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New EDC Bead Designs

Discussion in 'Banzelcroft Customs' started by Banzelcroft, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Banzelcroft
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    Apr 2, 2010
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    Below are a few of the designs I had unveiled at Blade Show West and were all a big hit. I wanted to share with you all as well here at EDCForums. You can place any orders on my website www.banzelcroftcustoms.com. I am always open to custom designs and dimensions, just email me at contact@banzelcroftcustoms.com.

    These are various sizes under 1" in length, exact dimensions are on each individual listing on the site.

    Titanium $20
    [​IMG]Titanium by Mykel Piper, on Flickr

    Bronze $20
    [​IMG]Bronze by Mykel Piper, on Flickr

    Copper $15
    [​IMG]Copper by Mykel Piper, on Flickr

    Brass $15
    [​IMG]Brass by Mykel Piper, on Flickr

    Don't forget EDCForums members are the only people I offer discounts to with the coupon code EDCSHIP on my website.
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