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Pocket Briefcase combined with a Pocket Protector?

Discussion in 'Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, and Notebook Covers' started by Jubal, Apr 30, 2009.

    Jubal Loaded Pockets

    I decided to post this in this subforum because it relates to both writing utensils and 3x5 cards even if it isn't specifically about them. If mods want to move this somewhere else, feel free.

    I am looking for a combination of a shirt pocket briefcase / business jotter for 3x5 index cards with a pocket protector to hold 6 pens or so. Whether in the pocket or in the hand, having these 2 items combined makes sense to me. The pen pocket(s) could either be a single pocket that they all fit in, or several pockets each for a single pen.

    I have seen several pocket briefcases with a single mini pen pocket, which is good, but I EDC 6 writing instruments already anyhow.

    Yellow Highlighter
    Sharpie (hopefully a stainless steel sharpie soon)
    Zebra 701
    Mars Staedtler Leadholder
    Alvin Draft/Matic 0.7mm
    Pentel Clic Eraser

    Each of these have a specific purpose, can't seem to justify getting rid of any of them. =)

    I have been doing the 3x5 card organization stuff for a little while but it only takes one drop to make it just a big pile of cards. I like the simplicity of the pocket briefcases, but it would be nice to find a solution for my writing utensils as well.

    While I am "wishing", it would be nice if its made from black ballistic nylon. Doesn't scuff like leather, but still looks presentable in front of the boss ;)

    Does anybody have any suggestions or ideas?
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    Jubal Loaded Pockets

    Its funny you should mention that, it was actually that review that got me thinking about the same problem. =)

    I think that his solution works, but there are some features of a pocket briefcase that would be nice.

    Levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcase

    The flat writing surface with flaps to keep the card in place being the notable difference. A side pocket or two are great for organization of cards.

    now if that was combined with something like this on the back

    Raine Inc. Pen/Pencil Holder

    Keeping notecards and my writing utensils together makes some sense. Just wondering if any manufacturers have had a similar idea ;)

    mrsean2k Empty Pockets

    I thought I'd take a few snaps of the sort of setup you have in mind, see if there was any way an unmodified urban wallet would fit the bill.

    First of all, I'm now carrying a hipster with cut down 3x4 cards in the wallet. This works for me as I don't have an "investment" in a current system using 3x5's, I just want a no-fuss way of taking notes.

    Second, another user has a modified version that dispenses with the zip and adds a pen slot. I've now ordered an identical version as it's a great idea.

    The first pic is the standard double slot with 6 writing implements in there. Two Zebra ballpoints, a Zebra F301, a Pilot V5, a random promotional pen, and a yellow marker with built-in mini post-it notes (quite bulky)

    These were all easy enough to get in and out, despite the grips being rubber on some of them. One thing is that the slot is too shallow to engage the grips for most pens, but there's about 0.5 - 0.75 inch extra space to accomodate deeper slots.

    [img width=570 height=640]http://seani.justemail.net/edc/0905/hip-penside.jpg[/img]

    This is the hipster side. I've chopped down a couple of pink 6x4 cards to 3x5 so you can see how far proud they stand from the slot. Plenty of space horizontally, and the modified version with no zip, just one large slot would be neater:

    [img width=591 height=640]http://seani.justemail.net/edc/0905/hip-cardside.jpg[/img]

    Finally, the wallet and contents:

    [img width=640 height=426]http://seani.justemail.net/edc/0905/hip-contents.jpg[/img]

    Also remember there's a central zipped compartment for other bits and pieces.

    The no-brainer mods for your purposes would be:

    1) Make the wallet itself aroung 0.75 inch longer with a corresponding increase in pocket depth. This would let everything sit a bit more comfortably

    2) Divide the double slot side into 3 slots. That would let you have 2 pens per slot or something similar.

    No idea how much extra that would cost if it was possible, but you get the idea.

    Lacks the elegance of the leather versions, but might suit.



    JN Loaded Pockets

    Those cargo pant organizers seemed to be along the lines of what you are looking for, except that they might just be too tactical for office use. There are plenty of threads on them in edcforums.
    Here's one Post your County Comm organizers
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    jag-engr Semper Bufo!

    Jubal, have you ever considered trying to fabricate one yourself?

    If you can get something similar to the Pocket Briefcase in black nylon, you could just stitch a broad piece of elastic on the bac and sew in down in two or five places. My best guess would be to try Target or an office supply store.

    Jubal Loaded Pockets

    Much Appreciated! Bill's urban wallet is good looking product, I see how the alterations you suggest would be a benefit for my needs. I am just not sure I want to give up the nice platform for writing on. I often like to sketch ideas.

    I have given these a bit of thought as well. The closest these come to fitting my needs are the Compact (4" x 5") BDU organizer from VooDoo Tactical which is pretty low quality build and the Spec-Ops Shoulder Pocket Wallet which has a $40 price tag. As you note both of these options are a bit more tactical than the 'look' I would like.

    My hunt is on for just such a nylon pocket briefcase. I have spent time at the local staples and office depot, but so far no luck. My search-fu has proven weak on finding one on the net, anybody know of one?

    I was amazed that I can't even find something like a standard, single pocket, pocket protector made out of nylon anywhere on the net.

    At this point I think I will order one of the levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcases off of ebay. Gives me a chance to actually use one, and take measurements if I decided to attempt constructing my own.

    Thanks for the help guys!

    _STL_15_ Loaded Pockets

    I carry a Buxton Pocket organizer. It's prolly the size you want but its wont help with the pen storage.
    Good Luck with your search.