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paracord stuff

Discussion in 'EDC Clothing' started by zombieslayer001, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Is there anybody here that makes bracelets and stuff from paracord?

    T.H.Cone I am senor Fluffy, hear me roar

    Lots. Why, what is your question?
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    ShadowE Loaded Pockets

    Lots of paracord info here. Search is your friend

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    tkleager Loaded Pockets

    How can we be of assistance?
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    Kilted1 Loaded Pockets

    Why do we not have an entire sub-category for paracord?

    Did a title only search for paracord and got five pages, 97 results.

    ZS1, are you interested in buying bracelets, making your own or other things?
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  2. Didn't mean to stir up a hornets nest ya'll. Lol I was wanting a paracord bracelet and I was just looking for a weaver. I will look in the search thread. Lol
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  3. Its 17 degrees outside here in Nevada,MO. !

    Kilted1 Loaded Pockets

    No harm done, we were all just trying to clarify what you were after. They really are quite easy to make yourself but I'm sure someone will be able to help you out.
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    xbanker Geriatric Admin

    If you haven't browsed it yet, have a look at this thread What do I do with this paracord stuff? Nearly 1600 posts with a large number of photos from some talented members.
    Used to frequently pass near Nevada when lived in Springfield, traveling to Omaha to visit wife's family. You'll see I don't live where 17° weather is much of an issue anymore. :)
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    MedicInTraining Loaded Pockets

    You really probably don't need to get a weaver to make a simple paracord bracelet, drum some up from your local disposal store (albeit in bland colours I'd bet) and have a look at some of Stormdrane's stuff or the youtube channel "Tying It All Together" or various other ones I'm sure you can search for here. They'll teach you how to make the bracelets yourself. Cut out the middle man!
  4. Okie dokie. I will give it a whirl!

    T.H.Cone I am senor Fluffy, hear me roar

    Zombie, I will make one for you free of charge, or, better yet, I will send you the SRB and enough paracord to do it yourself if you care to. Like others have said, very easy to do. Let me know

    Freddo4J Loaded Pockets

    Exactly, they're not hard to make - check out the YouTube channels mentioned. You may want some sort of jig though if you plan to make lots of them. I started with one or two for my boys and a pull for my pack, then a lanyard, then, more. I sold about 30 for stocking stuffers when my wives friends found out about me making them.
  5. I got it covered. I have some old srbs and some paracord laying around. I have actually made 4 or 5 myself. I want to try making a riverbar or sinet.

    flippedcracker Loaded Pockets

    This thread is slightly confusing, but I'm glad it worked out.

    We definitely need a paracord subforum though.
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    wstamper Loaded Pockets

    If you are making them yourself, keep refining your skills.

    Freddo4J Loaded Pockets

    Like wstamper stated... PLUS... practice, practice, practice. One knot I can tie now I never thought I'd "get" the hang of. Once you know the drill you may even (like me) work it another way slightly from a demonstration. The bottom line is getting it done right. Stay at it and it'll get easier all the time.

    wstamper Loaded Pockets

    What Freddo said.
  6. Wide ladder rack is one I'd like to learn.