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Photo dump, cause I'm so freaking excited. *gearhead alert*

Discussion in 'Show us pics of your EDC!' started by HoldingAces, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. HoldingAces

    HoldingAces Empty Pockets

    Jun 1, 2017
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    So I've been an EDC fan for many years, over a decade. I have gone from a Rush 12, to a 5.11 Range Bag, to a VooDoo Tactical, to a Maxpedition, to a GoRuck1, to a CamelBak, to a 5.11 Moab 10, and finally I've returned to my first love, the Rush 12. And for the first time ever it is so close to d@mned perfect I'm about to lose my mind. Forgive the length of this post, I am nerding out like crazy.

    So it's composed of two stages: Get Home Bag and EDC bag. The difference is the heaviest components of the GHB stay in my vehicle, and the EDC bag comes with me into my office, the station, on the road, basically most places. These first three pics are the GHB configuration which takes less than 60 seconds to attach and go. And yes, those are coyote tan 5.11 compression straps I had leftover from the MOAB 10. I need black ones, but I don't think they look half bad either.




    The water bottle (Stainless Steel Klean Kanteen 20oz with a HydroFlask flip-top spout) and the axe (Gerber Downrange Tomahawk) stay in the driver's side door of my work vehicle. I'm never far from it. The water bottle is stainless so as to provide a boiling vessel if need be. The tomahawk is the perfect urban breaching tool as well as personal defense weapon. It was sharpened to a razor edge with an "axe grind" which leaves the meat of the blade behind the edge to resist dulling and provide the maximum amount of kinetic energy.

    Here is the EDC variant which like I said merely drops the two items above.



    And now to the goodies. Keep in mind several things:

    1) I am a trained, active duty professional and certified in the use of ALL medical equipment contained herein.

    2) The Rush 12 is laid out so well that everything placed inside the pack still allows me to use the MAJORITY of the main pocket and the MAJORITY of the admin pocket. I couldn't ask for better organization.

    3) This is again a nerdy, overly enthusiastic post by a 30yo man who never grew up and still loves toys.

    First, the tease. For those of you familiar with the Rush 12's compartments, here is everything contained in the back hydration pocket and top microfiber glasses pouch:


    Top to Bottom:

    Hydration Pocket
    -Becker BK2 w/handles removed and replaced with a double width paracord wrap. The sheath needs replacement, but it will suffice right now.
    - Four 55 gallon construction duty barrel liners for shelter purposes.
    - Four emesis bags (barf bags) for either barfing or collecting water runoff (not both).
    - Disposable water resistant blanket for shelter purposes

    Sunglasses Pouch
    -ID for part-time job
    -Badge for part-time job
    -Nameplate for part-time job

    Note the paracord wrap on the Rush 12 handle. That gives me approximately 10ft of spare cordage.

    Now for the meat and potatoes:


    ***Sorry had to clean the drool off my keyboard***

    Anyways...continuing from the left side. Water bottle (GHB config only) and 16ft of paracord. The cord is wrapped and will not unravel if snagged; it is permanently threaded through the left-hand side exterior molle and secured in place with an S-biner.


    All remaining items directly to the left of the pack are contained in the main compartment within the drawstring pouch
    -Mechanix M-Pact Coyote Gloves (worth their weight in gold fyi, one of my most heavily advocated-for EDC items!!!)
    -Raincoat pullover/windbreaker. Lightweight, compact and surprisingly warm
    -Bluetooth wireless earbuds (for PT)
    -Spare straw for water bottle, can double as tubing
    -12" steel crowbar (as a former truckie I pride myself on being able to break an anvil with a rubber mallet, between this piece and the tomahawk I can breach just about anything I could ever NEED to in a sh-tf situation)
    -Bandanna which serves to wrap the crowbar to prevent interior wear and tear on the pack.
    -Blowout kit (trauma shears, 6" Israeli bandage, ratcheting tourniquet, 28f and 30f nasal airway, 14g and 10g decompression needles, two petroleum gauze occlusive dressings, six 6" strips of duct tape, permanent marker)

    Moving on.


    All items directly below the pack are kept in the two zippered pouches inside the main compartment.

    In the top zippered pouch

    Bottom zippered pouch
    -Red gel pen
    -Black gel pen
    -Black sharpie
    -Black XL sharpie
    -2x pocket notepads
    -Unopened contact solution/eyewash
    -Spare contacts case
    -Black diamond headline (s.o.b. is bright yo!)
    -Streamlight Pro-Tac AAA flashlight (also bright af!)
    -SOG spring assisted folder w/seatbelt cutter (backup blade)
    -Bic lighter
    -Magnesium fire starter with included serrated blade (Harbor Freight for $2.89!)
    -15 feet of Gorilla Duct Tape rolled around paracord loop.

    Last but not least.


    All items to the right of the tomahawk are kept in the front two pockets EXCEPT the IFAK circled in red. Those go into that small black zippered pouch and is kept loose in the main compartment for an easy grab.

    -Pill bottle w/assorted NSAID's namely tylenol, ibuprofen and aleve
    -4 pairs nitrile gloves
    -Dozen or so bandaids
    -Triple antibiotic ointment w/pain and itch relief
    -Two 4x4 gauze pads
    -2 ace bandages for either wound dressing or (more commonly) joint injuries

    Top front zippered pouch
    -Prescribed medicine
    -Pepto bismol (bad gut)

    Admin (front bottom) pocket
    -Hand sanitizer
    -Contact solution/eye flush (opened)
    -Spare contacts
    -Contact rewetting drops
    -Work MiFi w/charging cord)
    -Spare AAA batteries for streamlight
    -Imodium (like I said, bad gut, plus diarrhea in a sh-tf situation can be lethal!)
    -Red gel pen
    -Black gel pen
    -Two emergency blankets for shelter/warmth

    And there you have it! If you've made it this far congrats. Any questions are welcome, and I always appreciate feedback!
  2. BladeCommander

    BladeCommander Loaded Pockets

    Sep 23, 2016
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    Nice load out.
    Gave me some inspiration for my Rush 12 pack.
    I especially like the toothbrush, paste, and razor idea. Very handy items to have.
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  3. CIVSD

    CIVSD Loaded Pockets

    Sep 25, 2017
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    Very nice setup and you did a good job of presenting everything. I'm impressed!
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  4. cole3418

    cole3418 Loaded Pockets

    Oct 9, 2013
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    Nice set up!! And wow that is a lot of bags to go through! I have been using the same backpack for 14 years
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