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Paracord at a major retail store?

Discussion in 'Do-It-Yourself & Gear Modifications' started by DemskeetSkeet, Oct 25, 2008.

    DemskeetSkeet Loaded Pockets

    Hello, looking to do some paracord work and was just wondering if anyone had any luck at finding some paracord at a major retail outlet? I live in michigan so I have Meijer's, Wal-mart, hobby lobby, target, etc.

    Thanks in advance

    houdini28 Loaded Pockets

    While I have found decent cord at Target, I have never been able to find actual paracord at a physical retail store. I have seen it sold in military surplus stores, but that is about it. I would be intrigued to learn of a place that sells paracord as well.

    DemskeetSkeet Loaded Pockets

    Yeah it's a shame

    parnass Loaded Pockets

    The Cabela's store in my part of the state used to sell both milspec 550 paracord and commercial paracord. But, I did not see the milspec 550 paracord there during my last two visits.

    DemskeetSkeet Loaded Pockets

    It's been a while since I have been to Cabelos but it is a couple hour drive so I don't think I'll be traveling there any time soon. I'm going to check out the gun and Knife show in Lansing, Mi (which is with 45 minutes from home) So I will check out there first. Hopefully someone has some boker knives their too!


    SloMo228 Empty Pockets

    Where in Michigan do you live? Joe's Army/Navy on Woodward in Royal Oak sells paracord in OD green and black for (I think) 5 cents per foot.

    bcurry1 Loaded Pockets

    I have found it at academy here in ok. I don't know if you have academy where your at.

    DemskeetSkeet Loaded Pockets

    I don't have a store by that name here in Michigan, but I did stumble into Wal-mart and noticed some camo colored rope called Pary cord I believe.

    So wal-mart has a small spindle of it with the camping equipment for like $1.??. Which is a pretty good deal, and it's camo color.

    cde Empty Pockets

    Its polycord, comes in either camo or white, and can hold about 50 pounds of dead weight (I tried it with a 50 pound weight in the excersize section). I wouldn't try it with more then that. Inside the cord, is not a solid strand of some fiber, which goes for about a foot, then is folded over on top of another foot of fiber, which is then folded over, etc. It's 1.45 per 50 feet. Out of four stores around me, only one stocks the white one. The rest only have the camo one.

    gazz98 Loaded Pockets

    None that I know offhand. I just moved to Wayne MI tho. I bought some from countycomm b4. Maybe get a few colors or something else to offset shipping.

    RyanMalpiede Loaded Pockets

    I have seen it at place like sports chalet ... anywhere that sells climbing equipment should have a roll on hand.

    monkeysfistmaker Loaded Pockets

    I have seen it at Outdoor World, here in Nashville, TN>

    Towanda Loaded Pockets

    Joe's in Royal Oak is still in business? Nice to know. I used to go there a lot as a teenager. There was another Joe's on Michigan Avenue in Wayne, too. I have no idea if it's the same Joe or not, or even if that store is still in business.

    InspektorGadget Loaded Pockets

    By me (Chicago Area) I have purchased paracord at Bass Pro Shops and Gander Mountain. Gander Mtn. had black or white only and Bass Pro had olive green and black as I recall.

    DemskeetSkeet Loaded Pockets

    I'll have to gander around gander mountain the next time im out there. :crackup:

    thanks ;D

    knifeguy Loaded Pockets

    I think u guys might be over complicating it. Almost any local army surplus should have some. I would be suprised if they didnt. All the ones near me carry it.

    monkeysfistmaker Loaded Pockets

    Yes, but notice he said "major retail store", he didn't say anything about a surplus store. And there are more Walmarts than there are mss's

    tmedina EDC Junkie!!!!!

    True, but there should at least be one Military Surplus store in the area.

    That said, I'd probably just grab some on my next order of toys - err...tools. It's a lot less frustrating than doing a store-by-store grid search and trying to explain over the phone exactly what 550 cord is.


    DemskeetSkeet Loaded Pockets

    Don't have an army surplus store remotely near me
  1. There is only ONE "Army/Navy" store near me anymore (an old one run by a crotchety old man has been closed for years now), and it's more about retailing overpriced crap, "ladies' " camo shirts, cheap Chinese "Coghlan's" camping supplies, paintball gear, and Spyderco-knockoffs made of pot-metal as near as I can tell.

    Hardly a REAL army-navy store. :mad: So I feel your pain.