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paracord dog harness.

Discussion in 'Do-It-Yourself & Gear Modifications' started by jericanman, Jun 16, 2012.

    jericanman Loaded Pockets


    well i was bored and mr pookey needed a new harness,.,,, so i made one out of paracord, it works fine the only problem is mr pookey does not like it one bit, if i put it on him he freezes still. still a fun project for any dog owner.

    and it is fairly easy to make, first i made 2 long strips of cobra knot with the buckeles attached at either end. i looped the lead attachment points into it as i knotted it up.

    then i added the center bit that goes allong the dogs chest area.

    easy to make just takes a while.

    i might try again with fully stripped paracord so it is more flexable and dosent freak out mr pookey when he has it on.


    it might work well for bigger dogs, as the larger the harness gets the less stiff it will be, i think because it was fairly ridged mr pookey did not like it, but he is a funny one and rather small, he getts freaked out if he wears his rain coat and the hood is on, does the same thing and freezes on the spot. needless to say he dosent have a hood on it any more, and he dosent use this harness.
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    T.H.Cone I am senor Fluffy, hear me roar

    Looks good.

    jericanman Loaded Pockets

    its a prime axample about what i was saying about having way to much paracord lolz. shame the dog does not like it, going to probably strip it down for the clips and the paracord

    RexHavoc Loaded Pockets

    I like it, taking custom orders?

    320 Loaded Pockets

    beautiful work!

    i like harnesses for wee beasties like mr. pookey. less strain on their necks.

    instead of a braided harness try either single sections of paracord or light kermantle climbing rope. little guys like him will balk at even hard nylon strapping.

    not so long ago someone was selling small dog harnesses that were just a double, butterfly-shaped loop. i made a few for our dogs varying the cordage to match the size of the beast.

    they worked pretty well.

    jericanman Loaded Pockets

    i guess i could do a custom order, but sizing it would be the problem. as the nature of the harness it is not ajustable, so if you have a young dog it may out grow it. or the guesses we make for the sizing may be a tad off and be uncomfortable for your dog.

    i had mr pookey on my lap most of the time i was making this (where he normaly is like right now), so it was easy to get him to sit up as i made each section to check the size, making to order might go wrong i fear.

    jericanman Loaded Pockets

    harnesses are great for small dogs , stops them strangling them selfs, and after mr pookey allmost got attacked by a large pitbull bread, i found that you can litterly yank them into your arms with hardly any effort. not that i would suggest doing this for anything but a dog attack. as it may injure your dog. (p.s the large pitbull cross thing got a boot square in its muzzle and promptly backed off witch was luckly)

    i might well be re doing the harness, in a more minamal way so it flexes more, this current design would be best suited for a larger dog as the paracord would gave a lot more flex to it.
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    nuphoria Loaded Pockets

    Cool idea.... need more pics of pookey though :D

    temujin Uber Prepared

    There is a rule about no commercial activity in this thread. Also, such custom work requires Craftsman status. Please review the EDCF forum rules.

    Thank you,
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    RexHavoc Loaded Pockets

    Sorry , didn't mean anything by my comment, didn't intend to violate the spirit or letter of the TOS. Was just an aside.

    dewildeman Loaded Pockets

    You might try washing the harness a couple of times to see if it will soften it up a little. I know my bracelets get softer and more flexable after I've worn them for awhile.
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    tattoosteve99 EDC Junkie!!!

    I didn't see any violation. Looked like a couple guys talking about stuff. No price listed, no for sale, no ill take it? Weird huh.
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    evolutionglitch Loaded Pockets

    Soak it in cola for a few days and then wash it twice and it should be decently soft... also just using the same knot but looser would be more comfy for Mr. Pookey. Also the knot used for para watch straps would flex more easily and lie a little flatter.


    T.H.Cone I am senor Fluffy, hear me roar

    EvolutionG, what is it about the cola that makes it soft?

    jericanman Loaded Pockets

    interesting, cola, im also wondering how that will help, might it on an old braclet first to see how well it works