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news from equippedtosurvive

Discussion in 'General EDC Discussion' started by simplesimon, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. simplesimon

    simplesimon Empty Pockets

    Apr 3, 2006
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    Last Saturday Doug Ritters Equipped To Survive site had the following news which might be interest to readers of this site. The attached pics of jonsydney modelling the Victorias Secrets line of survival lingerie have been deleted.

    ETS Survival News Equipped To Survive
    Issue 1, Volume 4 March 32, 2006


    ETS Survival News is an irregularly published
    compendium of news related to survival, survival
    gear and search and rescue. Published with
    support from the Equipped To Survive Foundation.
    Please visit us at: http://www.equipped.org



    In a bid to bring the message of preparedness to a wider
    audience, Doug Ritter and the Equipped to Survive
    Foundation have teamed up with the Discovery Channel to
    launch ETS-TV, a 24-hour channel devoted to emergency
    preparedness. The new channel will debut in the fall of
    2006. Building on the success of the many Discovery
    Channel offerings dealing with real life survival stories
    and survival themes, these shows are devoted to making
    survival and emergency preparedness both exciting and a
    learning experience. Advertising revenues will be split
    equally between Discovery Channel and Equipped To Survive.

    Shows currently in development include:

    Wings Become Adventure: This aviation oriented survival
    show is designed to demonstrate after-the-crash survival
    and use of scavenged parts from the aircraft. Aircraft
    manufacturer Cirrus has signed on as the primary sponsor.
    Various model aircraft, singles and twins, will be run out
    of fuel (to prevent forest fires) and will be crashed into
    the wilderness using remote control pilots (retired U.S.
    Army Predator UAV pilots). At least two Cirrus aircraft
    will be used, their arrival being via their unique built-in
    CAPS parachute, and they are expected to arrive on site in
    one piece save for a missing door, perhaps. One major mid-
    west aircraft manufacturer has threatened to file a suit to
    stop the show, but producers say they are prepared to fight
    them in court, "It's not like these things don't fall out
    of the sky on a regular basis," the spokesperson remarked.

    Participants will be helicoptered into the site for their
    week long stay. Injuries will be simulated by binding arms,
    hands and legs according to a drawing made on site so that
    the survivors are appropriately handicapped, though they
    will also have to option to receive a $25,000 bonus and
    have the actual limbs or appendages broken for greater
    realism. It is expected that about half of the participants
    will take advantage of this option. Cirrus participants
    will not be required to have any such handicaps, unless
    they really want the $25,000. Daily votes will be conducted
    by viewers to remove participants who are getting on their
    nerves. A grand prize of $1,000,000 will be offered with
    weekly prizes of $50,000.

    Survivor - New Orleans: Competitors will spend a month
    trying to survive in the remains of the Super Dome in New
    Orleans. Contestants will all be selected from actual
    Katrina refugees. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has welcomed
    the show, saying that it will tell the real story of his
    extraordinarily effective emergency preparedness efforts
    that he oversaw in the real cataclysmic emergency. Nobody
    on the show's development staff has succeeded in
    penetrating the Mayor's delusional state of mind and they
    figure it will make for great TV when he shows up at the
    Super Dome during the taping. Participants will be well
    armed for their own protection and, well, it might get
    very interesting.

    Pimp My Keychain: Contestants try to make the perfect EDC
    (Every Day Carry) Survival Keychain in 30 minutes from a
    vast selection of possibilities provided by sponsoring
    companies including Home Depot, Sportsman's Warehouse and
    others. Weight will be limited to 32 ounces and it must
    fit in a standard blue jeans pocket. Weekly cash prizes of
    $25,000 will be offered and the grand prize is $2,000,000
    and a free trip to the deserted island of your choice with
    six of your closest friends and nothing but the winning
    survival keychain with which to survive.

    Iron Chef Survivor: Produced in cooperation with The Food
    Network, this Iron Chef Arena will be located in a variety
    of remote locations. The contestants will be provided with
    the main meal ingredient and some basic cooking utensils,
    but must provide all the rest of the meal themselves from
    the natural environment. There are no stoves, they will
    have to gather their own firewood and make their own cook
    fires. The meal will be judged 50% on taste, 25% on their
    use of natural ingredients and 25% on their cooking and
    fire making techniques. Judges include celebrity chef
    Alton Brown, Joy of Cooking author and noted survival
    knife designer Ethan Becker, the perky princess of the
    Food Network, Rachael Ray and select survival
    instructors from around the world.

