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New knife time (again?)

Discussion in 'Knives' started by bleh, Jan 7, 2013.

    Random Dan Loaded Pockets

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    gibbsrule9 Memoria in Aeterna

    Since yesterday I've been wanting a 4-bladed congress knife.

    ecksdog Loaded Pockets

    Why did you have to post this knife? I thought I was done buying knives for a few months. I gotta have one now.
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    sungame Loaded Pockets

    Three different options:

    • Victorinox Pioneer - so far the most useful pocket tool I've ever carried.
    • Buck Vantage Select small - not exactly pretty, but a lot of knife for the money.
    • Opinel #6 - the cheapest, lightest EDC folder out there.

    Victorinox Pioneer:
    darkSAKNETT by thesungame, on Flickr

    Opinel #6:
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    MangeD700 EDC Junkie!!!!!

    How about a Fällkniven TK 3 ? Got one myself, really nice pocketknife.

    Edit: didnt notice the 50$ limit...
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    bleh Loaded Pockets

    Man this is a tough one. I really dig the Case stuff, but now I'm having a hard time justifying somewhere between $65 and $100 for a case knife, when I could get a Damascus Mcusta frame lock for a small amount more from the forum store.

    So I'm thinking about changing the requirements:
    • No nail nick knives, I really prefer thumb studs (actually I prefer opening holes, but those typically grow the blade too much for this application)
    • $40 or less (if it pushes $50+, I'll sell a few more things and go with the grail Mcusta.)
    • I'd really like a slim pocket clip to be available as well. My plan is to attach the knife to my wallet for a single swipe unloading of the pocket, and a pocket clip would make this easier.
    • It would be SUPER SWEET if the closed height of the knife was 1" or less. I think this is where a lot of the hold up is coming from.
    Does such a knife exist?
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    J_C Loaded Pockets

    Boker Keycom maybe?
    Thumbstud, frame lock, pocket clip, costs under $20, not much bigger than a USB stick. AUS8 Steel takes a very sharp edge. Finger choil and jimping allow for a very secure grip for such a small knife.

    Bought one from Jon through the EDCF Store and it has been in my pocket ever since. I got the one with the black blade, though I prefer the look of the steel blade myself:


    Here's a picture of it with some of my other EDC stuff for you to get an idea of size:
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    bleh Loaded Pockets

    I've looked at those in the past, but could never really get an idea of scale. Thanks for the pic. Of course I don't have experience with any of the other items you pictured, so :unsure:. If that's a streamlight, it might actually be a little TOO small...

    What are the overalls of the knife, with clip, closed? l,w,h?
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    bleh Loaded Pockets

    Bah, screw it....

    ALOX Electrician incoming!
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    Random Dan Loaded Pockets

    Nice, hope you enjoy it!

    Toyman Loaded Pockets

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    J_C Loaded Pockets

    Well, too late now, you're getting the Electrician (which is a nice knife, and it on my want list).

    Yes, the smaller silver flashlight is a Streamlight Nano (one of the older models). The Boker Keycom is:

    Closed length, 2 1/4", width (widest point) 13/16", thickness not including clip: 1/4", including clip, 7/16".

    Blade length, 1 11/16", full lenngth when open: 3 3/4".

    The larger knife at the bottom of the pic is a Kershaw Scallion, which is about the same general size as a Spyderco Dragonfly. The black flashlight is a Fenix E15, which takes a single C123 battery and is about 1.5 times as long as a C123.
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    bleh Loaded Pockets

    It arrived yesterday, and I added a pocket clip this morning. I think it came out really nice, but we'll have to see how the threads hold over time. There is a copious amount of loctite blue both on the screws and the mating surfaces. if that fails, JB Weld, here I come.

    Lanyard to come.

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    Erasergirl Loaded Pockets

    I adore my Opinel, I have relegated it to the FOOD cutting duties.
    I have spent many happy hours using it to smear brie on torn bread.
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