drive
    Sony Head Phones
    Phone Charger
    Various Pens
    (2) Grimlocks
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  7. gcbailey

    gcbailey Loaded Pockets

    Dec 19, 2009
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    Were the guns resultant of 9/11 Homeland Sec. or always like that?
  8. havz

    havz Empty Pockets

    May 15, 2009
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    There have always been guns in Nuclear Security. After 9/11 they were just "Updated". ;)
  9. gcbailey

    gcbailey Loaded Pockets

    Dec 19, 2009
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    That's what I figured, "additions and modifications"
  10. TempestV

    TempestV Loaded Pockets

    Nov 16, 2009
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    Here's my tool belt:
    [img width=640 height=480]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g290/tempestv/DSC00042.jpg[/img]
    [img width=640 height=480]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g290/tempestv/DSC00043.jpg[/img]
  11. gcbailey

    gcbailey Loaded Pockets

    Dec 19, 2009
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    Tempest - is that belt leather/nylon? My dad's father was a finish carpenter for 30+ years and swore by his 30+ year old new zealand leather belt. It was probably the softest leather I've ever saw for as thick as it was...
  12. TempestV

    TempestV Loaded Pockets

    Nov 16, 2009
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    That's kind of an old picture, and I've updated it a bit since then. In the picture it's all nylon. I'm using the same pouches, but I've since switched to a heavy leather belt and Occidental Leather sheepskin lined belt pads. Of course, the stuff in the belt changes depending on the task. Maybe I'll get an updated picture today.
  13. gcbailey

    gcbailey Loaded Pockets

    Dec 19, 2009
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    just noticed, what kind of cats claw is that on the bottom picture? It looks like it has a razor hook on it. Haven't seen that before...
  14. pleeho

    pleeho Loaded Pockets

    Nov 24, 2009
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    I'm a hospital doctor.

    My work EDC:

    1)R pants pocket - keys/ring: MaratecAA, tweezers, TnT usb8gb, TiWhistle, Peanutlighter, PicowidgyBar, InkaTi, BisonTube:pills, nanoStrykr, SquirtP4.
    2)R pants pocket clipped: Spyderco Caly 3 VG-10 (resists blood stains), or Spyderco Pacific Salt in H1 (on-call)
    3)R rear pocket: SpecOps THE wallet (love it)
    4)L pants pocket: cellphone: Centro (meh) - epocratesRx, contact list, schedules/calendars, patientData/lab/billing program, camera, clocks/alarms etc on Centro.
    5)on Belt (Spec-Ops BDU): hated Pager, usually another even more hated Pager worn also when on-call
    6)on L breast pocket of dress shirt (or scrub shirt when on-call): attached to reel/clip: my ID/access badge
    6)L breast pocket, white coat: Streamlight Pro (love it)
    7)L breast pocket, white coat: 2 disposable clicker pens (usu Pilot G2s, but prefer Uniball 207s - these are provided by my department)
    8)R pocket, white coat: Rx pads, biz cards, current antibiotic sensitivity charts on a card, Walmart $4 Rx list in a small booklet
    9)L pocket, white coat: Littman3100 scope (love it)

    My hands are my ruler/measurement devices (e.g. dist betw my L 5th PIJ & DIJ is 1cm, 1 hand span is 22cm, etc.)
    Socks: absolutely prfer Smartwool PhDs
    Shoes: some kind of dress shoes with gripping rubber soles
    Hospital nurses, secretaries, therapists, ancillary staff - they do all the work, I'm just the gatherer/transmitter of information
    handwash, gloves, masks, gowns, kits etc. are always available all around me.
  15. TempestV

    TempestV Loaded Pockets

    Nov 16, 2009
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    It's made by dead on tools. That particular one is junk because of the way that the claws are designed. They slope a lot, and tend to slip off the nail pretty easy. I've since swapped it out for the next larger size, which has slightly different claws that work really good. I wish they would put the good claws on the smaller bar, because the larger one is a bit too big. The built in saw wrench is handy, but the dimpler is useless, as is the bottle opener (not only because I've long since dropped the belt by time I'm opening beers, but also because I tried it once just to see if it worked, and it doesn't.)
  16. Krustofski

    Krustofski Loaded Pockets

    Oct 23, 2009
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    I've allready posted my "professional edc" here.

    And such info is why I love this forum so much. :D
    I guess some astronauts may replace the SAK with a small multitool (like a leatherman juice) nowadays. Pliers make sense in an enviroment where your survival depends on functioning electrical systems.
  17. gcbailey

    gcbailey Loaded Pockets

    Dec 19, 2009
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    Love the statement on your EDC page: "- Utility knife. Cheap snap-off blade thingy. For slashing and gutting poor little guinea pigs. Since we don't have any of those, I just use it for packaging, tubes, and wire."
  18. Buzzcut

    Buzzcut Loaded Pockets

    Jan 10, 2010
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    Park Ranger in an urban park.

    My work EDC is almost identical to my non-work EDC, posted here.

    In fact, it was my desire to figure out how to carry a mini-FAK at work that got me started with EDCF and its ilk. I then decided that all the stuff was useful to have with me outside of work. And so here I am... :)

    At work, I do add a few items:
    Radio on a belt clip
    Business cards (I like getting emails/pics from the visitors I meet at work).
    "Cheat Sheets"--little reference sheets I made and laminated myself. One lists key telephone extensions at work (for when the radio fails). Another has key stats about the park. The last lists the heights (in feet and meters) and stats of other landmarks/buildings/bridges in the area (very common visitor questions).

