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Paracord donut...awesome way to store extra cord

Discussion in 'Other Every Day Carry Items' started by muskrat72, Jan 13, 2011.

    muskrat72 Loaded Pockets


    Vainamoinen Loaded Pockets

    Very nice! Thanks for information.

    nuphoria Loaded Pockets

    Nice idea... thanks for the vid :)

    vinniec5 Loaded Pockets

    great way not to have a knotted up rats nest of paracord in your bag, takes time but worth it. good video

    helios Empty Pockets

    Really cool way to neatly store. Great video, gonna try it. Thanks
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    jag-engr Semper Bufo!

    Google how to crochet a single row (I believe the term is a chain), and follow the directions for a doubled over piece of paracord. "Crochet" it loosely. You get a solid bundle that consistently comes undone easily. I first saw this trick done with 100' extension cords.
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    tower Loaded Pockets

    This is also a great way to carry a self-evac line. When you want to use it you just hold onto the bitter end and drop the doughnut down wherever you want to descend. The weight of the doughnut causes it to unravel.

    Stutoffee Loaded Pockets

    Thats a fantastic way to carry cord. When he first started, I just thought he was going to "chain" the cord, in the way that you can "chain" ropes to stop them tangling, or use the same method to make lanyards, but Im very impressed with the Donut & I'll be replacing my whipped coils of cord carried in various bags & kits wth one of these.
    Thanks for the link.

    yam350 Loaded Pockets

    This is one of those 'now why didn't I think of that' scenarios. I guess it's 'cos I'm too dumb!
    But now I know about it I'm gonna try it. Thanks Musky!

    Stutoffee Loaded Pockets

    Okay. NOW Im a blummin' Donut-making MACHINE!!!

    Ive already made three of the sodding things, & EVERY bag I own is gonna have one of these Paracord Donuts put in it. Thank you VERY much!!

    The hardest part is remembering to alternate the loop from the inside & outside, so i find myself reciting "inside, outside, inside, outside" as I make them, but I can make a 50ft Donut in about 15-20 mins now.

    Mdiggyy Empty Pockets

    Great vid. Thanks for sharing it!

    LumberJack Empty Pockets

    He had me at donut, haha :p Definitely gonna call my spare paracord "donuts" from now on.

    Nice video, thanks for the info.