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Needing it, having it, but not using it

Discussion in 'General EDC Discussion' started by 0dBm, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. jackknife

    jackknife Loaded Pockets

    Dec 23, 2007
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    I couldn't agree more!!!!

    I was for a short time trying to EDC for many different scenarios, but I got tired of that. Now I just practice maximum minimalism, so my pocket load is much much lighter. I've downsized my pocket knife from a full size 93mm SAK to a 74mm SAK executive or even a classic, and gun from a S&W J frame to my old NAA mini .22 revolver. Lighter from old Zippo to a mini Bic, and flashlight is my Fenix E01. A 39.95 flip phone is my ear to the world. For writing a golf pencil in a pocket and a sheet of computer paper folded up in my wallet for taking notes on. Also in my wallet is my old Sear's 4-way keychain screw driver and old army issue P-38.

    No more big multitools, large firearms, multiple knives, flashlights, and the silly "two is one and one is none" bull hockey. No more pouches on belt looking like Batman.

    Minimalism is fun and liberating. I sold off my knife collection years ago as well as my gun collection. Woke up one day and looked around at all the crap, and wondered what the hell was I doing with all that stuff. It was like waking up from some form of temporary insanity and seeing the nonsense for what it was.
  2. volcomonix

    volcomonix Loaded Pockets

    Feb 20, 2008
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    LMAO, I logged in just to reply because this resonates so well with me. For years I've been so intrigued by EDC and the idea of having all these cool gadgets to save the day. In real life, I can't stand being weighed down. So what ends up happening is I develop a new system and think it'll work, only to dump it soon after. I do switch my EDC bag often, because I also just like bags and try to carry a firearm most places I go but can't be bothered to conceal it because it just weighs me down. The things I truly to EDC as this point are: slim wallet (6 cards), keychain (key ring+2 keys+mini pry bar+olight), and phone. Pretty much guaranteed to have that on me everyday.