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New Handle Material

Discussion in 'Banzelcroft Customs' started by Banzelcroft, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. Banzelcroft
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    Apr 2, 2010
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    I recently traveled from Iowa to Texas to do a few knife shows and I picked up quite a bit of new handle material along the way. I always prefer to hand select my handle materials in person to ensure the best figure. A lot of these materials are limited so let me know if something catches your eye before it's gone.

    [​IMG]IMG_0171[/url] by Mykel Piper, on Flickr[/IMG] [​IMG]IMG_0171 by Mykel Piper, on Flickr

    Figured Walnut
    Spalted Maple
    Redwood Burl
    Curly Claro Walnut
    Quilted Maple
    Thuya Burl
    Maple Burl
    Australian Coolibah Burl
    Box Elder Burl
    Yellow Mahogany
    Red Palm

    [​IMG]IMG_20180420_205113 by Mykel Piper, on Flickr

    Green Acrylic with Mesh Fabric
    Grey and Black with White Fabric

    This is the first one from the batch above (ironwood with 1/16" copper liner)
    [​IMG]IMG_20180420_205340 by Mykel Piper, on Flickr

    I also added a free shipping code on my website for EDCForums members. Just use code EDCSHIP and put your username in the notes at checkout.
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