    I'm also on the park's SAR team, which involves high-angle urban rescue gear. :stretcher: My personal gear for that isn't much different than a typical climber/caver--climbing harness, helmet, gloves, carabiners, prussik loops, spare rope, etc.
  19. DragonRider

    DragonRider Loaded Pockets

    Sep 20, 2006
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    IT Manager/SysAdmin

    Enough people asked what I carried I just made the list awhile ago and only had to update a few things.

    Part of the reason I carry so much is normally when I leave for work at 7, I dont get home till 9 after Hapkido.

    RFront, Strider SMF
    LFront, LeatherMan Charge, Plastic Badge Carrier contains, proxy card, work badge, 1 business card, work keys, 30 inch 550 cord lanyard to belt, mini biner
    RRear, SpecOps theWallet, contains a fresenal lense, plus the usual things, ccw license, 45 inch 550 cord
    LRear, NiteCore D10, w/ rechargable, Bandana

    2 o'clock beltloop, personal keys, pill capsule w 4 tylenol/4 advil, Arc light, Util-key, safety pin
    3 o'clock, Glock 19, when allowed, ~80% of the time
    7 o'clock, spare mag, belt loop has biner connected to badge carrier
    11 o'clock, Crackberry Bold

    Shirt, 1 Fountain, 1 Ball point

    Normally wearing a TNF Denali vest
    RChest, Shure Headphones, bluetooth headset
    LChest, either iPhone 2G/or Touch, spare contacts, chapstick

    Boots 99% of the time
    Smart Wool Socks


    Backpack, TNF Surge
    Laptop Section
    Dell XPS 1340

    Main Section
    1 320 GB hard drive, various files and gold images, 10 movies or so
    1 CoolPad
    1 PSU, operates both personal and work systems
    1 Eagle Creek Pack it Half Cube
    USB Squid, 4 ports, 1 5 pin mini for BB/hard drives
    8 inch iPhone cable
    iGo Car Charger
    iGo AC Adapter
    iGo USB charge cable
    iGo 2 AA/AAA charger
    iGo tips for BB, ipod, Sony Reader, micro usb, mini usb
    3 Enloop AA batteries
    Logitech NX80 mouse/w rechargable AAA
    1 USB to DB9
    1 Console Cable
    Safety pin on zipper pull

    1 Country Comm Dipolmat Pouch
    1 Technicians Screwdriver
    3 hex wrenches
    1 Wiha precision phillips 00
    1 double ended Sharpie, Black
    1 Silver Sharpie
    Pentel .05mm pencil
    2 Highlighters
    6 inch usb extenstion dongle
    6 Flash drives, bootable tools, file transfer, etc
    1 Iron Key, 2 GB
    2 4 GB
    2 2 GB
    1 8 GB
    2 SD card readers
    4 SD cards, bootable tools, file transfer, etc
    2 4 GB
    1 8 GB
    1 16 GB
    1 CF card reader
    1 32 mb, yes megabyte card

    1 24 Disc Wallet, Red
    MS Win XP Pro
    Dell XP Pro
    Dell XP 64 bit
    MS Win 7 Pro 64 Bit
    Dell Win 7 Pro 64 Bit
    Del Win 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
    Dell Vista Pro 64 Bit
    Dell VIsta Ultimate 64 Bit
    MS Win Server 2003 32 Bit
    MS Win Server 2003 64 Bit
    MS Win Server 2008 64 Bit
    CentOS 5.4 64 Bit
    CentOS 5.4 32 Bit
    Gentoo 64 Bit
    RHEL 5.4 32 Bit
    RHEL 5.4 64 Bit
    Fedora 12
    Open SUSE 64 Bit
    VMWare ESXi 4.0
    VMWare ESX 3.5
    DISA Gold Disc
    Free NAS
    Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop 64 Bit
    Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop 64 Bit

    1 24 Disc Wallet Tools, Blue
    Windows Ultimate Boot Disc
    Kon Boot
    G-Parted Live CD
    CloneZilla Live
    Partition Magic
    Acronis True Image Rescue
    Knoppix 6.0
    Hiren's Boot CD
    ProduKey/Magical JellyBean
    Operator 3.2
    BackTrack 4
    BackTrack 3
    Nubuntu 8.12
    5 blank CD
    4 blank DVD

    14 ft patch cable
    1 5x8 note pad
    6 ft HDMI cable
    mostly used up roll of 3M Blue Painters Tape

    2nd Pocket
    1 Sony PRS-505 Ebook Reader
    1 Bandana

    Back Pocket
    1 SuperLooper
    2 Pens
    1 Pentel Pencil
    RGB to DVI Adapter
    Kensington Cable Lock
    Business cards
    1 Tide-to-Go
    1 Niteize headband
    Mechanix MRT Gloves

    Side Holder
    1 Nagalene water bottle

    Bottom/Hidden Pocket
    8 foot extenstion cable with 3 outlet bananna, orange
    1 3 outlet adapter, orange

    Targus Neoprene laptop case, black
    1 pen
    1 highlighter
    Dell Latitude E6500
    Business cards
    5-10 sheets of paper

    Stored in car, changed out every 2 months or when worn, stored in plastic box in trunk
    Button down shirt
    Pair of black shoes
    black socks
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  20. Trickster

    Trickster Loaded Pockets

    Oct 24, 2007
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    Now that's what I call a mobile work place... Nice setup. I used similar gear when I worked as an intern in IT support, but I only worked at one office so it was more or less neatly stacked away in several cupboards.