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Discussion in 'Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, and Notebook Covers' started by alwilliam, Apr 15, 2006.

    alwilliam Loaded Pockets

    Some EDC PENS :coolsmiley:

    1st generation guardfather out the front spike pen.

    Rick Hinderer titanium kubaton pen

    A ADC pen pistol that fires a custom 25acp magnum pen round that writes very well and it also out preforms factory 25acp loadings.

    .:crazy2: others odd pens :uglystupid2:

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    alfonso2501 Empty Pockets

    WOW! Is that the Braverman Stinger or an AOW pen that you had custom made? I’ve never heard of .25 acp mag. Is it a longer round then the run of the mill .25?

    alwilliam Loaded Pockets

    The pen is  ADC built Braverman designed legal pen pistol..the 25acp mag is a custom load. It uses a standard 25acp case and a custom powder mix and a magnum primer..the ADC pens are very strong and can handle the added pressures on the barrel and breech face.
    I have the .380acp conversion for the pen but like the 25 acp mag better.

    alfonso2501 Empty Pockets

    NICE! O0 They don't make them anymore, do they? :(

    alwilliam Loaded Pockets

    BRAVERMAN,ADC,STINGER are all no longer mfg the pens.They do pop up from time to time..THEY are fairly cheap.

    Braverman .22LR OR 25ACP=250-300
    ADC .22LR OR 25ACP 225-275
    STINGER .17HMR OR .22LR 200-250

    Chief-Yeah Loaded Pockets

    Stinger .22 Pen Pistol

    Cool gun but not for 400 bucks

    alwilliam Loaded Pockets

    Re: Stinger .22 Pen Pistol

    Thats a 3rd gen stinger mine is a 2nd gen ADC and much more rare than a stinger and I only paid 125.00 NIB but that was 15 years ago ;D

    DBR Loaded Pockets

    The First Gen Guardfather, all of the ones that came after it, even the ones based on the same design but with shoddy materials and construction, never equaled it.

    It's also the only semi-automatic self-defense weapon in the lot. Nice stuff.

    webley445 Loaded Pockets

    I remember the Godfathers coming out back in the 80's.
    how old is your's?

    DBR Loaded Pockets

    The originals were marked "Made in Italy" although they were not made in Italy at all, I have held one that is sterile and I am positive that it was an original but it did not have the "Made in Italy" marking on one side of the clip with "Pat. Pend." on the other side. That is the only sterile one I ever heard of.

    All of the original Guardfathers were manufactured in the 1980s.

    Former Congressman Bob Barr, R-Georgia, was a Federal Prosecutor in the mid-1980s and he brought action against the makers of the Guardfather to halt production. By the end of the 1980s, all that were going to be made, were made. What came after was a couple Gens that were mechanically different and no where near the quality of the originals, then someone made the First Gen Pattern again, but they were atrocious.

    Now old Pro-Gun, scribe banning Bob works for the ACLU, who would have thought?

    alwilliam Loaded Pockets

    The one I have now is a sterile/unmarked type ... made in the USA in 1979 ..I still have the original ad that I bought it from.

    I have had about 20 plus guardfathers marked and unmarked over the years a few inner city sportsmans pencils,guardfather 2-3 and 4th generation and even a french 1st gen guardfather with a safety.The 4th generation guardfathers are not to bad,the first gen are the best and the inner city are WORTHLESS.

    DBR Loaded Pockets

    That's quite interesting actually.

    webley445 Loaded Pockets

    Weren't they made with a spring to eject? Or am I thinking of something else?

    alwilliam Loaded Pockets

    Its a single action out the front spike. :D