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Paracord Steering Wrap?

Discussion in 'General EDC Discussion' started by Stuey, Feb 27, 2008.

    Stuey Loaded Pockets

    I'm a bit frustrated with my steering wheel cover, and seeing as how I just acquired a few 100 feet of cord, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to wrap my steering wheel.

    I'm concerned as to whether paracord would provide a good grip and insulate enough during the winter and summer. I'm also concerned as to whether there is any wrapping method that could endure typical steering handling. If I wrap it as a series of loops, it might come undone too easily as I spin the wheel.

    What do you guys recommend?

    dyyys1 Loaded Pockets

    You could probably tie it off well enough that it wouldn't come loose. The thing I would worry about is that paracord can be a bit slick when wrapped around something like that for extended periods of time. In my experience it gets especially slippery in the areas that see the most wear. You might be able to manage this with a chinese staircase wrap (sorry, but that's the first website I found). However, it would probably be safer to stick with a steering wheel cover manufactured for that purpose.

    Stuey Loaded Pockets

    I recently purchased a new one, but a lot of them had new lead warnings on the packaging.

    I figured it might be worth a shot. Then again, the wrap wouldn't give as much depth as I'm used to. I guess you're right.

    Devil505 Empty Pockets

    I paracord wrapped my truck steering wheel. It was cool at first but it was uncomfortable after driving for awhile. It got to where I hated to touch the wheel. I used a common knife handle wrap we see all the time. It provided "knots" or twists along the inner and outter sides of the wheel, which helped alot with the slick wheel problem. I used o.d. green colored cord which showed dirt and discoloring from the sun real fast. Probably wouldn't go that route again. Hope this helps.

    hawkeye Loaded Pockets

    I ordered a custom leather wrap from wheelskins.com. Took a while to stitch on, but well worth it. Very high quality leather, not your typical auto parts store stuff. I think the only vehicle I would do a paracord wrap on is something like a tractor.