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Need suggestion on multitools

Discussion in 'MultiTools and Other Pocket Tools' started by misbehave, Dec 13, 2009.

    misbehave Empty Pockets

    Hi! I carry a Victorinox Swiss Champs with me daily.
    I am now looking for a simple multitools for everyday carry.
    I would prefer the multitools to have a large blade (like those blades in hunting/camping folding knifes).
    Since I am already carrying the Victorinox Swiss Champs daily, I really don't need the multitools to have a lot of other tools like can and bottle opener, but I would love to have the larger blade of a folding knife and the larger pliers and wire cutter of the multi-tools (the pliers in the swiss champs is simply too small and weak).

    misbehave Empty Pockets

    I am now looking at these multi-tools:
    Leatherman: Wave, Surge, Charge AL/ALX, Freestyle/Freestyle CS
    and Gerber Crucial Tool

    which one of them have the largest blade?

    Manatakui Loaded Pockets

    From what it sounds like you want, why not the Leatherman Skeletool plus the 40-bit cards? Fullsized pliers and a beefy blade, plus options to use a variety of bits whenever needed, with minimal overlap in function. Plus, the carabiner could come in handy. :)
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    Soulriot EDCF Rule Enforcer

    I'll second the Skeletool, but if you dont want the bits and bottle opener/carabiner the freestyle should work.

    DaveK67 Loaded Pockets

    The biggest blade on your list there misbehave would be the Surge, but it sounds a bit OTT if you want to avoid duplication with your Swisschamp.

    Have you considered the Buck X-Tract range? You'll still get duplication of tools (that's going to happen if you're carrying your Champ), but the X-Tract has about the best blade I know of on a multitool!

    This is just a random googled link http://www.knifecenter.com/kc_new/store_detail.html?s=BU730BK but has a decent pic and write-up.

    I have a few different X-Tracts, and really do rate them.

    freedoom Loaded Pockets

    I'd like to 3rd the Skeletool. it's got a big enough blade, bigger than other leatherman tools safe for some of the largest tools like the wave, charge and surge. the bit driver is so useful but if you don't need it i'm going to second soulriot and say check out the freestyle.

    misbehave Empty Pockets

    Yeah, I did look at the one with the LED flash light. But I read one review saying that the plier of the Buck X-tract isn't very good.
    I guess I will have to find a store and handle it in person to test it out myself.

    DaveK67 Loaded Pockets

    Ah - I misread your post - I thought the pliers weren't a big deal, but you clearly said that the Champ's were too feeble.

    The X-Tract's pliers are a bit better than the champ, but not in the same league as the Leatherman tools. Hopefully this pic will help you visualise the differences between some of the tools you mentioned. The Wave's pliers are the same as the Charge AL, (the Charge ALX has the cap crimper), and I chucked a Supertool 300 in there for dramatic effect :D.


    misbehave Empty Pockets

    Wow Thanks! That pic is really helpful. O0
    I have one more favor to ask though, can you take another pic of them with their blades extended?

    DaveK67 Loaded Pockets

    Proc Loaded Pockets


    misbehave Empty Pockets

    Thanks for the pic!
    Hm... I am now deciding between the Buck and the Skeletool.

    gadgetguy35 Loaded Pockets

    I just put myself into the same pickle. I picked up a Swisschamp because I wanted it, but I don't like to carry two belt pouches so my LM blast got stuck in the Fatboy. I then needed a locking blade for "dirty" work, so I chose the skeletool. It has a bullet proof blade and the pliers really are very good. The bit driver is very convenient. Go with the skeletool bro, you won't regret it.

    bjjprepared Loaded Pockets

    +87 on Skeletool over the Buck

    jegrundh Loaded Pockets

    skeletool :) +4 :D

    GRH Loaded Pockets

    I Love my Skeletool! +5 :woohoo:

    Plus, it's cheaper than the Buck! ;D

    DaveK67 Loaded Pockets

    Is it? Here in the UK, the Buck is cheaper than the Skeletool.

    op1 Loaded Pockets

    Amazon have the CX version for £45
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    jsmitty1967 Go Big Blue

    I love my Skeletool CX. The blade on it is great... good material, good lock-up, and most importantly it is accessable like a regular folder. The other features although limited are good as well.

    FRagman1967 Loaded Pockets

    I dunno if it's superflous at this point, but the Gerber Diesel is a very nice tool with a good beefy set of pliers. They even extended the wire-cutting gate edge from earlier models. The knife blades are still fairly small and skinny, but I have used them hard with no complaints. Of course, I always carry a folding knife with me in my trouser pocket. The gerber hangs out in my Nite Ixe pouch. It all depends on just how much stuff you want to carry on your person.
    One of the things I like about the Diesel is that the tools lock.