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Pet Peeve III: New York.

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by jda, Nov 9, 2012.

    jda Loaded Pockets

    Do I need to elaborate?

    on a semi auto post ban firearm with a detatchable mag you can have one of the following - Pistol grip,threaded barrel, folding and/or collapsable stock, bayo lug, grenade launcher (think yugo sks type)

    Since I most ar and ak type firearms have a pistol grip ~

    Stock cannot colapse, but there is no regulation on stock length.
    So I can have a stock the same length as a collapsed 6pos. stock as long as it cannot move.
    But I cant have a std. stock 6pos. stock.
    (the shoulder thingy that goes up)

    We can not have a thread bbl.
    But we can pin a muzzle brake.

    No bayo lug. (Didnt you hear about all those drive by bayonetings?)
    No flash hider, must be a muzzle brake.

    We can have >10rd mags made september 10 1994 but not made on sept. 12th 1994
    (The new ones are soo much more dangerious, I heard they can kill you while you sleep.
    It really is for our own good, the gov't needs to protect us from ourselves.)

    They tried to ban .50 cal rifles, b/c they were too large.
    But I would need a license to buy a handgun, because they are too small.
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    Gnarly Loaded Pockets

    Last man out: bring the American Flag.
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    Ktowngunner Loaded Pockets

    Well said.

    kertap75 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Weapon laws hardly ever make sense to those that understand fire arms. They are not really intended to make people safer. They are intended to make people FEEL safer. If you understand that, then you will begin to understand why some of out laws are so F'ed up.
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    xj5x Loaded Pockets

    None of the east coast laws make any sense. You can own full auto but not short, and noway can you own anything with a surpressed.

    Mudinyeri Loaded Pockets

    Get used to it. Feinstein (Democrat from Commiefornia) was re-elected and intends to push for a new "assault" weapons ban.

    Idaho Gunslinger Loaded Pockets

    Recommended that you are NOT the last man out. They will probably need a squad with them to do an Australian Peel maneuver to get out.
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    jemhouston Loaded Pockets

    There is a body of opinion that purpose of gun control isn't to prevent crime, but to keep those in power in power by keeping the rabble disarmed.

    Given what I know of the history on the subject, I not ready to disagree with that statement.
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    amacman Loaded Pockets

    Criminals are known to keep extensive records of the manufacturers dates of their magazines.

    Auto deaths in the US outnumber firearms fatalities by an average of 25%, yet we let 15 and 16 year olds drive cars.

    Accidental drownings in home pools kill more kids than accidental home shootings.

    I think I may start a company making wooden accessories for ARs to make them more acceptable.
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    DBR Loaded Pockets

    It's totally transparent. The problem is, people don't want to believe the truth right in front of their face. The truth is disgusting and it's frightening in the extreme...to think that people could be so cutthroat about this, but they are. The upper echelon of people in the gun control movement are not trying to prevent crime and they are not trying to prevent tragedies from suicides or negligence/accidents. The so-called liberal intelligentsia have been calling for gun control for decades now while simultaneously lobbying for the criminal element. You need only read the works of people like Dr. Karl Menninger to figure out what the deal is.
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    jim from california Loaded Pockets

    Criminals will get guns from blackmarket sources,it doesnt matter whatever gun law is in place,preventing us from defending ourselves should be its own crime....
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    DBR Loaded Pockets

    The criminals are a tool of the people who wish to control the populace. Can anyone possibly figure out how a man like Bloomberg can, with a straight face, condemn gun ownership for self-defense when he, like so many other politicians, have armed security? It's a joke and only unintelligent or perhaps delusional people believe him and all like him. They know that a lot of people are just stupid or gullible and they exploit it.

    They use the criminal element to exploit it. When they are not creating a crisis so they can offer a solution to it. That's what happened with the "Fast and Furious" program the government had going on with gun shops. Any IMBECILE can figure out that a MULTIMILLIONAIRE Mexican "Drug Lord" doesn't have to get a SEMI-AUTOMATIC firearm from a gun shop in the U.S. They can go on the INTERNATIONAL ARMS MARKET and buy FULLY-AUTOMATIC firearms and anything else they want - and the truth is, they have! Last time I checked, I didn't see RPG-7s at Dick's Sporting Goods or Bass Pro Shops, where did these drug cartels obtain them?

    They just play on the fears of the stupid or emotional people constantly and we all have to pick up the pieces and see what we have left at the end of the day.
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    amacman Loaded Pockets

    Even better/worse are the anti-gun celebrities that have armed security or even their own CCW.
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    DBR Loaded Pockets

    I agree! And some of them, namely Sean Penn, is a totally irresponsible toad. A few years ago, he left a couple/three handguns in his car and someone stole them. Ever see "Dead Man Walking?" See my above comments. Trust me, trust others like me. Don't trust regular people and go easier on violent predators.

    DBR Loaded Pockets

    Everybody lookin' and waitin' and there's nothing to see.

    riot Loaded Pockets

    Could be worse (ie. NYC).

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    wfochris Loaded Pockets

    Sweet home Alabama. Less crime, more guns, more dirt and more trees.
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    DBR Loaded Pockets

    I'd like to have so much land it didn't matter what stupid laws were passed.

    The little things grate on my nerves.

    Like New York State banning slingshots with wristbraces on them but slingshots without them are okay. While this might seem like something so simple and stupid to want to give NYS a wide berth about...if it's so simple and so stupid to feel the way I do, why did they spend tens of thousands of dollars to pass the law to start with?

    Over 15 years ago it cost approximately $50,000.00 dollars just to have a bill put before the Maryland State Legislature.

    (New York is much, much larger and that was a decade and a half ago and the cost of everything has risen...I wonder how much it costs now.)

    This info came about because of all of the times Maryland tried to pass stupid gun laws and a group of Citizens put the information together. There are staffers that have to write it with the politicians and lobbyists and then they have go through multiple versions and all of these have to be printed up, amounting to hundreds and sometimes thousands of man hours of time and the expense of paper, etc. Then when it is ready to come out of conference/committee, it has to be printed up for everyone. This costs money. Why in the hell would a state waste all of that money to ban wristrockets? I don't need to live in places that do stuff like that. I'm actively trying to escape the economic gravitational pull of Maryland, which is bad enough.

    Why do I care about such a thing? I've owned the same Trumark Wristrocket since about 1977 and early on I evaded my mother's attempt to be Chuck Schumer. :)

    And really, that's a startling thing right there. My mother would take it away from me and put it in the same place every time and I would go get it and leave the box up there and off I would be with my slingshot again. That's what government wants to be all of the time, mommy. I don't need mommy, I'm a grown man.

    kertap75 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    ^ when did this law pass? I could have sworn I saw a slingshot with a wrist brace in wall mart not to long ago

    DBR Loaded Pockets

    I have no idea when it passed. But I know it is against the law to have them. Hahahaha!

    Someone needs to tell the idiots in Albany that there is no such thing as "shirken" and "chuka sticks," too. The fools. I think the law should be null and void just because they don't spell things correctly.