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My Truck's EDC - MOLLE Visor

Discussion in 'Other Carrying Devices' started by mr.smashy, Dec 31, 2008.

    mr.smashy Loaded Pockets


    A custom tactical gear manufacturer (Jones Tactical) made up a Tactical Truck Visor for my personal vehicle. It's half loop velcro, half MOLLE, and is supported by three straps. Currently I have a SureFire E2E and a Benchmade 7Hook, as well as some pens and sharpies stuffed down the extra columns.

    Here is a another view:

    It's been excellent, everything is very secure and out of the way, and it's nice knowing there is a 7hook at arms reach.

    Thanks for looking.


    Stutoffee Loaded Pockets

    Thats very impressive. Im considering having a MOLLE panel made to go on the back of a door in my room to hold MOLLE/PALS pouches that are not in use on bags/vest.

    houdini28 Loaded Pockets

    That is pretty clever and handy.

    Romeo Joker Empty Pockets

    fishwolf Loaded Pockets


    FlipMag Guest

    Oh wow...so simple but yet, sooo usefull! Oh man I need one!

    SnWnMe Loaded Pockets

    This is more useful than a vanity mirror. O0

    kaiservontexas Empty Pockets

    I could used that as a Christmas idea for my dad's truck. Maybe next year, but that is nice.

    TKC Loaded Pockets

    That is really cool!

    dowtech Loaded Pockets

    For years I've used one of the better commercial nylon pouches that strap onto the visor. It has small pockets for my registration/insurance card, slots for pens and a full length zippered pouch for bigger documents (that I don't use very much). It fastens with two velcro straps.

    Yours looks much more adaptable, as well as being more secure with the third strap.

    Great improvement, and now I just won't be happy with mine! :mad:

    yam350 Loaded Pockets

    A nice piece of kit and a good idea, I would say that is very marketable. Was it expensive?

    mr.smashy Loaded Pockets

    For custom gear made in the US with top quality materials, it was a steal. Email Jones Tactical and they can help you, this was the first, but they've made several more of these for other folks.

    Jubal Loaded Pockets

    what visor do you currently use? I have been looking for visor options myself lately

    dowtech Loaded Pockets

    I guess I haven't really looked at my visor organizer in awhile. It was just "there"! Thanks, mr.smashy for generating some introspection and stimulating some future thinking. And thanks to Jubal for making me go outside (27 degrees F, one of the warmer evenings we've had lately) and pull out the organizer for a photo.

    From the tag, "Axius", I'd guess I picked this up at Wally World or some auto parts store long before joining this forum. It was my second visor organizer: the first had elastic straps that began to sag drastically. This one has stayed put nicely, but in the light of the current discussion, I see I have grossly under-used its capabilities.

    Here it is:


    As you can see, I haven't even used all its pockets! I'll start another thread (so as not to hijack this one) for ideas as to what I should add. It will never be as cool or adaptable as mr.smashy's, but maybe I'll get more use out of the one I have.

    jmcrawf1 Empty Pockets

    Mr. Smashy,

    Any chance of a pic without the light and 7hook? I'm really intrigued by this.

    mr.smashy Loaded Pockets

    Here is a proof pic Jones Tactical sent me when it was complete.


    jmcrawf1 Empty Pockets

    So how do the light and 7hook attach? Is it a beltclip or belt loop?

    gw812 Loaded Pockets

    What did it set you back?

    mr.smashy Loaded Pockets

    The pouches are MOLLE, attached using MALICE clips.

    It was $25 plus shipping. Because it was a custom piece built to my spec (and visor dimensions) pricing will probably vary.

    jmcrawf1 Empty Pockets

    Is that a surefire pouch or aftermarket molle flaslight pouch?