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Pointers to a Reasonable price and functional first aid kit

Discussion in 'Other Every Day Carry Items' started by weylan, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. weylan

    weylan Loaded Pockets

    Aug 3, 2006
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    I am an emergency trouble magnet. I am not an EMT or fire. Just a used to be lifeguard.

    I have been first on seen for multiple accidents with
    compound fractures
    gunshot wound

    I have been in multiple Natural disasters. Including
    And down trees.
    Been in a building during
    Plane crash (plane ran into the building I was in)
    Gas explosion

    With this in mind, I thought for the piece of mind of the group of people I travel with, I want to be prepared for a few emergencies if possible.

    I travel a fair distance to and from work, 35 miles one way and commute with multiple people every day in different cars, and I am creating a bailout bag and want to start with a firstaid kit to carry in the car for us.

    I am going to be adding a ton of stuff to the bailout bag for emergency use, since the bag just moves from car to car, but does not have to come in to work. But it does need to have a reasonably useful kit. Since usually the use of the kit may be used for others and I can add extra stuff to the kit, I would like a good kit to start with that has much of the things I will use already in the kit.

    I will also be adding some other things and you would not believe how far a roll of vinyl tape goes in the kit along with some super glue.

    I would love some suggestions of places and kits to get a first aid kit as a start. It does not have to be super small since it will live in a bag in the car mostly until needed. I could make it my self if someone has a list, but I thought most of the stuff in a kit might be more realistic because it was gathered together rather then me trying to get all the individual packs.
  2. Blackheart

    Blackheart Loaded Pockets

    Sep 25, 2006
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    It's hard to go wrong with a kit from Adventure Medical Kits. Maybe something like their Fundamentals kit.

    I think you've got the right idea: Start with a pre-made kit and add or subtract as your needs dictate. It's a lot cheaper that way. Purchasing everything separately, as you would if you were starting from scratch, really starts to add up.

    Make sure the bag that the kit is in has room for some additions. That's my one hesitation with the AMK kits, the bag is pretty closely designed around the contents that they chose.

    If you check this thread, you can see the list of contents for a kit that I put together for carrying in the vehicle. I came up with this list by comparing the recommendations of many reputable sources (one was the American Red Cross) and then eliminating (mostly) any overlap.
  3. Mark123

    Mark123 Empty Pockets

    Mar 11, 2007
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    Wow Weylan,

    Given everything you've experienced, it seems like you'd be telling us what should go in the kit. ;D

    I agree with the previous post. It's amazing how cheaply you can buy a pretty decent first-aid kit at a regular store like Walmart or Eckerds. To give it some juice you can add Celox, extra medications, sutures, 1-2 bandanas, compresses, and some type of tourniquet item.

    Just my two cents.
  4. marvin

    marvin Empty Pockets

    Sep 26, 2007
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  5. dowtech

    dowtech Loaded Pockets

    Feb 11, 2007
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    +1 on the Adventure Medical Kits -- very well thought out. Though I must say, the AB kits look interesting.
  6. rdb

    rdb Empty Pockets

    Oct 3, 2007
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    Sheesh, sounds like you need to carry a crash kit around with you. . . ;)

    Seriously though the AMK and AB kits are nice. Look through them and find one that fits your needs. If one doesn't, look at the contents and make a list of which you think you might need and build your own. There are tons of things you can use as the bag, and any drug store will have the fillings for it.

    My daughter is allergic to nuts, so we carry epi pens and benadryl everywhere. I found a decent first aid kit in a Walgreens for around $20 that holds the two epi pens, a bottle of benadryl w/syringe to administer it with some room to spare. Nice bright red bag, water resistant nylon with a white cross on it. Roughly 8x6x3 in dimensions. I wanted something that LOOKED like a medical kit in case I had to tell someone else to get it out of my bag. I added a couple of small zip loc type bags, and will replace the plastic tweezers in it with decent metal ones at some point. Other than that it has your standard type stuff, bandages, knuckle bandages, gauze pads and wrap, ace type bandage, shears, etc... etc...

  7. illusion

    illusion Loaded Pockets

    Jun 13, 2007
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    I just have to ask, how are you ending up in this situations all the time?? ;)