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New Bolt-Action Pen Project

Discussion in 'Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, and Notebook Covers' started by Farchyld, Sep 11, 2012.

    rickboone Loaded Pockets

    Pretty cool. Seems a little redundant in that it's like a two step opening process (unless I don't understand it), but I suppose that adds to the cool factor. What type of ink will this take? Easy to refill? Easy to find refill? Not a bad price point. Not great, but for the materials and craftsmanship it's not bad at all in comparison to others.

    Merrib64 Loaded Pockets

    Not a bad looking pen.

    choombak Loaded Pockets

    IMO, it has one big limitation (for which I moved over to pens with caps, and then to the Maxmadco) - the plunger on top can be depressed while the pen is clipped to the pocket and the ink can blot your shirt. I hate to be a "man-with-blue-t***s". The plunger does extend more from the pocket going by the design.
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    KarasKustoms Empty Pockets

    To be fair, any click pen pen can be "clicked" in your pocket, leaving an ink mark. The nice thing about the Bolt, is that the ink won't stay out, constantly in contact with your pocket, unless you want it to.

    We like dropping in here and getting feedback from the EDC community. Everyone is very helpful, polite, and has good feedback. Hopefully we can maintain more of a presence here as we continue to make more like-minded products. Thanks!
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    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared

    I want to be able to stock this product.
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    shrap Loaded Pockets

    You are incorrect, Lamy has been doing this for a while.

    Lamy Tipo
    Lamy Swift
    Lamy Dialog
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    oke Loaded Pockets

    And, before the Lamy Dialog 2 but after the Swift, iirc, there were offerings from Pelikan (like the black ceramic and blue Level 5 rollerball) and Tumi Titanium or CF writing instruments as well.

    The first one I got with a retractable clip is the Swift, and got it after seeing "The Architect" use one in Matrix Reloaded, and I like the Tumi because it includes a ballpoint refill. However the fit and finish of the Pelikan Level 5 and Lamy Dialog 2 rollerballs are the best. :cool:

    Also, @shrap - your urls have some extra text in 'em, but I fixed the ones quoted, at least...
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    choombak Loaded Pockets

    Ideally yes, practically no - the one with only side way bolt is very difficult to click on in pocket, than the one that includes a top piston. Different folks, different strokes. Good luck with your project - I am sure your design fills the gap for those who want a quality pen with a top piston.

    pl. excuse brevity & possible typos - sent from a tiny device.

    KarasKustoms Empty Pockets

    Thanks for the feedback. We never claimed to be the only manufacturer with a retractable tip, only pointing out a design feature, so I don't know what I am "incorrect" about.:confused:

    I just sent you an email JonSidneyB.
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    Farchyld Loaded Pockets

    Yay! This is good news :)

    oke Loaded Pockets

    Just fyi, the vid for the Ti Bolt-action pen's finished, and the pen should be a project on kickstarter soon: j.mp/TiBolt_vid
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    AlternateAlias Loaded Pockets

    All these pens are so cool, but I have to wonder who came up with the bolt action pen idea first?

    oke Loaded Pockets

    Well, here's the scoop that Brian Fellhoelter happened to share last month (iirc)...

    Back in '09, Brian had an idea for a new pen design, and he happened to be friends with "maxmadco", who also was crafting up a new pen. And, on the same day, without even telling each other beforehand any details about their ideas, they shared with each other the mock-ups, and maxmadco's ended up being that one.

    & Brian's design was an earlier version of his titanium bolt-action pen, which you can see previously, and they were surprised that they both (independently) thought of bolt-action pens! So their creations were shared the same day, lol. I'd say that's pretty much a tie...

    Afterwards, even though there are now bolt-actions from DarkMetal-Designs, like the Protector (and the only one with which I'm familiar so far), Tom Anderson's Executive III pen, the Böker Plus example, KarasKustoms' recent ks project, the rather detailed one by Hidetoshi Nakayama, and even penkits, Brian's was actually one of the first designs.

    With other projects requiring his attention, though, his wasn't the first available. But it should go live on ks soon!

    Hope that helps. Maybe there are other bolt-action pens out there, but that's all I know.


    AlternateAlias Loaded Pockets

    Wow, very informative piece there oke! Thanks so much for that. I am going to jump on a TiBolt as soon as I see it go live, I certainly hope someone will post when they see it up for sale :)

    oke Loaded Pockets

    Notta problem - I just happened to know some info from one of the penmaker's pov. Other times, I'm not as helpful, lol.

    The TiBolt's gettin' closer to goin' live; here's a http://j.mp/TiBolt_draftkspagescreencap

    Maybe, pending approval and any revisions, if necessary, the project will be online the first of Nov...

    ElectricSun Banned

    Nice pen! I wish I had more patience for pre-orders.

    oke Loaded Pockets

    If you're referring to the TiBolt, at least you don't have to wait long for one of the early backer pens - maybe just over a month or two...

    AlternateAlias Loaded Pockets

    :censored:, I've never lost $100 so fast... I'm poised above the mouse!

    oke Loaded Pockets

    I don't remember (or can't find any evidence of it very easily, at least), but what did ya think of the TiBolt (if you got one)? Whenever I have a shirt pocket to put it in, I have it with me. :D

    And if anyone missed the chance, folks have the opportunity to get one for about 22-24% off the eventual retail price at another crowdfunding site (Jump Start City): http://j.mp/TiBolt_jsc

    Also? (Maybe more on-topic) Karas Kustoms has a new offering out - the Retrakt - if folks are into that... I think my search abilities have failed me, because this all feels like déjà vu.


    oke Loaded Pockets

    And now, though it may sound funny, this project was supposed to end yesterday, but it's been extended for another (now) 19 days, so folks still have the opportunity to get one - just fyi...