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Open a can with out a can opener! and ultimate paracord Bracelet!

Discussion in 'General EDC Discussion' started by themadplumbarian, Mar 10, 2013.

    themadplumbarian Loaded Pockets

    I saw two paracord bracelets that i liked, has everything, whistle or handcuff key, fish hook, fish string, flint! even a p51 attached, but as i was searching i came across a unique way to open a can with out a can opener or knife! if you think of it the only thing you have to do is break the seal to open the can right? so what do you need the can opener? watch the video and you'll say now why didn't i think of that! now grant it, whats inside could get a little dirt in it, but hey its better then no food right?

    As for the ultimate paracord survival bracelet, check the two out, a little rich for my blood, but still freaking cool! JR

    glockguy110 Loaded Pockets

    I really want one of these buy it's so hard to spend $50 on it even tho I know it's probably worth it
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    Rattlecan Loaded Pockets

    sweet good to know!

    neginfluence04 Loaded Pockets

    my wife bought me a RE factor operator band and 8 love it.

    Mike Prettyman Loaded Pockets

    They look great, but I make paracord bracelets and I just can't see paying that much....

    I can make one and add the extras like a can opener and cuff key for a lot less.....

    anyway, they are sweet.
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    survivorman Loaded Pockets

    $0.75 - Buckle
    $1.50 - piece of flint
    $5.00 - P51 can opener
    $1.50 - wire and fishing swivels
    $1.75 - fishing line and hook
    $2.00 - 12' 550 Paracord
    $12.50 + 1 hour

    and you have got a bracelet like that.

    themadplumbarian Loaded Pockets

    I forgot I even posted this, since then they came out with a new side release clip, rather then having the handcuff key which I really don't see needing, they put the flint and strike in place and they also have the whistle, now those I can see having, along with a compass and p51, that pretty much makes the best bracelet in my book, here's a link to the clips to see what I'm talking about if you haven't seen them, JR
    amazon.com/Paracord-Survival-Supplies-Bracelet-Exclusive/dp/B00J1525HQ there also all over eBay too,,