    McGyver 2006: Richard Dean Anderson, in an updated version
    of his youthful role, stops terrorist attacks, rescues
    maidens in distress and generally saves the world on a
    weekly basis using Geritol, Preparation-H, toe-nail and
    nose hair clippers and his AARP card, among other
    improvised tools. Initial episode titled: "Depends."

    Survivorball: Les Stroud and the American women's beach
    volleyball team attempt to spend a week in various remote
    locales surviving with nothing but camera equipment, a
    ball, and a net.


    Proocom, a leading supplier of equipment, technology and
    support in the Location and Emergency Services industry
    has announced a new service being offered via their
    emergency call centers. With a subscription of only $10 per
    year, or $100/minute without a subscription, anyone will be
    able to call toll-free via cellular phone, satellite phone
    or Proocom's new integrated Satellite Phone, GPS 406 MHz
    Personal Locator Beacon from anywhere in the world and
    receive answers to their survival questions from
    knowledgeable individuals who are all former U.S. Air Force
    Survival Instructors or Special Forces members.

    Scottie Morgonie, executive vice president of the new Life
    Support Division, explained that this new service should
    allow those in dire circumstances to survive long enough to
    be rescued, even those who are too cheap or too stupid to
    carry any survival equipment. Operators will be able to
    instruct survivors in making shelter, starting a fire with
    primitive materials and how to signal for rescue. Said
    Morgonie, "these guys can survive, and indeed thrive, if
    stranded naked in the wilderness, so helping out the
    survivors who call us will be a piece of cake for them."
    More information and subscription application can be found
    at www.savemyreallysorryass.com


    As part of ongoing efforts to raise everyday awareness of
    emergency preparedness, Dour Ritter and the Equipped to
    Survive Advanced Projects Research Laboratory are proud to
    announce a strategic partnership with Victoria's Secret, a
    leading maker of women's intimate apparel. As part of the
    new "Put on Preparation First!" campaign, Ritter has worked
    very closely with Victoria's Secret designers and models in
    developing dual-use everyday garments that can enhance the
    chances that a woman (or a very adventurous man) has in a
    survival situation. A portion of all sales will go to
    support the Equipped To Survive Foundation.

    Some of the products you can expect to see in the coming
    year are:

    The Wonder Filter and Purifier Bra: A brassiere that
    incorporates padded water filter and purifier elements in
    the cups. The left cup is designed as a macro-filter,
    straining out large contaminants such as organic materials,
    debris and sediment. The right cup is a .01 micron, silver-
    impregnated filter and purifier that removes 99.99999999999%
    of harmful bacteria, cysts and protozoa, such as salmonella,
    cholera, E.coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia and kills
    99.9999999997% of all know viruses. The gravity-fed filters
    can strain up to 3 liters per day.

    The Camelfront: A brassiere that is the logical next step
    for the now famous Water Bra, this creation allows the user
    to both enhance her figure while carrying a two liter
    emergency supply of water. A Camelfront Pam Anderson
    version, with double the water capacity, is under
    development for use in desert survival situations. The
    Camelfront Bra incorporates a built in hose and bite valve
    that is specifically designed to feed equally from both
    water reservoirs at the same time, in order to maintain
    symmetry. Plans to provide an anatomically correct bite
    valve were shelved after it was discovered that it resulted
    in hyponatremia (water intoxication) as a result of
    excessive water intake by male testers.

    Both new bras will be offered in the normal range of sizes
    from A to DD and a variety of designer colors as well as
    Olive Drab for the military and the U.S. Marine digital
    camouflage exclusively for the Marines.

    The WonderSling Thong: This undergarment is constructed out
    of a high-stretch synthetic-fiber specially developed for
    the project by Monsanto and made from 100% recycled
    materials. This extraordinary fiber, plus the special
    hidden pocket allow the thong to double as a slingshot.
    Several ETS researchers have brought down squirrels and
    other small game with only minimal instruction and a pebble
    It can also be used as a tourniquet, a sling for injured
    arms, and as a method of tying together branches for a
    shelter. It will be available for both male and females,
    with appropriate anatomically necessary differences in the
    hidden pocket. Color offering will be the same as for the
    bras. All of these new undergarments are machine washable.

