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Para-Ordnance steel p14.45

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by cavediverbob, Dec 31, 2012.

    cavediverbob Loaded Pockets

    I bought this hi-cap para 18 years ago at the beginning of the 1994 gun ban. I was able to get 3 high cap magazines for it and subsequently bought 5 more.

    It is a great gun, and one I use on woods scouts. However, many folks really dislike this gun, but no one can articulate why they don't like them. All I get is its a piece of trash. Can someone enlighten me on why this handgun is so despised.



    onebadwagon Loaded Pockets

    Most people I've met dislike Para Ordnance guns because they tend to have ridiculously bad reliability. In fact, yours and Todd Jarrett's Paras may be the only ones that run well.

    Brules Loaded Pockets

    My understanding is the newer Paras have some reliability issues. The older ones are good to go.

    grayman Loaded Pockets

    Half the people I use to shoot USPSA with used Para Ordnance. In fact, Para's where the only 1911 that would actually feed semi wadcutters reliably out of the box. I don't know of anyone that particularly liked or likes the LDA trigger setup though.
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    EDCRVa Loaded Pockets

    I was in the market for a 1911 earlier last year. I had narrowed it down to a Para, Sig or Kimber. I got a lot of static when asking about the Para and they seemed to be hard to find. I know that the company was bought out in the last couple of years and production had been slowed. I also heard that old Para is better then new Para. Personally I think you have a top notch pistol sir...

    Guardian Angel 1983 Loaded Pockets

    I've actually heard a lot of those things too. Reliability issues, trigger issues, yet no hard facts. I used to own a Para P14*45 Limited but I traded it off just because it was to heavy for my liking. As far as reliability, accuracy, and everything else the gun always worked perfectly, just like my Para CCO and Tac5. I don't understand why people slam Para-Ordnance either.

    B.Haven Loaded Pockets

    This is interesting... I'm debating on wether or not to buy a P12-45 from a local shop ($600)... I hear all bad as well, but I haven't heard of any first hand accounts.

    Glad to see this being discussed!

    onebadwagon Loaded Pockets

    I've personally witnessed more than a handful of Para Ordnance guns that didn't work worth a :censored:. If you're hearing overwhelmingly bad things about a product, those accounts probably came from somewhere. I guarantee you that these anecdotes that span across the country didn't originate from a single firearm.

    Standeck Loaded Pockets

    My Para is the alloy framed version of the P14-45 - the "Big Hawg"; I despise the name, but the pistol has had exactly zero malfunctions and the only time it threatened to jam is after a long range session when it got a little dry and started getting slow back into battery. A dab of lube and all was well. It only weighs 28 oz. empty so it's easy to carry, and 14 plus one is a pretty good payload. Sample size of one, but the fact remains if you get a good one, it's really good.

    andy davis Loaded Pockets

    I have the Para 14-45, have had zero problems whit it.

    dewildeman Loaded Pockets

    I've had a P-13 for about 8 years, no problems but I've only had a few boxes of ammo though it, factory and reloads. I know several people that compete with P-14's.

    cavediverbob Loaded Pockets

    To follow-up on my Para 14.45; it is Canadian made all steel (not alloy). Mine is single action (just like original 1911's) the only difference I can tell from my gun and a GI issue 1911 is a widened grip to accept hi-cap magazines. I have never shot anyting but 185 grain SWC.

    Part of the problem was shifting production to the US and starting to get "gimmicky" with things like LDA and other versions that moved away from the original 1911 design and using certain alloys that exhibited frame cracking with "hot" loads.

    I thought about trading it in at one time to get a 45 "officer" sized pistol, but was only offered $350 so I definitely passed. I'll get a photo posted and let you guys be the judge.


    Matthew03 Loaded Pockets

    A P-14.45 from the OP's vintage should be good to go and many of the guns back then were primed for custom work by well known gunsmiths. Though the Para O. of today is not held in the same regard.

    58sniper Loaded Pockets

    I have a P13-45 Limited that I've had a full "melt" job and bead blasting done on. Really like the gun. Never had reliability issues. But carrying it and two spare mags pretty much requires suspenders. It's some substantial weight.

    Captain Empty Pockets

    Food for thought. Not the 14.45....but impressive nonetheless.

    ParaOrdnance 1000 rounds test

    Matthew03 Loaded Pockets

    Wasn't that a 10,000 round test?

    0dBm Loaded Pockets

    I own both the P13 and P10 model c. early-to-mid-90s. Each functioned reliably during their respective break-in periods. I extensively modified each of them so that the P13 is similar to Wayne Novak's FBI HRT package and the P10 looks a bit like the current Warthog model.
    I have worked on the P14 series from the 90s and their insides were horrible; however, each of those that I worked on functioned reliably. I have not worked on the recently-made P14.

    My P13 is a sheer brute to carry with a full magazine of 230-grain .45 so it now sees duty as a nightstand sentinel. Due to the shorter barrel, I have noticed a bit more muzzle rise with the lighter-weight bullet, higher-velocity loads that I prefer to use for home defense; so I installed a Cominoli tungsten guide rod for the extra weight.

    I have not noticed the same muzzle rise in the P14 series with that category of ammo. In fact, with 230-grain standard velocity .45 ammo in the P14 is almost tame in comparison.

    My P10 has an alloy frame so it serves mostly as a carry piece due to the diminished overall weight.

    Many regard the girth of the grip due to the double-column magazine as the primary disadvantage of the original concept of this product line. Since most of the weight is in that area, carrying muzzle-down, grip horizontal-ish makes for a top-heavy "rig." Shoulder holster carry such as with Galco's Miami Classic is much more tolerable particularly when balanced with TWO loaded magazines on the opposite side.

    Para-Ord pistols are investment cast so they will wear faster than forged components of those made by manufacturers such as Colt or Springfield Armory.

    I truly believe that their best application apart from competition is non-on-body, gunbox or tactical "entry" duty when the need for firepower in a handgun is needed.

    My P13 is loaded with Federal 185-grain Hydrashok and it sits cocked and locked with a Surefire 500-lumen single mode combat light in 25-lb. gunbox next to my bed.
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    Ross Thompson Loaded Pockets

    I have a P14-45 Black Ops that had some feed issues. I loved on the feed ramp and got it pretty, figured that fixed it, yeah I was wrong. Playing with the magazines I felt the follower dragging, five minutes with a file the feed issues were gone.

    With that said I do believe they have some quality control issues, but not a complete turd. I don't believe you should have to work on a brand new $1200 hand gun. But mine is my 3 gun pistol and any gun I buy with the intent of using in competition I will work on before I ever shoot it. My EDC the only thing I expect to do to it is shoot and clean it, so I carry a Kimber (want to buy a Wilson Combat, Night Hawk or Les Bear).

    cavediverbob Loaded Pockets

    This is the 1994 manufactured P14.45 I own:[IMG]

    les snyder Loaded Pockets

    I built my Para as a USPSA competition pistol...originally a "gunsmith frame" it has a Caspian bar stock slide and fixed Swensight, Clark barrel, most everything else is Ed Brown, with a S&A mainspring housing... the frame is stippled and mag well swaged... probably 30,000+ rounds without a problem before I switched to a Glock... if you have relatively small hands like I do, the grip is not as easy to manage as a 2011 SVI/STI

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