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My SAR Bag

Discussion in 'Show us pics of your EDC!' started by Brink, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Brink

    Brink Loaded Pockets

    Oct 10, 2012
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    I built this bag for Search and Rescue, and for a 24hr bug out bag. I am on my county's rescue squad, and they recommended a bag be built for while we are out searching for lost person(s). My instructor said we should be able to live out of this bag for 24 hours if needed, plus have medical equipment available should the need arise while we were out. So here is what I have. Everything is pictured except my shoulder mic for my radio, which is in the car. Do I need anything else?

    My backpack is a 1 day pack from WFS Tactical. Unloaded weight of 3 pounds. I have 3 D-Clips attached to the bag which can be removed to attach other items as needed. There is a 50 ounce water bladder in the pack as well.


    Lower pocket houses a medical instrument kit, 3 chem-lights, cold pack, space blanket, pen light, duct tape, allergy stick, and a fire striker.


    The tiny pocket contains Dermaplast, glucose tablets, and 2 chem-lights.


    First large compartment has the Walmart special camping first aid kit, whick is heavily added to almost to the point that it won't close. It is waterproofed by a 1 gallon ziplock baggie. I have paracord, spare batteries for my flashlight and my headlight, and a Silva Guide compass.


    The second compartment houses socks, 5.11 tactical pants and a tshirt in the Walmart bag, Mechanix MPact gloves, multiple sizes baggies, Germex, and a pouch of 3.5 servings of grilled chicken.


    Completing my SAR gear is a Petzl Vertex Vent helmet, with a Petzl Pixa 3 headlight, and a Gerber compact Parang knife. In my pockets, I carry a 5.11 L1 flashlight, 5.11 knife, and my radio. The 1911 rides in a Blackhawk holster. Also pictured is my walking stick. 48" poplar rod 1" in diameter, capped on both ends with steel conduit caps. The walking stick can be used as a weapon, tinder, and firewood.


    Are there any additions that you guys would make for this pack? I want to keep the weight of this below 20 pounds, ad right now it is 19.5 pounds with water.
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  2. MrEarp

    MrEarp Loaded Pockets

    Aug 28, 2007
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    Nice! One thing is I'd lose the chicken :). Get some non-perishable stuff. I prefer things that won't go bad in the heat of my vehicle. I carry Mountain house meals and boil in the bag rice in my truck and a jetboil. In my 24 hour pack I carry a few items. One of my favorite snack things right now are these: Belvita cookies they are nummy.. I also keep a small thing of boat rations as well.. Mainstay Emergency Food - 1200 Calorie.

    You'll find your pack is very much a personal thing. It's something you'll customize with time. Some things you'll find you carry in your pockets vs the pack and some you'll just keep in the pack. If you do the NASAR ST2 you'll have an even bigger pack with more goodies in it.