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Nikon J1 Advice?

Discussion in 'Electronic Devices' started by willydigger, Dec 7, 2012.

    willydigger Loaded Pockets

    My wife wants a small sized camera with high (quality) zoom. She has her sights set on a J1.

    We know nothing about cameras, and I'm very reluctant to drop that much money on a camera if it is junk.

    I'm looking for any advice from owners of the J1 or from people who know photography so they can put it in very simple terms if a J1 is a good camera.

    She doesn't want a DSLR because of size.

    Also, I like taking macro pics. Can it do that too?

    Kilted1 Loaded Pockets

    Having no opinion about it myself, DP Review had this to say:
    "Right now by far the biggest advantage that either 1 System camera has over the competition is their adaptive hybrid AF systems. Unless this is of specific interest to you, given the strength of the competition it is very hard to recommend that you go out and buy a V1.

    The J1 will reward point-and-shoot upgraders with a noticeable bump in image quality, but often fails to deliver acceptable results in lower-light settings when operated in its fully automated mode."

    Note that there has been a firmware upgrade since this was written that has not yet been reviewed.

    Read their full review HERE but realize that it's written by absolute camera snobs. The editors gave it 67% and the three user reviews are two 4 and one 5 star.

    For me, having skimmed the review, it seems a bit pricey for what amounts to a point and shoot camera. Albeit one with a large sensor (for it's type) and interchangeable lenses. You're more than likely going to want the 30-110mm lens in addition to the kit lens.

    The spec sheet says it can focus down to 0.2 meters, about 8 inches, is that macro enough for you? How about 1cm in Super Macro Mode?:eek: That's pretty impressive if you ask me.

    I'd say that if it fits your needs and budget, get to a camera store and fondle it as well as the competition, sleep on it, then go buy the thing! :)

    mole EDC Junkie!!!!!

    all i can say: do NOT get a compact one, but a camera body and some nice glass. i have experiences with many brands and the "flat camera and 15 centimeters of retractable glass in front" is a designers joke. there is not a single system, that really works. and the usual repair fees are just obscene. buy a decent camera body and some tamron or compareable glass! do not go with proprietary battery formats.:) upgrade step by step. enjoy!
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    Kilted1 Loaded Pockets

    Thinking about this... You really should consider a DSLR. Yeah, they're bigger but there are small bodied DSLRs that are really quite small and vastly more capable. With the 1 series like you're looking at, you have a choice of four lenses and none of them will allow you to put that camera in your pocket. With a Nikon D3200, you've got the full array of lenses from Nikkor, and others, more than double the resolution, full control when you want it, full automatic when you want just sit back and click, and the ease of control without spending half an hour thumbing through menus. A bit more money but when you consider what you get, it's a relative bargain. Yeah, bulkier but it's an excuse to go bag shopping! :D

    Not to completely discount the J1 you're looking at but I strongly advise you to look at the D3100, D5100 and especially the D3200 (24.7 Megapixels!!!)

    If you want a pocket camera, get a pocket camera. If you're already looking at something that's going to need to go in a bag, don't go halfway.
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    willydigger Loaded Pockets

    This is what I'm thinking. The problem is, it's what my wife wants. Now I have to try to change her mind.

    Kilted1 Loaded Pockets

    Just show her that the J1 isn't going to fit in a pocket (without first removing the lens and fumbling with, dropping, loosing, retrieving and finally installing now dusty caps on lens and body) regardless of what Ashton does in the TV ads. It's going to have to go in a bag. Just one step up in bag size and you can have sooooo much more.

    I have to correct myself about the lenses. While the D3200 and siblings on down to the D40 will technically function with any F-mount lens, the autofocus will only work with motorized lenses, the body lacking the AF motor which you get in the larger bodies. Still, that leaves you a lot more choices than the four (in three focal lengths) you get with the 1series. If you don't mind manual focus, you can use any current lens. If you don't mind going full manual, you can use lenses going back to the 60's.

    In fairness and full disclosure, the 1 series has an adapter to accept the same F-mount lenses with the same provisos.

    You should ask your wife why she wants the J1. Also what are both of you going to do with it. If you're not printing large formats, maybe the D3100 or D5100 would be sufficient and cheaper. If you're putting pics online, 6 megapixels is plenty and you'll still need to scale down. Not that it isn't fun to have 24 MP and be able to crop your way into what would otherwise need a very long lens. A used D200 (10MP) is about $200, a used D100 (6MP) is probably less than $100. They're bigger bodies but low end pro grade, nearly indestructible and will use all the lenses. Okay, I'm getting way off topic here. Bottom line is to think about what you're going to do with it and get the camera that suits, not the other way around.
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    metropolicity Loaded Pockets

    I have a V1 and I LOVE it, BUT I also sprang for the 10mm 2.8 pancake lens. It's fast, the screen is bright and nice size. I also paid for a Richard Franeik grip, very nice.


    It's a nice camera but it's getting to the point where it's not pocketable unless you have big pockets.

    I have also 5100, 7000, 700 and d3s, just for reference.

    seabeecmc Loaded Pockets

    I'm right there with you in the same boat. Wife was looking at this model and a few others and we finally pulled the trigger on a Sony NEX6. Pretty spendy, but you can change out the lenses and the HUGE selling point for her on this was the wi-fi option for uploading pictures automatically to out home PC. Should be here in a few days.