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O’Reilly Auto Parts orange 3AAA LED flashlight

Discussion in 'Flashlights & Other Illumination Devices' started by 0dBm, Dec 25, 2019.

  1. 0dBm

    0dBm Loaded Pockets

    Mar 29, 2006
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    I searched the O’Reilly website and found the listing: Performance Tool Pen Light Part #W2338 Line: PFM.

    I was in Corpus Christi about 6 weeks ago when I decided to visit a lifelong friend and former mentor that retired further southwest.

    After 2 hours on the road, my stomach started cursing at me as a reminder that my last meal was at 7am that day and it was 8pm already. I know a little taco place in McAllen that is owned by another longtime friend.

    The giant SUV that I rented sustained a flat and I pulled over quickly. I saw the head of the nail imbedded between the tread just before my Zebralight battery expired. I forgot to recharge it the night before.

    I could see the O’Reilly sign about 100 yards west so I drove there so I could use the parking area to change the tire.

    I found that the one working parking light was inadequate to help me with rummaging through the trunk area to retrieve the spare. Since my Zebralight’s battery was depleted and I gifted my Mini Maglite 2AA to the young Navy LtCmdr that was assisting me at Corpus Christi, all I had on me was my combat light. I make it a point to never use that Surefire light for routine tasks that would deplete it’s power source in the event that I should need it in that capacity.

    I purchased a pair of inexpensive work gloves and the first flashlight that I saw that wasn’t too large or expensive. That product has an aluminum orange-coloured battery tube, black clikie switch housing, and black light engine/reflector housing. I also purchased 4 AAA lithium cells and immediately replaced the 3 alkaline AAAs. I also make it a habit to NEVER again use all alkaline cells due to the leakage characteristic. The 4-pack lithium cells cost more than the flashlight.

    It was past 9pm by the time I returned to the SUV. The store had closed, the parking lot emptied, and the side of the parking lot on which my rental SUV was parked seemed even darker. I was hoping to NOT become a mugging victim that night.

    Well, State authorities arrived to inquire about what I was wearing on my hip (another story) right about the time that I finished removing my luggage from the vehicle storage area. They ended-up helping me by using their flashlights as I changed the flat tire so I didn’t need to use the new 3AAA at the time.

    My restaurant-owner friend waited for me after hours to fix me the best meal that I had in over 2 weeks of travelling and we caught-up reminiscing about old times until about 3am.

    I put the SUV in drive before I realised that I couldn’t find my work phone. I used the new light to look all over the vehicle but couldn’t locate it. I drove back to the O’Reilly’s parking area and found it near where the asphalt met the grass. It was nearing 4am and I had been on my feet for nearly 23 hours.

    I found a fleabag motor lodge. It looked horrible from the street but my room was clean. I again used the new light to get my luggage from the vehicle and to navigate the short DARK path to my room at the back of the motel. The wall switch didn’t turn on the nightstand lamp so the new light was once again very handy.

    The cheap flashlight saw much more usage during the next 3 days of travel before I returned to my office. My colleagues and, especially, my underlings made a point to comment about what they had concluded to be a product not seemingly of sufficient quality to be reliable.

    Nonetheless, I am still using it. It hasn’t failed to function. I hasn’t flickered. It doesn’t rattle. Although I don’t use it and have a specific disdain for it, the pocket clip is still intact and I haven’t removed it, YET.

    The forward clickie is sufficiently stiff that it hasn’t unknowingly activated. The lens appears to be glass. The reflector is mirrored and causes the beam to contain artifacts. I haven’t accidentally dropped it because I tend to be very careful with my equipment. I did purposely throw it across a room and it landed on vinyl composite tile. The impact didn’t cause it to malfunction.

    It’s too soon to determine IF it will become something that I will continue to carry. So far, it has been reliable and is the best $8 that I have spent during 2019.

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  2. Jocko Tobling

    Jocko Tobling Loaded Pockets

    Feb 25, 2015
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    I'll have to look into one of these as a back up in the car. Thanks for posting.