    The Emergency Space Chemise: Designed in conjunction with
    the developers of the Adventure Medical Kits new
    Polyethylene Heatsheet, this sexy fashion forward chemise
    is made from the same super-thin polyethylene material. The
    garment is reversible, with a mirror-reflective silver side
    that will reflect back 98% of your body heat and a high-
    visibility side in a variety of bright colors such as
    orange, purple, red and blue. Illustrated survival and
    first aid instructions authored by Doug Ritter are printed
    in black on the colored side. For normal wear the chemise
    is worn with the reflective side out, presenting a
    shimmering metallic look which is hot, hot, hot this season.

    Fishnet Survival Stockings: Finally, fishnet stockings that
    can actually be used for fishing. Constructed of super
    strong Spectra line, these have proven very effective in
    field exercises. ETS testers using these in the streams of
    Northern Arizona have taken record trout. An attempt to
    develop parachute cord net stockings to allow a wearer to
    carry over 75 feet of paracord per leg has not yet proven
    successful as excessive chafing has proved to be a problem.


    BlackFeather Snowshoe Company introduced their unique
    SurvivaSnoShu snow shoes, developed in cooperation with the
    Switluk Parachute Company. While few will argue that
    having a pair of snow shoes is a huge advantage in deep
    snow, carrying a pair of bulky and relatively heavy snow
    shoes around in your pack or aircraft in case they are
    needed in an unexpected emergency is not common. The new
    SurvivaSnoShu weighs less than 6 ounces a pair and are
    vacuum-packed into a 3 x 3 x 1-inch package.

    To use, a lanyard is pulled and the snow show inflates
    using an attached CO2 cartridge. The technology was
    developed by Switluk, one of the country's oldest and best
    known manufacturers of inflatable survival equipment. The
    Micro-CO2 cartridge is just 2 inches long and less than a
    1/2 inch in diameter and is pressurized at 10,000 psi.
    These cartridges are made in Russia especially for Switluk
    from the hulls of decommissioned Russian submarines, making
    them relatively affordable. The inflated SurviaSnoShu is
    large enough to support up to a 350 lb. person.

    Unlike many inflatable structures such as life rafts and
    life vests which are low pressure designs, the
    SurvivaSnoShu is inflated to 20 PSI, making for a very
    rigid structure. This is made possible only through the use
    of a Kevlar/Spectra reinforced silicone/nylon material that
    was originally developed for lightweight bullet proof
    clothing used by the Secret Service to protect our nation's
    leaders. The only down side is the cost, nearly $5,000 per
    yard, making for a fairly expensive product as a pair of
    shoes requires about a yard and a half of material.
    Bindings are made of special conformal tripolynylon
    material that will conform to almost any shoe or boot.
    There is no stitching, all the seams are ultrasonically

    BlackFeather expects retail pricing for the SurvivaSnoShu
    to be in the $15,000 range and predicts sales of thousands
    of units the first year.
  2. Bravo 25

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    Mar 29, 2006
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    :lol Sounds like a great show to me.
  3. simplesimon

    simplesimon Empty Pockets

    Apr 3, 2006
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    you should have seen her in those fishnet stockings.

    that is only half the article as there is a limit on the size of ones here.
  4. The Closer

    The Closer Loaded Pockets

    Mar 31, 2006
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    If Pam Anderson is wearing a water bra, I'll guarantee thats some hot water!!!
  5. Stutoffee

    Stutoffee Loaded Pockets

    Apr 3, 2006
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    "Pimp My Keychain"! :lol VERY GOOD!!!
  6. denise

    denise Empty Pockets

    Mar 29, 2006
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    Has Jon been stealing my lingerie AGAIN???? :tickedoff: I think he needs some serious help :lol

    Thanks for posting. It sounds hilarious. I will definitely have to check it out.
  7. The Closer

    The Closer Loaded Pockets

    Mar 31, 2006
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    Jon in a Wondersling thong :eek: I'm gonna need couseling !!!!!!
  8. JonSidneyB
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    Mar 28, 2006
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    Thats not me on the Avatar...thats Denise.

    This happened on cpf once but instead I was getting PMs for a little while with people hitting on me.
  9. metalhed

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    Mar 31, 2006
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    Had me going until I saw the date at the top...too funny.