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Previously Coveted EDC items

Discussion in 'General EDC Discussion' started by gdwtvb, Aug 9, 2020.

  1. godcode

    godcode Loaded Pockets

    Aug 8, 2008
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    Maxpud esp the Jumbo Versipack also was one of my early coveted items together with CountyComm/Atwood stuff, TAD Gear backpack and a USN patch.
    I got me a cheap 'airsoft' quality knockoff of the Jumbo Versipack, which later was replace by the 5.11 PUSH Pack.

    Currently, I am coveting a HSP Flatpack Plus. I think its the simplicity of the design and the good look of the bag that makes me want to have one as a laptop bag. Price is too steep for me though.

    almost forgot, I also coveted the Surefire Defender 6p with a custom crown.
  2. Benton629

    Benton629 Loaded Pockets

    Jun 27, 2020
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    I covet everything theFrank posts....
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  3. twin63

    twin63 Loaded Pockets

    Oct 2, 2009
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    Same here! Especially the Northwoods Bullet Jack..............
  4. tbzbbt

    tbzbbt Loaded Pockets

    Jun 11, 2016
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    “Buy on emotion and justify with fact”. Things I’ve coveted, rationalised, bought. And never used:
    1. Hazard 4 Plan B sling pack. Dreadful unless you carry cans of beans shapes around.
    2. Maxpedition Falcon 2. Hard. Scratchy. Uncomfortable.
    3. Spyderco Delica. Worthy but dull. Surpassed in interest by knives such as Chaparral and , PM2 and Pingo.
    4. Leatherman Surge. Too big. Wave is better with Sweet spot size.
    5. Knipex set of 6 ESD pliers and cutters. Excellent professional tools, but not been (Workin) on the tools for years.
    6. Helle hunting knife. Beautiful object but not a go-to knife.
    7. Tombow carbon fibre fountain pen, ballpoint and pencil. Supercool but too delicate.
    8. Leica 1600R Laser Ranger. Intended for boat use, but binos.better.
    9. CRKT wharncliff neckknife. Great little cutter but unable to wear it !
    10. COVRT 18 bag from 5.11. Too covert and plain. Doesn’t stand out :)

    Many irrational purchases in there....
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  5. MedusaOblongata

    MedusaOblongata Loaded Pockets

    Jul 24, 2007
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    I'm a shopper. I like to shop as a hobby and buying things makes me feel good, especially if those things tell me I'll have an adventure, be an admirable person, or allow me to do the things I want one day to do. Forums like this one show me all kinds of things I haven't bought yet that may help me achieve my goals of being the person I dream of being if I just have the right stuff and then do the right stuff with it. I'm not 100% convinced it works, but I still buy a lot of stuff.

    Thing is, though, at this moment I've got more expendable income than I used to, and I buy less (correlation? coincidence?). That's partially because I've already bought such good stuff that new stuff isn't really better, so compared to the excessively vast collection of toys I've got, new ones don't look so shiny or promising anymore. This is a little bit depressing, since my gear shopping hobby is less active than it could be.

    Much of the gear that EDCF has convinced me I need is designed for fighting (which I never do), camping (which I rarely do, and have gear for), surviving incredibly rare events (and I've got what I think I'll get for that), and making it conveniently though common situations with basic functional gear (which I've basically got nailed thanks to you guys and your suggestions, ideas, and reviews), so I browse the forum looking for temptation, and don't find much. There's a great line from Leonard Cohen "I was fighting with temptation, but I didn't want to win. A man like me doesn't like to see temptation giving in" (he may have been talking about something more fun than shopping).

    County Comm is a perfect example of a location that tempts with all of its goodies (mostly affordable), but almost none of them are necessary. I put 12 things in my cart, and I'm looking for one more that I need so the rest can be add-ons, but there's not a single thing I need. so I delete the thing. I've done this dozens of times.

    (edited to add: Just for context, I've been EDCing with forum influence for just over 20 years (started at Bladeforums before here) and I don't have any safe queens, duplicates, and I don't "collect" the way some do wanting a complete collection or every color of a certain knife ever made, and special editions don't mean anything significant to me.)

    The last few years most of my energy has been in doing leatherwork, though, which allows me to buy a bunch of gear (but I've got most of it now) and then spend as much time as I have making things (which I really like to do), and using the gear I've bought (which I like a lot), and when I get the hankering to go buy something, I buy leather, which then stares at me and tells me to make more stuff and use it up so I can buy more. Overall, I'm really happy with this hobby, and it came in at the right time, because I don't need more knives, flashlights, multi-tools, backpacks, etc., at the moment.

    When I find a good deal on lizard, alligator, or bison, though, I can still make my credit card cry ;)
    #25 MedusaOblongata, Sep 30, 2020
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2020
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  6. echo victor

    echo victor Previously "YankeeHotelFoxtrot"

    Mar 16, 2010
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    very well said! I agree with your sentiment and find myself buying less now, because I bought well earlier and I am not finding too much that I need anymore.
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  7. FlaRider

    FlaRider Loaded Pockets

    Oct 2, 2008
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    Like most on this forum it seems that packs and knives have been bought and sold by me on a regular basis over the years. I don't collect knives and like to use what I buy. However, sometimes I pay too much for a knife because I like it for one reason or another and then don't want to use it after I receive it because of the price. Then it sits for awhile and I decide I won't use it because of the price and then I decide to sell. Of course, when it gets sold I take a loss.
    The same goes for packs that I buy for one reason or another and don't use. I seem to stick with what I have been using rather than change it out. So the packs get sold once again at a loss. This seems to be the cycle that I have been in for awhile. I have now made a serious effort to just look and not buy.
    Like Medusa above I have also taken up leather working in the last couple of years. With that hobby comes the need to have a bunch of tools to do the job and make it easier to complete projects. There is always that one tool that would make this particular project easier to complete and nicer. You hope that you can use that tool again multiple times in order to make the expense worthwhile however it does not always work that way.
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  8. Bad Company

    Bad Company Loaded Pockets

    Feb 15, 2015
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    I used to covet all these $500 custom titanium flashlights sold on CPF. Unfortunately, I don't see the utility in buying these now. I'm trying to save as much money now. We don't know what will happen...
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  9. gdwtvb

    gdwtvb Loaded Pockets

    Sep 20, 2006
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    Once upon a time I was big on CPF too. Ended up with three or four Surefire lights. This was quite some time ago when they were just making the first 1 watt LED emitters, and thirty lumens out of an LED was big stuff. My vintage SF lights were still in demand when I sold them seven or eight years ago. I still have an arc aaa floating around someplace...

    I haven't found a compelling reason to trade up from my Zebralight sc52 that's what? Seven years old or therabouts. It still works great more than enough light and runtime on Nimh AA batteries.

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  10. plumberroy

    plumberroy Loaded Pockets

    Nov 11, 2012
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    I have a wicker basket full of knives. That I thought I would like better than what I was carrying but I end up using SAK's Mora's and Opinels. The only big knife I use regularly was given to me by someone on another forum a BK-10 another member of that forum sent me a kydex sheath for it. I have a 20 gallon tote full of camping cookware I donated another 20 tote of camping cookware to a local Cub scout pack. I have another tote full of camping stoves . 8 bicycles 3 that are $900-$1800
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  11. aicolainen

    aicolainen Loaded Pockets

    Jan 7, 2017
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    Very true. Very wise.
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